The white sails of Nomad looked like clouds on the evening sky. The ship's bow was cutting through as smooth as tile through the sea water. Slowly but steadily it was moving away from the pass leading to Gumána Sagier.

Sinbad was standing at tiller with his family and best friends around him. Rongar and Firouz, on his left, leaned against the shipboard. Maeve and Doubar, who was holding little Marina, were standing on his right. The redhead placed her left hand on his shoulder, the same hand where now she, too, wore a rainbow bracelet.

They spent nearly three weeks on the island. Time enough for her to rest and regain her lost powers. Now, she was even more powerful than before; she possessed a new talisman that doubled her strength. The past three weeks were also their oftened dreamed of honeymoon.

For Doubar it was a journey into the past; dark though the memories were. They were needed.

As for Firouz and Rongar, it was a great holiday just like for the other crewmembers.

Caipra and Dim-Dim decided to stay on the island where they could be safe. Thanks to the combined power of gryphon eggs, the place was invisible to those of black magic.

For Sinbad though, he felt only relief. Relief from all the things he had recently learned about himself, his family, the island; everything that had been bothering him recently seemed to be no more than a trifle now. He was glad to being on the open seas again. The idyllic world created by his grandmother did not apply to him at all.
A world full of the enemies and problems was more attractive to him because it was his own world.

A world which was also full of his friends, happiness, and adventures.

Soon enough Sinbad and his crew will need a rest; the Nomad could always take them back to their oasis –The Mysterious Gumána Sagier