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Not sure whether this will be longer. We'll see how it goes.

"What do I do?" Helen whispered desperately, her eyes closing.

"Change his mind. Not with reason, but with yourself."

At the time Helen didn't know what she would do with this explanation from her dear old friend. Her scientific mind could not comprehend beyond the facts of the situation, that the world was under threat and about to be destroyed for all the sins of her race. The one chance for all of human kind was seated across from her in one of the faded and bruised chairs in the cheap motel room.

"You're not in control. You don't know what he's capable of!" But, they hadn't listened as she had shouted it to the White House representative down that darkened corridor they had forced her through when the Special Forces had extracted from the woods. Oh God Jacob! Her head fell forward slightly toward the table, tears burning behind her eyes. She didn't know where Jacob was.

This alien, this unfeeling destroyer of worlds had emerged to meet her after she had been released from the military facility, but Jacob wasn't with him. Jacob was safe was all he would say. Helen had felt anger then, she was not about to see the world come to an end without saying goodbye to her son. The situation was delicate, she had to plot her next move, and there was no time for tears or anger. Lifting her eyes to glance across at the alien once more, she noticed that he hadn't stopped staring at her, a look of mild curiosity in his gaze. Good, she could use that. Entirely too much was at stake to rely on words. She had to make a move.

"Do you really think you can persuade him?"

Helen swallowed thickly, but her gaze was steely and determined. "I think you should let me try…"