Author's note: I don't own anything, but I really like the film. I've also never written anything like this before. Forgive me if this comes off reading like a medical instruction manual.

Several moments later, when his question had gone unanswered, Klaatu drew his gaze from Dr. Benson s eyes downward over her seated form. It struck him suddenly that he had in some way provoked a considerable biological reaction in her. Intrigued, his attention became absorbed in the remarkable emotional and physical response currently running through the human female before him. Dr. Helen Benson s cheeks were blushed red, clearly some internal response to the words he had spoken. More than that, there was some chemical shift in the composition of her scent, and inconspicuously, Klaatu found himself breathing in deeper to draw the alluring flavour in through his nostrils and along the sensory neutrons of her olfactory glands. An unexpected shiver raced along his human nervous system as the scent fired a surge of heat through the human body encasing him.

Surprised at his own reaction, he found his human senses savouring the increased level of pheromones with their distinctively feminine essence. The resulting sensations were remarkable. And, for a moment he was completely distracted by the experience. He found his gaze unintentionally following the line of her body downward along the closed seam of her jean-clad legs. What had he asked her? Ah. Ovulation. She was ovulating, and he had asked her whether she could feel the exact moment of her readiness to procreate.

Human biological systems were something he specialized in and was one of the reasons he had been selected for this particular mission. Though he was considered knowledgeable, he was virtually untutored when it came to how these human systems interacted with the internal construct of the human mind - emotion, motivation and psyche. How had the humans, despite their clear intelligence, not been evolve past their inherent destructiveness? It was the eternal question for his planet.

It was certainly not a dilemma he found relating to Dr. Helen Benson. Her sharp intellect was impressive and he felt that unlike Professor Barnhardt, she had the ability to open her mind up to progressing concepts forward into new schools of thought, rather than hammering them one against the other. It was...refreshing, and showed him a glimmer of what his people had hoped for when first learning of the dilemma of the Earth s survival.

Klaatu had not realized the intensely private nature of the topic. He spoke of ovulation like any other internal human system, and yet, his question had triggered something, and continued to stimulate her readiness for inter-gender relations. He was breathing quietly, but deeply as he waited, drawing as much of her delicious scent into his body as possible. Internally, he acknowledged his own physiological response and made a mental note of the varying degrees of reaction. Initiated by her scent, the effects provoked awareness of Dr. Benson s other physical features such as the aesthetically pleasing shape of her face, the inviting texture of her creamy skin and the particular shape of her lips as she spoke.

Academically, Klaatu understood that this was human male desire, a preface to arousal and a signal of a male s readiness for intercourse. It was just another biological interaction that was common among humans and enabled the continuance of the species. Academically, he had been prepared for it. To experience it, however, gave a completely different perspective. One thing was for certain, he, like most human men was responding incredibly to the visual stimuli of the woman seated across from him. What was more incredible was that she, in turn, was responding just as intensely to his physical assessment of her.