Chapter 8

Jessica: (at the hospital in chris' room)

It's been a couple of weeks and Chris still hasn't woken up. I don't know what to do, I miss him so much, and they said they are going to take him off life support tomorrow. I've been crying for what seems like ages and I just can't stop. Even Chris' parents are taking it better than me, they said they have no more tears left, I sure as hell do!


Right now, I'm just lying in this hospital bed, I'm so sick of it here, I can't move, I've tried so many times, I almost did today hearing Jessica pleading for me to wake up, but I feel like I just can't move. I would do anything to be able to open my eyes and see her face, and to sing, I need to sing again!\

Jessica: (just leaving the hospital)

Tomorrows the day, they are going to take him off at 6pm, so if I get here at 11 that gives me 7 hours to try to get him to wake up. I need to plan something big; I hope he can hear me. I can't wait to look into his eyes, I know he'll be able to wake up, I just know it, the doctors are wrong, he will wake up and he will remember me, I JUST KNOW IT.

Jessica Leaves the Hospital to go plan her surprise. (:

And the last thing she says as she gets out of her car is

"I love you Christopher, see you soon."

Sorry it's so short, I've been so busy lately! (: