Quinn couldn't understand where these feelings came from. In fact, she was having a hard time understanding how it was that she was in this predicament in the first place, let alone remembering her life before the Glee Club. The head cheerleader had it all at one point in her seemingly perfect life, she was the head of the celibacy club, queen of the school, her and her oblivious boyfriend were the power couple, she was the it girl. Sometimes when she thinks back to her previous life, she can pinpoint the exact moment when her life fell into shambles, the moment her boyfriend, Finn, took a leap of faith and joined the small, yet socially suicidal Glee Club. As a matter of fact, she could credit the club to her eventual and unavoidable downfall, it was after all the reason that everything happened in the first place.

New Directions, she'd often laugh at the name, how could she have not seen how much truth there was to that statement. Her life had taken a new direction all right, and as much as she wanted to she couldn't use the musical club as a scapegoat, she really couldn't blame it at all. Everything that had happened had been somewhat her choice, she was fully aware of what was going on, and in hindsight she couldn't imagine changing a single thing. It all started with the feeling of jealousy, her boyfriend was juggling three very different extra-curricular activities, not if you count dealing with the high maintenance that is Quinn Fabray. He'd settled in nicely with the rest of the losers as she once called them, in fact he even managed to catch the eye of arch rival Rachel Berry. She nearly jumped at the idea that her cheerleading coach suggested, to infiltrate the club and bring it down from the inside. Her cover was set, she just wanted a viable way to get into the club and see what all the rage was about. She couldn't stand it at first, but soon developed an emotional attachment to the personalities and the music. She had her fair share of ups and downs along the way, mostly downs. Her pregnancy was an unexpected detour, she was kicked out of her home and she managed to break her boyfriend's heart when he needed it the most. Even when she was bouncing from house to house, unloved and having a child out of wedlock, even when it cost her the queen bee status, cost her the cheerleading captainship, she couldn't blame herself. All she ever wanted was the passion.

She was unhappy with her old life, though you wouldn't be able to tell had you known her, her fake smile was plastered on day in and day out, almost as ritual as her cheerleading uniform. She was searching for something else, her boyfriend couldn't find his way out of a potato sack, her parent's marriage was so obviously in jeopardy, and her only friends wore the same outfit as her every day. She didn't know what she was looking for, her main priority was to fill the void. Her boyfriend's best friend, Noah, more commonly known as Puck, an abbreviation to his last name Puckerman, was someone that intrigued her. Her intrigue led her to the unwanted pregnancy, but she also got a glimpse of the passion she was desperately searching for. She didn't know how it happened but it started with a feeling within her, and it landed her underneath him in a heated make out session, her heart beating fast and her reasoning out the window. She entertained the idea of Puck for the length of her pregnancy, knowing she wouldn't be able to get through it alone. She often would stare at Finn, wondering if she made the wrong decision when she would see him interacting with the unbearable Rachel Berry. She knew that she hadn't, but she was beginning to understand that the feeling she had in the pit of her stomach was only getting stronger. Jealously, which got her to this moment in her life in the first place, was resurfacing, only this time it was for a different reason.

The summer came and went, like always. The anticipation of the freedom that summer brought often made it feel like it was taking an eternity to arrive. With the nervousness surrounding Regionals, everyone seemed to forget that summer was just a few weeks away. The end of school came painfully, especially without Glee club to take the edge off. The beginning of summer was as sweet as ever, with only summer reading to worry about, everyone quickly fell into their lazy routines that they'd grown to love. Towards the end of the season however, everyone was ready to be back at McKinley, the summer proving to be far too boring for them. Of course, the night before the first day of school each and every one of them regretted ever wanting summer to hurry up and be done with. With the exception of Kurt, who had spent hours picking out his wardrobe choices for the week ahead, everyone was miserable as they laid in their beds, dreading the school work and drama to come at them for the next year. Puck however was hoping there would be a new young teacher that he could pine after for the next year.

Just like every other first week of school, the classes were light, everyone still getting familiar with the new year, the homework was minimal and the majority of the students played catch up in their spare time. Friday finally came and was welcomed with open arms, as if the students just didn't have 3 months full of Friday's.

"How was everyone's first week of school?" the Spanish teacher asked as the students filed into the choir room that acted as their second home during the school year

Rachel raised her hand, to which one Quinn Fabray rolled her eyes.

"Rachel you don't have to raise your hand" Mr. Schuester commented

Relentless, Rachel kept her hand raised waiting to be called on.

The teacher sighed, "Okay, Rachel" he pointed to the girl to which she happily began speaking

"Well I for one had a fantastic summer spent away at the show choir camp of America, however I found that after my fifth week, the talent and rivalry was no longer challenging, regardless of the fact that I won every camp competition, I stuck through it because winners never quit, and my dad's paid for all seven weekly sessions" she let out in a breath

"You're telling me that the diva camp was only one week long but you stayed for all 7?"

Rachel shot a glare at Kurt before continuing, "I think I can speak for the group in its entirety and say that everyone's summer was spent not improving their ever so crucial vocal strength and stage presence, so I demand to know what you're going to do, as our mentor, to help us get ready for Sectionals, which is in exactly 3 months"

Everyone in the room stared at the brunette, before Finn spoke up.

"Well I went to football camp" he said shyly, rubbing his palms on his khaki cargo shorts

Rachel gestured to her classmate, near tears and looked to Mr. Schuester who could only sigh.

"Rachel's right"

Half of the room was about to yell at him before he held his hands up, "She's right, we'll need to think of new and creative ways to best our competition, last year was an experiment, and we did phenomenal, we know we can compete, and now we can turn up our game" he told the group, "It's important to be comfortable with each other on the stage, you guys did a great job of that at Regionals but we can always improve, so I thought of an exercise to get us in better shape"

Half of the students groaned, while Rachel clapped excitedly.

"Each week, you'll get a partner, starting today. They're going to be your best friend for the week, you'll learn everything about them, likes and dislikes, you'll be comfortable with them, every Friday you'll give a brief presentation on them and the two of you will perform a duet that somehow describes your relationship"

Again the students were about to yell at their instructor, before he cut them off, "I've already made up my mind on this one" he told them

Kurt spoke up, "Mr. Shue, shouldn't we be spending our time practicing songs and our choreography?"

"Don't you guys see? In order to be comfortable on the stage, you need to be comfortable with each other" he told them

"I think this is a wonderful idea Mr. Schuester" Rachel spoke up

"Thank you Rachel, now I've already chosen partners, and don't worry because every week it will change until you've had everyone" he forewarned, knowing that at least someone will complain. He made his way over to a manila folder which held everyone's fate.

He glanced down at the piece of paper before looking back up at the waiting students.

"Now, I thought it would be best to start with partnering you up with your friend, to get the ball rolling" he said

"First group, Mercedes and Kurt"

The two turned towards each other, slapping high fives before tossing back their hair, imaginary hair for Kurt.

"Tina and Artie"

The two shared a secret smile.

"Mike and Matt"

The boys gave each other a high five before doing a stationary dance move.

"Santana and Britney"

The two girls smiled at each other, as Brittany rested her head on Santana's shoulder.

Quinn watched as the already announced pairs sat happily with their partners. She looked around, noticing that the only 3 left besides her were Puck, Finn, and Rachel. Surely she'd be stuck with Puck, and suddenly she was not looking forward to the week ahead.

"Puck and Finn"

"What? Mr. Schuester that's bull"

The two boys high fived.

"I thought you said that you were pairing friends together" Quinn announced, not pleased with the news that her partner was Rachel Berry

"Sorry Quinn, that's how it worked out. I think it will be beneficial to you and the group if you and Rachel learn how to get along early in the year" he told them

The blonde crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the back of the brunettes head. Rachel turned around timidly and offered the girl a small smile, to which Quinn ignored. She didn't know why she had lashed out like that, she felt like it was expected that she would, so she did. She felt bad that Rachel was on the receiving end of her anger.

"Mr. Shue" Rachel spoke up, "I believe that it is in our best interest if you require a mandatory get together for us this weekend, to help speed along the re-getting to know you process a little better"

"Great idea, who wants to volunteer to have everyone over"

Every one's hands remained in their laps, avoiding eye contact incase he attempted to randomly pick someone.

"I'll offer my house, I'm sure my dad's will love to entertain everyone with their rendition of Rent and I'm sure the group will love to watch my home videos of performances starting when I was the prime age of 4 years old" Rachel finished wide eyed, looking around hoping to see everyone just as excited

Quinn rolled her eyes, "I'll have it"

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

"Do you even have a home?" Puck asked smugly

"Yes wise ass, I'm back at my mom's and she's gone for the weekend" Quinn shot back at him

"So it's settled, Quinn's house for your Glee get together, I really think that this is a great start to the new year guys, I'm really excited about.."

"Knock Knock, William"

All the eyes in the room looked toward the wooden door; the tall blonde strode into the classroom looking superior and confident.

"What do you want Sue?" he asked the woman, holding the bridge of his nose, already tired of having to see her every day.

"I feel foolish, we've been back at this place that I like to call my kingdom for almost a week and I've yet to properly welcome you and your minions back"

"I'm sure we would have gotten along fine without you, thanks for stopping by Sue"

"Nonsense William" She said studying the ceiling, "Ya know, you should think about getting some new light fixtures in here, the reflection off of your hair is creating a glare so wicked that it makes me reconsider my personal belief that wearing sunglasses indoors is only for hippies and ugly people" she finished triumphantly before turning to the rest of the students seated on the other side of the room.

"And you, don't think for a second that by granting you another year to prove how incapable you all are at winning, that I've somehow demonstrated any form of weakness towards you and your pathetic group of misfits. Mercy will not be shown, on any level, including but not limited to, sabotage, blackmail and my personal favorite, public humiliation. Look alive kids, Sue Sylvester spent her summer days drinking protein shakes, running 5 minute miles, and drawing up ways to make this year one of the most difficult and tear inducing years of your lives. No one is safe, including you prego, and you as well queer eye, have I made myself clear? Good, enjoy the feeling of ignorance now, it's going to rain regret and tears when I'm through with all of you."

With a turn of her heel she left just as quickly as she came.

Everyone was silent, and frankly a little frightened.

"Don't let her get to you, it's just proof that we're a threat to her"

Still everyone stayed silent.

"All right, I guess that's all for today, have a good weekend and have fun tonight, I'll see you all Monday" He announced before he grabbed his leather side bag, hoping to catch Principle Figgins to discuss the threat policy at the school.

The group lingered around to get the details of the night to come, they'd all be lying if they said they weren't looking forward to it. Puck and Finn were ready to get away from their football team, since their preseason started almost a month earlier. Kurt was looking forward to offering up some tips on hygiene and make-up application that he learned over the summer, while Tina and Artie were excited to spend some time together. Rachel was beside herself, knowing that she had plans on a Friday night, Quinn was also hiding a smile that she'd have interaction with people, she was not looking forward to a weekend by herself in her large and lonely house.

She was expecting the group to come over sometime around 6:00, Quinn clearly didn't need to straighten up her house as the maid visited twice a week, and neither her nor her mother made quite a mess by themselves. She decided to take the cash left on the counter for her and use some of it towards snacks and beverages for the teens, knowing that for the boys, a few pizzas wouldn't be enough for them. She wanted it to be homey for them, almost like a sleepover setting, she'd crave some kind of high school normalcy. She rarely hosted events such as these and she wanted to make a good impression, for reasons unbeknownst to her.

The doorbell rang a few times, and each time more and more people loaded into her oversized house. She shuffled them into her family room, where she'd put a few bowls out of some of the salty snacks, as well as the liters of soda for her house guests. She'd brought up a few bean bag chairs from the basement to give them some more options of seating. She wasn't sure how it was supposed to go but she made a list of things that they could do, should they become bored, or tired of hearing Rachel talk about herself.

"This is a truly fantastic idea, I know for a fact that Vocal Adrenaline gets together every Saturday night for massages and herbal tea, as a way to bond with each other" Rachel gushed as the entire group was sitting around the room.

"How do you know that?" Brittany asked before turning to Santana more discreetly, "Is she on both teams?"

"Of course not Brittany, not even I can pull of an exhausting task such as that. Jesse may have mentioned it" the girl trailed off, suddenly wanting to avoid the conversation

Finn groaned and most of the rest of them sighed in annoyance.

"Girl, please tell me that he told you that when you were dating and not recently"


"Oh for the love of baby jesus, Rachel when are you going to learn" Kurt asked

Rachel immediately got defensive.

"He's really changed, as respectable performers I think it's in everyone's best interest that we leave the past behind us and turn a new leaf" Rachel told the group

None of them believed her, they all knew it was only a matter of time before he hurt the fragile girl yet again. As much as they liked to rag on the girl, they all cared about her, especially because when he would hurt Rachel, he would hurt the team's pride.

The doorbell rang again, Quinn got up quickly knowing it was most likely the pizza, and she needed to get out of that room swiftly. She kicked the door closed and brought the pizza into the kitchen to lay all of the boxes on the table for the group.

"Pizza's here" she announced

Everyone with the exception of Artie and Rachel hurriedly made their way to grab slices, one by one the group came back in, trying to get in the same seats that they were in moments before. Tina handed Artie a plate and a glass of soda and sat next to him. Quinn came back in to see Rachel digging into her bag, pulling out a Tupperware container.

"Berry, what are you doing?" the blonde asked

"Oh well, I prepared for an occasion such as this, I figured that you would be ordering pizza, and who am I to inconvenience you, after all I am a vegan"

"I'm aware" the blonde cut her off, pointing her thumb back over her shoulder, "Which is why I ordered you their vegan pizza"

The rest of the group watched the exchange carefully, it seemed that Rachel wasn't the only one shocked by this kind gesture.

"Oh. Well," Rachel started, "That was very considerate of you Quinn, thank you" she said as she put her Tupperware container back into her bag and stood to go into the kitchen.

"Whatever" the blonde mumbled, making her way back into the kitchen to get her own plate .

And she was back, Rachel thought.

The two were the only ones in the kitchen and you could cut the tension easily, Rachel opened the small box, smiling to herself at the thought that this was the first time that someone took the brunette's life choice into consideration.

"Did you want to try it?" Rachel asked timidly, looking towards the blonde

"What does it taste like?" the blonde asked cautiously

She had wanted to try a piece, wondering if it was something she could eat on a regular basis. She wasn't a huge pizza eater but enjoyed the sporadic pig out now and then.

"Well it's pizza, without the cheese, whole-grain dough, and fresh vegetables. This one looks delicious" Rachel commented

"Well I did call 4 places until I found a restaurant that made it" Quinn hadn't meant to let it slip just how much effort she put into making the girl feel comfortable.

Rachel stared at the girl for a moment, wondering who this person was. It seemed the summer had made her softer than ever.

The blonde sighed, annoyed with herself, she held her plate out, "What are you waiting for?" she asked with a slight hint of irritation in her voice.

Rachel came back to reality and quickly gave Quinn a slice of the pizza. The blonde was the first one to leave the kitchen, Rachel stayed back to pour herself a glass of water before making her way back to where the rest of the club was sitting and enjoying their food.

"So what are we supposed to be doing tonight?" Puck asked the group, once he finished his 4th slice of pizza

Rachel went to open her mouth.

"If you say practice or sing, I will cut you" Kurt told the girl seriously

"I was just going to say, we should play a get to know you game, ya know where we can get to know our partners" Rachel spoke shyly, chancing a glance at her partner who was avoiding eye contact

"What like newlyweds?" Santana asked

"Oh, I call Santana" Brittany raised her hand

"She's already your partner Einstein" Puck told the cheerleader

Someone hurled a pillow at the boys Mohawk, presumably Santana.

"A variation I suppose" The brunette started, thinking out a way she could make it work, "We could all write questions and put them in a bowl, and then everyone can write their answers on a piece of paper and we could try to guess our partners answers"

"Sounds boring"

Another pillow was hurled at Puck's head, this time it unmistakably came from Quinn's side of the room, her glare towards the boy made her seem even guiltier.

"I think it's a good idea" Tina spoke up

"Yeah, well you're all going down" Mercedes announced, "Me and my man have this on lock" she high fived Kurt next to her

"Oh, it's so on" Puck smirked nodding to Finn, "There is no way you guys can beat us" he told the rest of the group cockily.

"Oh please" Quinn sighed

"What you think that you and your best friend Rupaul could beat us? Good luck, we should all spot you points" Puck told her

She wanted to throw another pillow at the boys head but at some point, enough was enough.

The blonde looked sadly at the brunette who was across the room.

"I'm just going to go get some paper" the brunette spoke up

"The office is the last door on the left" Quinn told her

Once she was out of earshot, she narrowed her eyes back to Puck.

"Do you have to be such an ass?" she asked him

"You're going to get all self-righteous on me now?" Puck asked her

"Like you know what that even means" she snarled back

"As big of an ass as he is, he's right Quinnie, there's no way you guys are going to win" Santana offered

"Whatever" She mumbled as the brunette made her way back into the room, handing out pieces of paper and writing utensils.

The group of kids started to write down questions for the bowl, Finn bit his lip trying to think of a good one while Puck smirked evilly at the questions he came up with. Once everyone wrote about 2 questions down and put them in a bowl, the group got into a circle, sitting respectfully next to their partners.

"Who's keeping score?" Puck asked

"Clearly not you, you can't add to save your life" Quinn told the boy

"I'll do it" Tina announced, "Is everyone ready?"

"Whoa whoa, what are the terms. What do the winners get" Finn asked

"Loser's strip" Puck announced

Everyone ignored the boys sexually active mind.

"Bragging rights"

"And winner's get a solo" Rachel added

"Whatever, let's do this"

Tina pulled out a piece of paper and uncrumpled it.

"What is your favorite musical number that you've done whilst in Glee and why"

Everyone rolled their eyes and looked towards Rachel who was animatedly writing away.

Once everyone looked up, Tina continued.

"Okay Puck, what do you think Finn answered?" she asked

Puck thought about it, "Jesse's Girl, because he's a homo" he said

Kurt smacked him on the arm, "I resent that"

Finn held up his piece of paper which revealed the words Jesse's Girl – He was an ass

"Sorry looks like you didn't get the full answer right" Mercedes announced

"Bullshit, at least give me half credit"

Everyone looked around, "Fine" Tina said, "Finn, your turn"

"Um, Sweet Caroline, and I don't know the reason" he said

Puck held up his paper to show Sweet Caroline – power to the jews

"Okay team 'fuck' gets 1 point, moving on" Quinn announced

Tina giggled, "Kurt and Mercedes" she said gesturing to them

"Well, Mercedes obviously has written down Hate on Me because she killed it" he told the group

She held up her card to show everyone that he was correct, "And Kurt of course said Bad Romance because Lady Gaga is a musical genius"

Kurt held up his card revealing Bad Romance – Icon

"We're next" Tina announced, "Artie's favorite performance was definitely Proud Mary, because it was fun to be with all of us in the wheel chair" she said

"Correct, and Tina's first real solo of course True Colors" he smiled and they shared a moment

"Okay our turn, Brittany doesn't have a favorite performance" Santana announced

"She's right, I don't even know what I'm doing here" the blonde announced, "Santana liked the Lady Gaga song because we got to dress up" Brittany told everyone straight faced


"Did they really just get full points for that?" Kurt whispered

"Mike and Matt, what about you guys?"

"Mike said anything with dancing" Matt attempted

Mike gave him a high five, "And Matt said Give up the Funk, his favorite song"

Both boys were correct.

Rachel and Quinn were next.

"Have fun answering that question Quinn" one of them joked

She thought about it for a few minutes, she wanted to prove everyone wrong, that she wasn't the cold hearted person that she showed everyone.

"My life would suck without you" she said suddenly, coming to a realization, "Because you meant it, the lyrics I mean" she said more softly looking towards the brunette who's eyes were wide.

She wordlessly held of the piece of paper to reveal the words My life would suck without you: my life sucked before Glee

"Whoa" someone whispered

"Weird" Kurt added

Rachel cleared her throat, looking hesitantly towards the blonde, "Keep Holding On, you realized Glee was your family"

"Even weirder" Mercedes whispered

There was a lull of silence that came over the room, the blonde had her eyes trained on the carpet.

Finally someone spoke up, "Okay next question, Who did you lose your virginity to"

Everyone looked at Puck who held his hands up in defense.

"Puck slept with Debbie Marshall last year" Finn announced

"Oh yeah, a Senior" he patted himself on the back, "and Finn lost his to Berry" Puck said

"Um actually" he cleared his throat holding up the piece of paper to reveal the name Santana.

Most of the room gasped, unaware of this news.

"Next" Santana said to get the spotlight off of her

"Easy, Kurt is a virgin" Mercedes announced

"And so is Mercedes" he replied

"Wrong, this summer I met this boy" she replied timidly

Everyone went wide eyes but clapped, the girls congratulating her.

"Virgin" Artie said

"Virgin" Tina replied

"Also wrong, I told you it worked" Artie replied somewhat embarrassed

"Gross" Puck gagged

"Brittany can't remember" Santana announced

"It's true" she replied, "And Santana lost it to the janitor" Brittany announced

"No B, the janitor's son" she clarified

Everyone looked on with a strange expression but decided to let it go.

Mike spoke up, "I have no idea"

"Yeah, I don't either"

They both announced, not getting any points for the round.

"Clearly she was impregnated by Noah" Rachel announced

Quinn thought she knew the answer to this question for Rachel. She thought it would clearly be Finn, she saw how dreamily she stared at him, but with news of Finn losing it to Santana, she wasn't sure. She knew that if Rachel had sex with him before Santana did than he would have lost his virginity to her. Around the same time, she was dating Jesse. Someone who didn't even cross her mind. It made sense why Rachel was so clingy to the boy, but then again, he was so obviously gay that it didn't make sense to her.

She took a heavy sigh, going over her options once again before announcing, "She's a virgin"

Rachel nodded.

"I can't believe that you guys are in the lead right now" Finn said

The two shared a look and immediately looked away, they couldn't believe it either.

"Next question; Would you hook up with your partner if it would save the world"

Again everyone looked towards the boy with the Mohawk, "Okay that one was not me" he told them all

"Oh that's mine" Brittany said proudly.

"This question is stupid, Pick another" Quinn told them

"No way, that's cheating"

"Fine then I'm done playing" the blonde told them all

"Sit down and answer the question Barbie" Puck told her

"Puck and Finn, you're first" Tina told them

"Hell no" Puck said right away

"He's right, and I know he said no as well"

"Yes" Kurt announced

"Yes" Mercedes told them

Both getting points for that, they felt surely good about their lead, doubting the current leaders would get this one right.

"Do we even have to answer this question?" Tina asked

"Point taken" Kurt replied, "Moving on"

"Do we evenhave to answer this question?" Santana asked

"Another point taken" Kurt replied again

Both Mike and Matt answered no, earning a nod from the other group that said no.

"Quinn and Rachel?" everyone looked towards them, curious of their answers

The blonde looked down at the answer she scribbled on the piece of paper, deciding to try and back out once more.

"I'm seriously not playing" she said again trying to stand up, "Let's play something else, this game is stupid" she was desperate to find a way out.

"I thought you guys were going to win" Mercedes teased

"Guess we'll never know, and you'll never have your bragging rights" Puck tempted her

"Fine" she gritted her teeth, "I'm sure Rachel said yes like some kind of freak" she regretted the words that came out of her mouth immediately, wincing.

"Well, it did say to save the world, and who am I to deny humanity the chance to live a full life, so yes, I said yes" she told the group

Quinn felt horrible for making the brunette feel bad once again.

"And judging from your answer I'm sure you said No" Rachel continued

The blonde looked at her answer once again, deciding finally what to do.

"You're right, we win. Good job" she said dryly

Rachel felt dejected for a moment but couldn't understand why, it was nothing that she wasn't used to.

"Show us your piece of paper" Puck announced, "I want proof, because if you just beat us, I want it to be legit"

"You're not getting my piece of paper" she told him, about to rip it up before Santana grabbed it out of her hand, her eyes going wide at what she found.

"She lied" Santana said out loud

Kurt grabbed the piece of paper out of her hands, surely he misheard and had to read it for himself.

"You said yes?" he asked

"Whatever, we still tied for first, it doesn't matter" she told them, embarrassed at their laughter

Rachel stayed quiet, unsure of what to do with this newfound information. It wouldn't have been as big of a deal if Quinn didn't try to lie on her answer. She didn't understand why she wrote it down to begin with if she was going to change her mind. But the even bigger issue is that she answered yes.

"Oh this is great" Puck clapped as he laughed

"Noah, enough" Rachel snapped at him

He stopped smiling at the brunettes tone.

Suddenly the opening chords to Seasons of Love blasted through a phone, Rachel grabbed the phone and opened it to reveal a video message from her former fling Jesse.

She narrowed her eyes so she could read the message attached and watch a few seconds of the video before putting the phone down and leaving the room in a hurry.

"What just happened?" Finn asked

"Looks like Jesse sent her a message, and I'm guessing it wasn't very nice"

Mercedes grabbed the phone and read the message out loud, "Have fun in last place with the losers, and the video sounds like they're singing Don't stop Believing, oh hell no"

"That's it, I'm tired of this St. James kid, we need to pay him a little visit" Puck said defensively, "No one takes our song"

"What do you expect we do? Tee-pee his house?" Quinn asked rolling her eyes, "Grow up"

"Actually that's exactly what we should do, maybe some eggs too" he grinned wickedly

Finn jumped up, as well as Matt and Mike, all making up their minds. The rest of the group got up excitedly and started to plot.

"Rachel will never let you do that" Quinn told them

"Then stay here with her, saving the world" Puck smirked

She wanted to hit him but knew that she needed to somehow convince the brunette to go along with it or else their entire mission would be compromised. There was no way the blonde was going to stay out of this, she was sick and tired of Jesse being an asshole.

Quinn sighed, Mercedes approached her.

"Girl, you should go talk to her, we're going to need his address anyway" she reminded her

"We're going to go to the store to get supplies, text us the address when you get it" Puck called over to her.

He rounded up the troops and they were gone without another minute to waste. The blonde sighed, running her ringers through her hair, she had no idea how she got stuck with this job, for a minute she blamed Mr. Schuester for choosing the partners this way. She began to walk towards the direction that Rachel ran off to, hearing her on the other side of the door, she knocked timidly on it.

Rachel looked up, embarrassed that she was letting the boy get the best of her.

"Look Rach- Berry" she corrected "Jesse's a jerk, you shouldn't let him get to you" the blonde started

The brunette blew her nose, "I know he's a jerk, I just thought he changed" she told the girl, "I feel foolish"

"Aw c'mon don't say that" the blonde told her, "It happens to the best of us"

In a rare moment of sincerity, the blonde was completely vulnerable to the brunette.

"Everyone left" Quinn told her

Rachel looked up sadly, mad at herself that she ruined the evening.

Quinn realized what she must have been thinking, "Not like that, they actually went to go to the store to get toilet paper and eggs" she told her

"Why would they need those things? Who's house are they going to?" she asked but then knew the answer almost immediately

She laughed through her tears, "So this is what it feels like to have someone defend your honor" she commented

"We should go, so we don't miss out on the fun" the blonde told her, reaching out her hand to help the brunette up

Rachel nodded, taking the girls hand that she was offering and they made their way out to Quinn's car.

Along the way, the blonde called the ring leader to let him know the address of their target.

She hung up and Rachel looked at her expectedly, "He said we should keep look out"

Rachel nodded.

"Look Quinn" she started

"Save it, Berry"

She knew where this conversation was going and she really didn't want to have it, not now, not ever.

"I just want to know how you knew, ya know, about the song" Rachel asked

The blonde sighed in relief, thinking she was going to bring up the other question. She tapped her fingers on her steering along to the soft music as she thought about how to answer.

"I remember when you suggested we sing it to Mr. Schuester, after Sectionals, I don't know when you sang it, it was like you were singing about your life" Quinn offered, she really didn't know why it came to her

Rachel nodded understandingly, thought she really didn't.

"Look, I know that you're not thrilled with Mr. Shue right now because he partnered us up"

"I didn't say that"

"In so many words" Rachel reminded her

The blonde knew that she was right so she decided to stay quiet.

"and I know you hate me, which makes matters worse for the situation"

"Okay, I definitely don't hate you, I don't hate anyone" she told the girl, needing the brunette to understand how much truth was behind her statement

"Well I know you're not, but I'm glad that we're partners" the brunette admitted

The blonde stayed quiet once again, not having anything to offer the girl next to her in such close quarters. She spent the rest of the ride biting her lip, hoping that would be enough to prevent her from saying something too forward or leading.

The brunette directed the blonde to park down the road as to not alert Jesse's household of their presence. There were few lights on in the house, and it was already dark outside. Soon enough almost all of the Glee club made their way to the sidewalk where the girls were standing and waiting. The adrenaline was pumping through them, almost like they were about to go on stage.

"Alright, we got enough eggs and TP to cover this mother" Puck announced, divvying up the supplies.

"Everyone stay with your partners so no one gets left behind, we're going to toilet paper the place and once we're done we'll all throw the eggs but we've gotta be quick, he'll hear them and come out so we have to run"

"What do you want me to do?" Rachel asked eagerly

"You guys should keep watch through a window, plus we don't want him seeing you out here" Finn told her

She chanced a glance at the blonde next to her, who just shrugged and began walking towards the side of the house, finding a window she could see through and crouching next to it. Fortunately the window was shielded by bushes.

The girls could see into it with ease, and luckily they had a perfect view of the boy who seemed to be talking to someone out of view from the girls.

"This is exciting" Rachel whispered

The blonde refrained from showing her smile and remained emotionless.

"I thought that you and Finn had sex" Quinn suddenly said

The brunette looked at her confused until she realized that just a short while ago they were playing a very revealing game.

"Why did you think that?" she asked perplexed

"I just assumed, I don't know, the way you look at him, I just figured" the blonde began backtracking her statements and started sounding silly

"Finn was, he wasn't what I thought he was" Rachel admitted

The blonde's ears perked up, recalling that she thought similar of the boy once upon a time.

"I don't know, I think half of his appeal was that I never thought he would be interested in me, and then he was but I found he was just…"

"Dull?" the blonde finished

The brunette made eye contact with the girl, "Yeah"

"I know exactly what you mean"

The two girls were silent for a bit, as they heard soft laughter in the background and whispers.

"He told me he loved me before we went on for Regionals" Rachel said

Quinn looked shocked, staring at the girl. Rachel bit her lip, she was the first person that she told of the exchange that night.

"What did you say back?" The blonde found herself asking, almost involuntarily

The brunette shook her head, "Nothing, I mean I could have, loved him, at one point, I'm not so sure anymore" she said quietly

The blonde thought over the girls words, unsure of what to do with this newfound information. She hated to admit it but at the news that Rachel didn't reciprocate Finn's words left her feeling somewhat…relieved.

"Can I ask you something?"

Quinn only looked at the girl to let her know her answer.

"Why did you sleep with Puck, if you were dating Finn" the brunette knew that she was going to be verbally bitch slapped for overstepping her boundaries as the girls acquaintance, she was practically wincing in preparation.

The blonde sighed, "passion" she answered much to the brunettes surprise, "Puck was unfamiliar, dangerous, I knew it was wrong, I knew there would be consequences, but I guess I wanted that, it felt…good" she finished softly

Rachel bit her lip, not wanting to admit that she knew exactly what the girl was talking about.

"So why didn't you do it with Jesse?" she asked after some silence

"I thought I was ready, only to realize that I wasn't, and then I lost my chance once he made it clear where his loyalty resided, I guess I was better off" the brunette shrugged, "though I don't believe I am"

The blonde took her eyes off of the window and turned to look at the girl next to her.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not over him" she finally admitted, "Even though he's done all these horrible things to me, I keep thinking that maybe he'll come to his senses, I don't know what I'll do if he ever starts dating someone else, I keep holding onto him because I'm hoping that what we had was real, the passion, everything. I'd be devastated if I found out it wasn't"

Quinn studied the girl, seeing how dejected she was, it was truly heartbreaking. The brunette trained her eyes on the ground, damn the vocal adrenaline asshole for making her doubt herself.

She looked back through the window, temporarily forgetting her reason for being next to the house to begin with. What she saw was something she always knew was true but it was the last thing she was expecting to see.

There through the window, sitting on the couch was one Jesse St. James in a very compromising position with another vocal adrenaline singer, of the male gender.

"Oh my god" Quinn muttered as her eyes were fixed on the heated make out session

Rachel began to pick her head up to see what it was that Quinn was so shocked to see, the blonde had milliseconds to make a decision she'd have to live with. She'd just heard of the brunette's deepest feelings for the rival singer, in hoping that their relationship wasn't an illusion, it would truly devastate her that it was all a lie, not just a portion of it.

With the protective nature in Quinn coming out she'd made up her mind.

She pulled Rachel's face towards her in that split second before her eyes could focus on what she was about to see, crashing the brunette's lips into her own. The contact made both girls slam their eyes shut, the brunette whimpered into the other girls mouth, causing the blonde to kiss the girl more forcefully. Neither girl knew what they were doing, all Quinn knew was that what once was a kiss meant to distract the girl, turned into something more. The brunette was so confused she didn't know if she was lying down or standing up. She forgot where she was and what they were doing in that moment. The blonde held Rachel's face with her hand, bringing her other hand up into the brown tresses to support the girls head against hers. She felt lightheaded suddenly, her oxygen was dwindling and her heart was pumping faster than if she was on stage singing, likewise for the brunette. Their lips moved against each other's timidly at first, neither could tell but one of them became suddenly more confident, moving more swiftly to capture the other's lips, causing a chain reaction neither of them had ever experienced before.

"Guys!" they heard break through the noise in the background.

Both girls broke apart, not startled, but more slowly than anything. They weren't caught thankfully, the voice came from the front of the house, they knew they had to get out of there soon however. They stayed like that for a few more seconds, face to face, eyes trained on each other's lips, breathing heavily, mixing their air together. Neither one could speak, and for a moment, neither could or wanted to move.

"Let's go!" they heard another hushed whisper

The blonde closed her eyes, and took a deep breath before she turned on her heel and hurriedly ran towards the front of the house where the others were waiting. Rachel was behind her a moment later, already making her way to Quinn's car, not caring if she was around for the grand finale.

The blonde watched silently as the brunette made her way to the car, she had no idea what to do or say. She was completely speechless and she had way too much on her mind at the moment. She grabbed Mercedes along the way and pulled her into her car, anything to not let the two be alone. Though she doubted Rachel would be able to form words, if what just happened had even half the effect on her as it did on the blonde.

They pulled into Quinn's driveway suddenly, neither one realizing they were driving in the first place. They walked into the house where the rest of their friends already were, they were in the living room recounting the events of their epic prank. Reliving the badass-ness of the situation and imagining the look on the boys face when he saw what had happened to his home. Both Quinn and Rachel stayed silent, reliving their own memory of what just happened at the boys home; their friend's conversation drowning out the depths of the images replaying over and over in their head. It was nothing compared to the real thing, they'd both decided.

One by one the group filed out, almost 2 hours later. The rest of the night flew by, not that either one was paying attention, they could be categorized as catatonic; only surfacing when someone would ask them a question. Their behavior was suspicious to the others but they didn't press further, the entire night was random as it was.

"Rach, you coming?" Tina asked for the second time

She was so zoned out that she didn't hear the girl from where she was propped on the couch.

"Oh right, you're my ride" she stated, looking towards the blonde, "Yup, I'm ready" she watched the blonde once again open her mouth but sighed when nothing came out.

Finally the brunette stood and made her way towards the door, offering the blonde a look, which Quinn couldn't return. She left the house and Quinn was left alone with her thoughts.

The next morning, Quinn's alarm blared through the empty house, the blonde's eyes were already wide awake. She'd been up for almost the entire night, tossing and turning, not sure whether to relive the night or fight the images; each option was exhausting. As tired as she was, sleep wouldn't come. When it did, the dreams jolted her awake. She stared at the red digits on the alarm clock before she turned it off and began getting ready for her Saturday morning Cheerleading practice.

Sue Sylvester had welcomed her back to the team, only after spending the summer doing double work outs for the coach. Half the reason she'd agreed to it was to lose the excess baby weight, she didn't see herself staying on the team much longer, it wasn't satisfying to her anymore.

Sue blew her whistle into the bull horn and screamed the girls name, this was the 4th time she'd lost her balance from the top of the pyramid and quite frankly she was surprised the coach didn't call her over sooner.

"Take a knee Fabray" the coach told her

"You're serious?" the blonde asked the woman, the look she got back answered her question

The blonde kneeled down on one knee and watched as the older blonde started to pace back in forth.

"In all my years as a coach I have never seen some one slack off so much this early in the season"

Quinn went to cut in but Sue stopped her.

"As you know, your captainship has been stripped, along with your dignity but I'm going to cut you a deal because well, I feel sorry for you. You've been dragged along by the false hopes and outrageous dreams of one Will Schuester for far too long to realize the reality of it all; Glee club is a contagious and very deadly disease that destroys logic and incapacitates the youth of America. I'm sure he has you slaving away in some kind of cheerful work camp, singing about rainbows and laughter, you're still in shock of it all, I get it. It's a little thing I like to call Stockholm Syndrome, Will Schuester has kept you prisoner for far too long, and because of that you've forgotten what it was like to be a winner."

It took Quinn everything it had in her not to laugh at the woman's ridiculous words and outlandish statements. She wasn't about to refute the coach because that could just turn into her being kicked off the team, or worse, having the woman go on any longer.

"You're absolutely right Coach Sylvester" she fought down the guilt that she felt for going along with her but it was just something she'd have to deal with

The woman sported a satisfied smirk, "Sit the rest of the day out" the woman told her and the blonde almost wanted to do a cartwheel she was so happy.

The truth was that she did have her mind on something related to the small club, and she could barely concentrate.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn't see fellow Glee member Kurt come sit next to her on the bleachers until he spoke up.

"Ya know, she gave me that same speech the other day" he told the girl

Somehow, Quinn believed it.

"You okay?" he asked in a rare moment of sincerity, he could tell something was off about the girl, "Ever since last night you've been awfully quiet"

Quinn thought about telling him everything, he seemed harmless but she knew that was the furthest thing from the truth.

"You're gay right?" she asked, not so much as a question but just as a way into the conversation

"Last time I checked" he quipped

"How do you deal with all of the mixed feelings and questions?" she asked

He was stumped, no one really took the time to ask him something like this.

Quinn could see that he didn't have an answer so she just sighed.

The boy thought of a different approach to figure out what was bothering the girl.

"Do you have feelings for someone?" he asked, taking a sip from his vitamin water

She shrugged, "We kind of have a history, a bad one" she told him, "I just don't know how to approach the situation" she sighed

Kurt nodded, running through a checklist in his head of who it could be.

"It's okay to be scared" the boy told her, seeing that humor wasn't the way to go with this one, "Take it from me, other people's judgment shouldn't deter you from your feelings" he told her truthfully

"Queerio, break time's over" Sue hollered through her bull horn

Kurt sighed, "See?" he asked getting her to show a small smile

The boy bounced off and let Quinn continue sulking about whatever it was she was dealing with.

An hour later and the practice was over, Quinn said goodbye to the rest of the group and refused their invitation to get lunch with them.

As Kurt trotted out to his car he pulled out his cell phone, dialing a familiar number.


"Quinn's got it bad for Puck" he said into the phone

"What? How do you know?" Mercedes asked, waiting to hear proof before believing it

"She just told me in so many words, are you free? I'm thinking we need to step in and intervene"

"What are you thinking?" she asked, already excited about the prospect of occupying her so far boring Saturday

"Total Bombardment" he said mischievously, "Be there in 10"