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The cheerleader lost all sense of direction, she didn't know where her sudden outburst came from, she had no right at all to act that way. She had no right to question the brunette's decisions, she had no right to out them in such a public setting. She knew that Rachel was probably very much upset with her actions and she just couldn't face her in that moment. She'd never even thought about why she'd kissed the girl in the first place, she only thought about how it made her feel. She never meant for it to come out like a stab at the fragile and petite girl. Her tears streamed down her face, inhaling heavily constantly trying to catch her breath, she was an absolute mess.

Quinn couldn't understand where these feelings came from. In fact, she was having a hard time understanding how it was that she was in this predicament in the first place, let alone remembering her life before the Glee Club. The head cheerleader had it all at one point in her seemingly perfect life, she was the head of the celibacy club, queen of the school, her and her oblivious boyfriend were the power couple, she was the it girl. Sometimes when she thinks back to her previous life, she can pinpoint the exact moment when her life fell into shambles, the moment her boyfriend, Finn, took a leap of faith and joined the small, yet socially suicidal Glee Club. As a matter of fact, she could credit the club to her eventual and unavoidable downfall, it was after all the reason that everything happened in the first place. It was the reason she was willing to give her previous life up, it was the reason her veins were pumping with regret and heartache, most importantly, it was the reason that the girl was starting to fall in love with the brunette she once despised.

There was no way the blonde could show her face back in that room, she couldn't face Rachel either, not after that. She didn't even care that her purse and car keys were still trapped in that claustrophobic room, she'd walk home if it meant avoiding the entire situation.

"Hi honey, I didn't hear you pull up" the elder woman told her from the couch where she was reading documents, she glanced at her watch, "And you're home early" she replied taking off her eye glasses to see her daughter more clearly, "Is everything okay dear? You look like you've been crying" the woman said a little more alarmed

"That's because I have been" the blonde replied dryly

"What's going on?" the woman asked as she approached the girl

"You wouldn't understand" Quinn attempted to move around the woman but she had her feet firmly planted in front of her.

"Try me" the woman said

The blonde was already upset; her mother was starting to aggravate her. All she wanted to do was be alone, sulk in her room and listen to sad music.

"What are you even doing home?" she asked bitterly

"I felt bad about dinner" she told her

"Yeah well don't bother" the blonde once again attempted to get to her room

"Quinn, talk to me"

"Why so you can overreact and kick me out of your house again? No thanks"

"Now hold it right there" Mrs. Fabray told her daughter, "What was that for?"

"I'm gay Mom" she yelled, "Yup, perfect catholic daughter, not only got pregnant, but she has feelings for a girl. Now that you know, can I please go to my room to pack for whatever reform school you're sending me to"

Mrs. Fabray's eyes went wide, unable to speak, she didn't know what to say. Clearly her daughter was in distress and needed her mother. The blonde stalked off up the staircase before she could speak and the woman finally flinched when she heard the door slam close.

Quinn felt a fresh new wave of tears come after she closed her door. She knew her mother didn't deserve that, it wasn't fair in the least bit. But she was angry and she needed someone to take it out on. She should feel relief that her mother knew but all she felt was even worse. She crashed onto her bed, her body raking with sobs as she cried into her pillow.

The blonde had no idea how long she stayed like that on her bed, every time she'd calm down, something would trigger a fresh batch of tears. She couldn't remember falling asleep, she didn't even know what time it was when she actually did. Judging by the untouched, cold food on her bedside table, she'd assumed it was sometime before her mother brought her up something to eat for dinner. She smiled wearily at the gesture, at least it wasn't a note saying she was to be out of the house by the time she got home from work. The blonde sighed, contemplating staying in her bed for the remainder of the day, hoping to just skip school completely. Her perfect plan was shot down when she realized that she couldn't hide forever, there would be more speculation if she didn't show up at school than if she did. At least she knew if she was in school, no one would dare talk about her, and if they did, well then she would know what they were saying about her.

She finally got up and got into the shower, attempting to remain stone faced as practice for the day to come. By 2nd period, she'd wished she would have stayed in bed. She couldn't take the stares and eyes on her constantly. If there was someone from Glee club in the same room as her, she could guarantee that their eyes were watching her every move. She'd yet to see the brunette, she hadn't figured out if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She eventually decided that the brunette wanted nothing to do with her and that was far worse than anything else she could have experienced. Her heartache grew with each passing minute.

"Fabray" Mercedes waved in front of her face for what seemed like the 5th time, "Did you hear what I said?"

The blonde was so zoned out that she didn't see Mercedes approach her at her locker, let alone that she had been speaking to the girl for lord only knows how long.

"Sorry what?" she asked

"Did you get your car and bag? Kurt and I dropped it off after practice, and well your mother said you weren't available" the girl repeated

"Oh" the blonde hadn't even realized that she had her car and bag back, she'd completely forgotten that she walked the entire way home, "Yeah I did, thank you"

Mercedes gave her a nod, "Listen, Quinn"

The blonde knew where this was going, she slammed her locker, "I have to go" she told the girl before walking away from anything her friend had to say.

She moved through the halls like a zombie, avoiding eye contact with everyone that passed by her, for once she wished she was invisible.

The brunette was desperately searching for the cheerleader, she'd come up unsuccessful thus far, much to her dismay. She needed to see the girl, talk to her in person, and discuss what was going on between them. She had to admit that it hurt a severe amount to find out everything, and in that manner. Once Quinn left the choir room the day before, the brunette was left to fend for herself. Every eye was on her, waiting for anything she could give them, something that would make sense to them. She couldn't give them that, because it didn't make sense, not even to her. She didn't know how everything got so out of control so fast but it was for her and the cheerleader to discuss. She respectfully declined everyone's invitation to talk as they approached her the next day and continued her search for the blonde.

At the end of the day, she knew it was her last chance. She knew the girl was in school, practically every person in Glee had told her that they'd seen her. She knew that she would have to go to her locker after school, she also knew there was a very good chance she wouldn't go to the choir room after school so it was her only shot to talk to the girl. Just as she expected, the cheerleader was hurriedly loading her purse with various books she'd need to bring home. Rachel took a deep breath, preparing herself for the worst and took a hesitant step forward before gaining the courage to approach the girl.

"We need to talk"

At the sound of the girl's voice, Quinn was both startled and relieved. She'd missed it far more than she wanted to admit; just proof enough that she was in way over her head.

"What do you want, Berry?" the girl asked, wincing at how cruel she sounded

Rachel dodged the blatant diss, she knew that this was her defense mechanism; she wasn't going to allow Quinn to put up one of her walls on her. Anything that she would say, deep down the brunette knew she didn't mean it.

"Quinn, look at me" the brunette said more softly

She could tell the blonde was avoiding her gaze, she could also tell that there were serious tears in her beautiful eyes that were very close to making their presence known.

"I can't do this, not here" she told the girl before shutting her locker, "I'm so sorry I hurt you" she choked out before walking away from the brunette

It felt weird to not be going to the choir room after school, but the blonde knew that it would have just been torturous. She wasn't ready for it quite yet, she'd hoped she would be able to go tomorrow, but the thought of having to sing the duet with Rachel prevented her from getting too far ahead of herself.

The blonde saw her mother's car in the driveway, knowing that she was home, she made her best effort to slip into the house and get to her room quietly without alerting the woman that she was home. She'd truly felt bad about her outburst but she wasn't ready to deal with the consequences just yet. As she attempted to do some of her homework, she heard a small knock on the door, it was just as well, her paper was covered in little doodles and song lyrics that were stuck in her mind.

Her mom came in slowly and sat down on her bed, next to where the girl was laying on her stomach. She began rubbing her back soothingly.

"I messed up Mom" she told her, feeling the tears coming tenfold

"Oh Quinnie" her mom whispered, "It's all going to be okay" she told the girl

"You're not mad at me?" she asked

"Of course not" the woman told her, "And I'm sorry for what happened to you in the past, I wasn't there for you when you needed your mother, but I'm here now" the elder woman felt her emotions get the best of her.

Quinn sat up on the bed, giving her mom a tight hug as she cried into her shoulders.

The blonde told her mother everything, from the party to the outburst, to Jesse's intentions to dinner with her parents, anything that she could think of. Her mother sat and listened with an open mind, finding it much easier than she thought possible. The news that her daughter liked another girl blindsided her, once the shock wore off however she knew that her Quinnie was just a scared and confused girl, she needed guidance and advice.

The woman placed a kiss on the girls forehead, "You'll discover who you are, you'll work this out, and when you do, I'll still love you… no matter what" she told the girl truthfully, "She sounds like an amazing person, it'd be a shame for you to let her slip away from you like that"

The blonde could only sigh, all things that she already knew.

"I better get started on dinner, I still plan on making you your favorite" the woman told her

"It's okay Mom, you don't have to do that. I'm pretty sure Rachel won't come near me again, I doubt she'd still come over for dinner" Quinn replied

Her mother smiled sadly at her daughter as she gently closed the door. She'd never seen her daughter so emotional and lost, it broke her heart.

Quinn smiled to herself, despite everything else that was going on, it finally felt good that her mother accepted her and she was able to tell her things she didn't possibly think she'd be able to disclose. She continued to do her homework, hopefully to keep her mind off of things, she smiled to herself when she could smell the aura of her favorite meal lingering up the stair case and into her room.

There was another timid knock on the door, "Mom, I think I'm all talked out for one day" she told her mother as she smiled to herself, doodling in her notebook

"Not your Mom" Rachel spoke up quietly

Quinn's heart stopped and she immediately sat up on the bed, "What are, you, um what are you doing here?" she asked tilting her head, somewhat shocked, very much confused and relieved all the same.

"You invited me for dinner, I hope that offer still stands" she replied shyly

The blonde was playing with her hands as she looked down towards her bed, "Um Yeah, I mean I just didn't think I'd see you"

"You were the one avoiding me" the brunette reminded the girl as she boldly sat at the foot of the girl's bed.

Quinn looked down, embarrassed and mad at herself for acting that way towards the girl.

"Look, Quinn" the brunette began

"You scare me" the blonde cut in, she saw the confused look on the singer's face and continued, not sure where she was going but decided to follow her heart, "you don't scare me, what you make me feel scares me, and the fact that you're the one making me feel this way is scary. I don't know how this all happened but all I know is that I'm not the same person I used to be, I'm nice, and, and, caring. I hang on every word you say to me, you knock the wind out of me with just one look. I can't tell you how incredibly scary this is for me. I stopped caring about my popularity and started caring about the people around me, you most importantly. I didn't mean for you to find out about Jesse like that, I didn't mean to make it seem like that was the only reason I kissed you. I know damn well that I could have done thousands of things to stop you from looking in that window, I kissed you because deep down I wanted to. You'd just got done telling me about your feelings for him and I couldn't let him hurt you, crush you like that once again. I listen to your rants because you amuse me, I'm cold because I don't want people to find out the truth, and I kissed you because I wanted to know what it would be like. I never thought any of this would happen, don't get me wrong, I'm glad it did, I just never expected to fall for you like this"

"Fall for me?" the brunette asked, finally able to get a word in edgewise

"No, I mean yeah." She sighed, "I'm close to it, my heart has never raced so fast, I've never been speechless, I've never let anyone in. It hasn't even been a week yet, I can't possibly be falling for you, it's just not right. You're Rachel Berry and I'm Quinn freaking Fabray Ugh, Yes okay? I'm falling for you, I Quinn freaking Fabray am falling for you Rachel Berry"


"I know"

"Who's ranting now?" the brunette smirked

"You do that to me"

"It's incredibly sexy" the girl told her with mischievous eyes.

The blonde couldn't respond, she didn't know what to say. All she could feel was the blood rushing to her face and her heart beat picking up.

"Speechless?" Rachel asked inching forward with newfound boldness, noticing the effect her words had on the girl.

"Ugh" the blonde screamed, throwing her hands up in the air and falling onto the bed on her back.

The brunette's laugh rang through the room, she repositioned herself so that she was peering over the girl on the bed.

"For the record, I sent Puck and Finn to meet with Jesse in my place, the only reason I agreed to meet with him in the first place, was so that I could tell him I was over him, that I've finally moved on to someone far, far more better. Puck and Finn enjoyed telling him how it happened" the brunette smiled.

"I should have trusted you" the blonde admitted shamefully

"That may be the case, but I should have also trusted you" the girl smiled even wider, backing up a little.

"Is, is that why you came here? To tell me that?" the blonde asked, hoping that wasn't the only reason.

"I came here, to tell you that I've been miserable, that I never thought I'd miss you, Quinn freaking Fabray, as much as I have in the past day. And that if you ever, ever ignore me like that again, I won't be so forgiving next time" the brunette told the girl, lowering herself once again closer and closer to the blonde, sultry written all over her voice.

Quinn could only moan at the bravery the brunette was exhibiting, she had seconds to take in the girl's words before she felt their lips join. The contact nearly made the blonde pass out; she immediately responded to the movements and attempted to pull Rachel even closer to her. The brunette's bare leg slip in between the blonde's, putting significant pressure on her center, creating a wave of pleasure and whimpers elicited from the cheerleader. She was incredibly turned on, and once again in a matter of 5 minutes everything had changed drastically in the blink of an eye.

Both of their hands were wandering over the other girl's body, gripping clothing and grasping at whatever they could hold onto. Their foreheads were melded together as each kiss brought about a new wave of passion. Their movements slowed into something more gentle, the pace set was fragile, both taking advantage of the each other. The brunette moved back first, the blonde's eyes were still shut, still mesmerized by the girl above her.

"I don't think I could" she said, panting.

The brunette looked down in confusion.

Quinn swallowed, "Ignore you again, I don't think I could" she clarified

Slender fingers reached up and pulled Rachel back on top of her, both getting lost in each other's presence once again, not wanting to waste any moment of alone time. So lost in fact, that neither heard the many calls from Mrs. Fabray about dinner, it wasn't until the knock on the door that they'd realized just how far away from reality they were.

The girls laughed into each other, ducking their heads in each other's necks to hide their embarrassment; luckily Mrs. Fabray left it at a knock. Quinn was grateful that her mother was accepting of her relationship with the brunette but she was processing it still, she doubted that seeing the two in a passionate and heated lip lock would make matters easier for her.

The two straightened their clothing out and fixed their hair and makeup, they needed to look somewhat presentable. The last thing the brunette wanted was for Quinn's mother to have her first impression of the girl be the one that was just taking serious advantage of her prodigal daughter.

The blonde took in the girl's appearance, seeing skinny jeans, a black shirt and semi-high heels. Her eyebrow raised as raked her eyes over her.

Rachel saw the way the blonde was staring at her hungrily and decided to offer up an explanation for her blatant change of appearance.

"I was hoping it would get your attention in school" she shrugged

Quinn cooed at the girl, running her fingers through her brown wavy hair.

"The quicker we eat, the quicker we can come back up here" she whispered

They linked hands and began to make their way down the stairs to eat the food that was surely cold by now.

"Oh shit" the blonde deadpanned, stopping movement.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Rachel asked concerned.

"My mom knows" she told her, "About us, is that…okay?"

The brunette could only give the girl a full grin, "Of course, I wouldn't want you to hide in your own house" she replied teasing, recalling the reason Quinn gave her just two nights ago.

"Mom" Quinn spoke up, releasing the girl's hand as they approached the table, "This is Rachel"

The woman smiled and shook the girls hand once again, "We've met, but it's nice to be properly introduced"

"It's very nice to meet you Mrs. Fabray"

The woman began to laugh as they all sat down. Both girls looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Oh I apologize, it's just that the last time Quinnie had someone over for dinner, well we found out she was pregnant"

"Yes, and as you can see, that's humorous to my mother" Quinn told the girl next to her

"Oh stop it, I'm just making a note, dinners with you are never boring" she told the girls and winked at Rachel, "Now tell me Rachel, how it is you've managed to tame my daughter and what is your secret?"

The brunette blushed profusely, "Well, I'll tell you if you insist on knowing" she started

"That won't be necessary" Quinn cut in, quite quickly.

They all shared a laugh, and began eating their food. The conversation flowed casually, never faltering and it never became awkward, all parties involved were grateful for that. Like her daughter, Mrs. Fabray grew amused with the brunette, finding her stories and tales funny and enlightening. She'd never seen her daughter so smitten with someone, she'd never seen her glow so much, besides of course when her baby was born a few short months ago.

After dinner and dessert, and dessert¸ the blonde walked Rachel out to her car, wishing the night wasn't over but knew it was getting late.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" the brunette asked

"Yes, definitely tomorrow" Quinn told her, "I promise"

The brunette nodded and turned to step off of the sidewalk, the blonde pulled her back and into a hug, giving the girl a kiss on the cheek before she went home.

"I'll call you in an hour"

"Hopefully sooner" the brunette winked before getting into her car and driving off.

The blonde stayed on the sidewalk until she could no longer see the girl's tail lights, before turning back and going inside; almost immediately texting the brunette upon returning to her bedroom. They talked until neither one could keep their eyes open any longer, only hanging up when it was decided that they would get breakfast the following morning.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Rachel asked the blonde, making sure that she wasn't going to regret this.

The blonde only reached down and grabbed the hand that belonged to the brunette, giving the answer to her question with the simple gesture.

The brunette was still hesitant but trusted the blonde's answer; they both gave a side glance to each other before the blonde pushed open one of the double doors, introducing them into the main school hallway. She'd made up her mind last night that this was happening that day, she wasn't going to hide it any longer, her stomach had been butterflies all morning. One thing that the blonde could smirk about however was the fact that people were once again literally moving out of her way as she and the brunette walked down the hallway, fierce and not fooling around.

Half the people they passed had their mouths open in shock, the other half were whispering to their friends. They couldn't say that they didn't love the attention, their smirks were proof of that, and they had to admit, they did look hot. Rachel seemed to be pleased with the reaction that the jeans got out of the blonde and opted for them once again, she normally only wore them when performing when they were part of the costume.

They arrived at the blonde's locker so that she could get some of her books, the staring died down a bit but it came right back as soon as Quinn shut her locker and leaned in to give Rachel a kiss. The brunette was a little caught off but she couldn't say that she wasn't warned that this might happen, it's what they talked about over breakfast after all. Their kiss was in no way chaste, in fact, a few kids had enough time to get their cell phones out to take a picture of the exchange.

The blonde pulled back with a smirk on her face, the brunette was still dazed. The blonde moved some of the brown hair over the girls shoulder while leaning in to whisper to the girl.

"Like ripping off a band aid" she told her, placing an innocent kiss on her cheek, "I'll see you at lunch" she told her as she dropped the girl's hand while pulling back and walked backwards down the hall, staring intently at the brunette.

Rachel was flushed, it felt good. That morning when they met for breakfast, Quinn had told her what she wanted to do, at first the brunette was apprehensive but she trusted the girl. She told her that if they wanted to be themselves that they would need to just do it, all at once, like ripping a band aid off. Sure people would be shocked but at least it was over with, so that's what they intended to do. So far, it was working, people were definitely shocked.

Rachel was looked at differently throughout the rest of the day, as was Quinn. Both girls tried not to let it affect them, they also didn't hold out when they were together. Lunch was an experience for everyone.

"So, are we being punked?" Artie asked the girls, the table nodded enthusiastically, unable to tear their eyes off of the two girls in front of them, sharing laughs and whispering into each other's ears.

"What makes you say that?" Rachel asked, "Is Ashton here?" she asked a little more excitedly, beginning to stand up to get a better look around the cafeteria.

Quinn laughed, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, getting her to settle down, "I think he means because of us, they want to know if we're punking them" the blonde told her

"Oh. No we're not, next question"

"Threesome?" Puck asked

The two girls looked at each other, communicating with their eyes.

Quinn reached out and stroked his hand, "Puck…" she told him above a whisper, leaning across the table to get closer to him, Puck involuntarily leaned closer in anticipation. "If you continue to look at Rachel like that, I'm going to castrate you" she told him as she smacked him over the back of the head.

"That was just mean" he told her, grunting as he sat back down.

The two girls smiled at each other, the blonde reaching for a sip of the brunette's water as Rachel grabbed one of Quinn's pretzels.

Mercedes spoke next, "are you guys just doing this to get back at Mr. Shue for making you partners?"

"Valid question Mercedes, and no we're not" Rachel answered this time

Kurt began laughing, "Oh this is rich" he slapped his knee, "That means that Puck turned you both gay"

The rest of the table began to laugh, including the girls. The boy in question however was not amused.

"Does not, ask Santana"

"Yeah okay buddy, then ask Brittany" Mercedes teased the boy

"You guys suck" he told the table before getting up, he turned around at the last minute, "But seriously the threesome?" he wiggled his eyebrows

Both girls visibly gagged.

"Get out of my sight" Quinn barked at the boy before he almost ran out of the cafeteria.

"So this is for real?" Tina asked

"For real" both girls replied at the same time, sharing a smile.

Quinn reached for the brunette's hand under the table, where their hands stayed together for the remainder of the lunch period.

The last bell of the day rang loud through the school and the girls sighed relief when they realized that the day was over. They wouldn't have to deal with the stares or the whispers for a moment longer, and they had the weekend to do whatever they wanted.

Both girls walked into the choir room, hand in hand. Mr. Schuester was already at the front of the room, he seemed to be expecting the two girls to be together but was still surprised none the less.

"Do you two understand just how big of a splash you made today?" he asked

Both girls laughed at the man's comments.

"I have to say that I didn't believe it when I first heard it but here you are"

He then clapped loudly, "Okay who wants to go first" he asked the group once the girls took their seat.

Everyone's eyes went to the pair in the front row, they were all eager to see what they've cooked up.

Rachel's hand went up, and everyone sat on the edge of their seats, waiting with bated breath.

"Shit, I completely forgot about the assignment, we haven't even practiced" Quinn hushed out in a whisper

"Not to worry, I've changed it to a solo performance" the girl told her, tapping her on the nose and standing up.

Quinn looked around confused but decided that she was interested in what the girl was going to sing. Rachel made her way to the center of the class room.

"Puck, if you'd be so kind" she gestured to the guitar

The boy rose and walked down to strap up and sat in a stool just beyond the brunette, tuning the guitar to perfection.

The brunette cleared her throat, "Originally our musical choice to describe our relationship was by the great Leona Lewis, written by boy band member Jesse McCartney, entitled Bleeding Love. In light of recent events, it was unclear whether or not this would be feasible considering both parties involved weren't speaking temporarily. The show must go on, and since this was not composed as a duet and the original song was in fact a bit forward"

"Um just a little" Santana retorted from the back

"I had chosen to take a different approach in coaxing my partner out of hiding, hoping she would talk to me. If you must know, which I'm sure you simply must and I'm sure you can already see, we are speaking again. Regardless, this is something she needs to hear and I'll assume that you'll want to hear it as well. Thank you"

She gave the blonde a smile before nodding to Puck, signaling that she was ready.

The boy began to strum his guitar, the familiar tune of Train's Soul Sister carried through the stale air of the choir room and almost the entire group began to bob their head.

Rachel began to sing the words, making full eye contact with the blonde in front of her.

Quinn couldn't help but laugh at the girl's gestures to go along with the words.

By the chorus, the entire club was singing along, including the blonde herself. And by the 2nd verse, Quinn joined Rachel in the middle, this time taking over the singing. The rest of the club eventually came out onto the floor to clap and dance along with the girls, occasionally adding back up. Finn even felt the need to help out Puck and began drumming in the background.

The entire room was in utter chaos, moving to the music and having a great time. They were singing because they wanted to, not because they had to.

Once the song was over, the girl's took their seats, out of breath and Quinn couldn't erase the smile from her face if she tried. They sat and listened to the other songs, almost every time the entire club got up to dance with the group that was singing. It was the most fun they'd had in a long time.

"Okay, okay good work you guys, I think that you really understood what this assignment was about and I'm very pleased with the results. Now, next week's groups"

The entire class groaned, Quinn slid her chair closer to the brunette, resting her head on Rachel's shoulder, neither girl worried about a thing, they had each other…finally.