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Bella and Emmett's parents died leaving a 23 year old Emmett in charge of his 16 year old sister. Their parent's left behind a NYC apartment and a huge trust fund. Esme and Carlisle live in the same apartment building in the presidential suite. Edward is their 23 son and lives in his own apartment in the building. Jasper is their 15 year old son who goes to Stanford Prep, a private school in Manhattan and the school Bella will be attending. Edward and Emmett are best friends and students at NYU medical school.

Chapter 1: It's What They Would Have Wanted

Emmett's POV

Fuck. I can't do this. She deserves better than this. Mom and Dad would have wanted better than this for her. What were they thinking letting me be her guardian. But the lawyer was clear that this is what they wanted.

"Emm! Hey!" Bella said with a huge smile. She was wearing dark wash flare jeans and a big grey NYU lacrosse tee shirt. She stole it from me years ago. She once told me she wears it every time she gets home sick.

"Hey Babybel! Is this everything?" I gave her a one armed hug and grabbed her red suitcase.

"Yeah. I know I'll have to wear a uniform at this school too, and you know me, I'm a minimalist," She looked down at her plain simple black Rainbow flip-flops and mumbled while avoiding my eyes "Thank you so much for letting me come with you. I know this has to be the most sucky situation ever. I'm sure this is the last thing you want to do." She shifted her purple longchamp tote on her shoulder and played with her ring. I took a closer look at her hand and noticed it was mom's wedding ring.

I sucked in a breath "Hey, don't ever say anything like that again. You're my baby sister and I'll always want you to be with me. This isn't ideal, and we'll both have to make adjustments, but there is nowhere I want to be except for here with you, especially right now. Mom and Dad would have wanted us to be together."

She finally looked up at me with tears in her eyes, mom's eyes. She was like a carbon copy, except for her hair. That was all Charlie.

"Come on. My car's about to be towed if we don't get to it soon." I said leading her to my burgundy audi sports car. "I know it sucks getting driven around by me so I signed you up for your drivers test on Monday… and I bought you a car." I opened the door for her and jogged around to the driver's side.

"No way! You are the best brother ever! I was going to go earlier, but…" she trailed off uncomfortably.

"I know, no worries, I called in ahead and I'm allowed to step in as your guardian. Now all we have to do is go pick up your car. It'll be ready for you after your test on Monday." I smiled knowing I just made her day. "I got you something too. I know we all sort of missed your birthday."

She gave me a small smile as I handed her a wrapped package. I pulled onto the street as she opened the box. It was a photo album of all her birthdays. I know she wasn't into the whole teen "take pictures of yourself and post them on facebook a minute later" thing, but she would love this. From every birthday to her 16th there were pictures of her and her family and friends. Even her cake. That was one thing that was the same. Before Mom and Dad died, Mom always baked us a cake, just for us 4 and a little for Sebastian, our dog. She always set the cake up with tea lights in the shape of our initial on top of the breakfast counter. It was a tradition and even through it might not be the cake used for our parties, it was always our real birthday cake. There were pictures of the four of us on every birthday expect the last. For her sixteenth birthday there was just a picture of Bella and me sitting at the breakfast bar with store bought cupcakes. No tea light, balloons, friends. But we were still together. I was never more grateful for the quick picture I took with my iphone before she took my hand and squeezed.

"Thank you Em, you have no idea how much this means. I never want to forget them."

"We never will. You look more like Mom every day, do you know that?"

She chuckled and nodded. The rest of the ride to my, no our, apartment was silent, I knew she much be thinking about how wrong this felt. At least I was. She wasn't coming to visit for the weekend or coming for one of my lacrosse games. She was coming to stay, because we didn't have anyone else. Mom and Dad had a house in Ithaca, NY that was our family home, but after I left to go to undergrad at NYU, Bella left to go to boarding school in Boston. I started med school and Bella only came home on holidays and summer vacation. But she made it a point to call me almost everyday. She would text me a few times a day, whenever she thought something was funny or wanted to check in on me. Calling her in the middle of the night to tell her that Mom and Dad had been in a fatal car crash was the hardest thing of my life. I never want to hear that cry again. It sounded like a dying animal and for a split second I wished I asked one of the officers to tell her before I slapped myself out of it. I had a sister to look after, and I would do my best to give here everything she needed. I know that everything had changed. I wasn't the fun jock anymore, I was responsible for another person and I was somehow ok with that. Because that is what Mom and Dad wanted.

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