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Chapter 10: Driving...

Bella's Point of View

Today is the day! I cannot wait to be a real licensed driver!

I woke up early today to look extra pretty for my picture. I ran my 3 miles and then did a few sets of weights and went back up to my apartment to get ready for the day. After my shower I spent time doing my hair carefully and my makeup flawlessly. I feel photo-ready! I threw my towel in the laundry basket and picked out a matching underwear and bra set, mostly for Edward, then picked out some causal jeans and a tank top. I slipped my sunglasses over my head and picked up my purse, ready to finally face Emmett.

"Hey Emm, how do I look?" I asked him.

"Like a driver!" he replied as he laughed at my eagerness, "Lets leave soon so we don't have to wait in line."

We each grabbed a granola bar and walked down to the parking garage.

I slid into the drivers seat and adjusted everything. As I drove down to the driving school I thought about what this would mean for me and Edward. We would be able to sneak off easily and have some privacy.

Once we went into the building and checked in, the instructor came out with us to the car and slid in the passenger side. Emmett sat in the back. I started up the engine and passes the test with flying colors! I was told that I look really comfortable with driving! :)

I am so excited! I smiled for my picture and signed my signature.

"Bells, I'm so proud of you! You did really great on the test!" Emmet said as he pulled me in for a big hug. "I know dad would have been so upset right now, his babygirl is going to be driving around," he laughed as he said the last part.

"I know, I wish they were here to see me now."

Edward's POV

I hope she passed. Emmett will call me as soon as they know.

Right as I was thinking about Bella, Emmett texts me and lets me know we are going out to dinner to celebrate.

I smile and send her a text telling her congrats. This is kind of a big deal for us. We can sneak off now without Emmett knowing.

I know they have to go pick up Bella's new car and then they'll be home.

A few hours later they arrive home and Bella looks fuckhot in her new hummer. I'll have to give her a congratulations kiss in it soon.

"Congrats Bella, where are you going to drive to first?" I ask her.

"Well probably just to go grab some school stuff, so I'll see you guys at dinner. I know Emmett has a bunch of stuff to get through today."

"I'll come with. I have nothing else to do and I promise I wont backseat drive like him," I say quickly.

"Only if you want, I know my way around pretty well by now," she replied and bit her lip in a way that made little Eddie go all kinds of crazy.

"It's no problem," I say as I grab my wallet and keys. I start walking to the door and sure enough, Bella is following me.

As soon as we are out by her car I gently push her shoulders back against the driver's side door and kiss her. I feel her smile against my lips as she runs her tiny fingers through my hair. Then she does the sweetest thing ever. She cups the back of my neck, kind of like a mother would do to their child, but when she did I loved it. Its weird to think that I actually have a girl who I like doing things like that to me. I hate to admit it, but when her hand was gently holding my neck, I feel loved and important. It was nice to feel like that from someone who isn't my mother.

"Lets get going. I have to get all my books and stuff," she says when we finally pull apart.

I nod and open her door and help her in. She was tiny compared to her car, but I thought it was pretty cute, just like everything else about her.

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