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My life had changed in a matter of few days. It was overwhelming. Will Cash was in jail for a while. Clarke and I had become good friends. I had quit modeling, and Mallory had taken my place. My mom was more than happy to be Mallory's manager. Whitney and Kirsten were close again and Whitney did her best to forget her past. Owen. Owen was perfect. We are now stronger than ever, and there were no secrets between us.

"You make everything sound so easy." I muttered. It was only a day ago, that Owen was ungrounded. He was already preparing for the show. During lunch. He was trying to teach me how to work all the radio show things.

"That's because it is." He replied, smiling.

"You're impossible." I shook my head at him, giving up. He laughed, and kissed my forehead.

"Dude, use the Lipo song. After the other one." Rolly said pointing, stuffing his sandwich in his mouth. Rolly now drove all the way to Jackson High School just for lunch and to see Clarke. She was now the "love of his life" as Rolly put it. So, the wall was now filled up. Owen, Rolly, Clarke, and I all ate together for a full hour before we all had to go separate ways to class.

"Yeah. Good choice." Owen nodded. He typed into the laptop, and then shut it down. He took a bite of his apple and put his arm around me. I smiled, and to ruin the moment, my cell phone rang.

"Annabelle. I need help. I don't know what to do. Annabelle. Come home quick. Fast." My mom frantically yelled through the phone. I stood up, immediately.

"Yeah, Mom. I'll be there in five." I replied. Owen looked at me, curious.

"My mom. She's freaking out. I've got to go." I packed all my things, quickly said bye to Rolly and Clarke, and Owen followed me. That was one of the things I loved about Owen. He never argued with me. He just came along, no questions asked.

"What happened?" Owen asked, concerned. He looked at me, raising his eyebrows, before he looked back on the road. I kept fidgeting, and moving, and I was really nervous.

"I don't know. The last time she freaked was when she found out Whitney—" I started, but I was cut off by Owen's cell phone.

"Yeahhhh? Wait, WHAT? Is that why…oh. I'm driving over there now." Owen said quickly, and he drove faster after he put the phone down.

"What, Owen?" I asked, my eyes wide, preparing for the worst. My mind flew through the possibilities.

"Mallory has anorexia. Like Whitney. She just threw up. Blood." Owen said, flat.