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Author's Note: This was written for an ABC drabble challenge on my LiveJournal. First time really writing fic for this trio. Not the last time, but I hope it's not overly atrocious. Enjoy!

The Needs of Men

August 14, 2010

"You know what I could really go for?" Mugen asked, leaning back from his sitting position on the mat he was currently occupying.

With a tired huff, Fuu rolled her eyes. She was leaning on her side, absentmindedly flipping through her diary. What could he go for? It could be just about anything. Recently though...

"How good are you at sex and all that junk?" he asked.

She tried to keep her composure, she really did. "What."

"Pleasures of the flesh," he supplied. He wiggled his eyebrows for emphasis. "We men have needs."

She almost wanted to bash her head on the ground. "What."

"Yeah, like at giving head and shit like that. You ever done it before?"

"Look at who you're asking," Jin replied coolly from the corner. Fuu's head jerked to the direction of where the voice was coming from, not noticing his presence there in the first place. When did he come back?

"Eh, true," Mugen conceded. There was a pause. Fuu almost got her hopes up that the conversation was over. "Wanna learn? I got something for you to do for me."

She huffed. "Why the hell should I, idiot?"

"I don't have to follow you, 'round on your wild goose chase or nothin'," he responded in what he thought to be an innocent tone.

"So, you want to become a prostitute?" she shot back.

He sat back up. "If it gets me head? Fuck yeah."

"What if I say no?" she says, like she hasn't already made up her mind.

"I'd say watch your step." He was eying her like she was the last dumpling in existence.

She raises a brow, scooting back a bit at the way his eyes were on her. "My step?"

"I mean your sleep," he shrugged. Seeing her move backwards, he grinned wolfishly. "Watch. Wham, I'll be there."

She looked to her other comrade for help. "Jin?"

"No, he won't."

"Says who?" Mugen argued. "She sleeps with her legs open! How am I not supposed to look?"

"I what? You shut up!" she hissed, throwing whatever was nearby at the unconventional samurai.

Jin shrugged. "You do."

"Why has no one told me this before?"




"You perverts. Neither of you will be getting any anytime soon if I have anything to do with it," she threatened, pushing herself to lean fully against the wall. She was going to ignore the way Mugen was still staring.

"Watch your sleep."

"Shut up, Mugen!"

"I'll be excusing myself," Jin stated, getting up to leave.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Mugen scoffed. "To get some," he responded to Fuu. To Jin, he said, "Bastard."

"How do you know?" she turned to ask him, and then to look back at Jin who was suddenly missing from the room. In that millisecond, Mugen was there. "Damn! Mugen, what the hell?"

"Come on, princess. You know you want to give it up for a guy like me."

"That's called bestiality. I'm not having sex with a wild dog like you."

"Excuse you? I am awesome."

"Oh, shut up," she said, and groaned when his lips slammed against hers.