Do you ever feel like you're being watched?

I'm being serious. I'm sitting here reading, but every now and then I get this feeling. I can't really describe it adequately enough. Let me set the scene instead.

There's a guy sitting on the table a couple of rows in front of mine. He's facing me, but I can't see his face behind his book. What I can make out is his hair, which I can only describe as uniquely bronze and begging to have someone's fingers run through it. I wonder what it feels like. When I peer up from what I'm reading, I catch the movement of his head as he looks back down at his book. I guess I just missed his gaze. I wonder what he looks like.

This is the third time I've seen him here this week, sitting in the exact same place. I know it was him on those previous occasions. The hair is always the first thing I notice, followed by his hands. He has long fingers, which makes me speculate whether or not he can play an instrument. I wonder which one.

I'm assuming he's reading, but I haven't seen him turn the page yet and we've been sat at these two tables for the past hour at least. I begin to realise that I sound obsessed. I should really focus on my work. As I begin to go over the paragraph I was skimming while thinking about him, my closest friend walks in to view.

"There you are!"

Did he just look up from his book?

Alice. As much as I love her, sometimes I just need the peace and quiet that the campus library can provide for me. Plus, she's blocking my view of my mysterious stalker.

I probably shouldn't refer to him as that. I'm sure this is all just a coincidence. Besides, it's not like he's tried to make himself known to me. He's had multiple opportunities to do so now. But then why would he? I'm not anything special. Or maybe I should have made an effort to say something to him. As I think this over, I realise that I haven't replied to Alice yet.

"Hey. You found me then."

"You're not exactly hard to find. You practically live in this library now. I want my roommate back," she jokes as she leans on to the table.

"Sorry. What's up?"

"Did you forget already? We have a night out planned. We have to celebrate your newly single status!"

Of course. I guess I must have chosen to not remember it. Breaking some guy's heart isn't exactly something that needs to be celebrated. Alice is well aware of how it happened. She was my shoulder to cry on when I needed it. This just confirms my suspicion that she never really liked my ex.

"I suppose it slipped my mind, but Alice, it's not something I really want to attend a party for. It's not a happy occasion like a birthday." Not that I enjoy birthdays either. But that is an occasion that Alice forces me to do something for. She's usually the one to organise the party, and also ends up enjoying it more than I do.

I broke up with Jake almost a week ago. He was my best friend for the majority of my life. He had some feelings for me as we were growing up. Our dads were best friends, so we ended up spending a lot of time together, especially whenever they went fishing.

I didn't feel the same way but I wanted to try, for him. Six months later and I still hadn't fallen for him. I kind of freaked out when he started making plans for our future because honestly, I didn't see one. While he was talking about the possibility of getting engaged, I was planning different ways of letting him down gently.

Something was missing from our relationship. Where was the spark that everyone talked about, or that electrifying touch that could bring you to life? The kind that could make your skin erupt with goose bumps, or force shivers to run down your spine. Suffice to say it never happened for me with Jake, and now he refuses to talk to me.

Maybe I could do with a drink.

I look back up at Alice who is now looking disappointed. She's giving me her puppy dog eyes. Damn her. She knows I can't refuse her when she does that.

"Fine, okay! Just let me pack up my stuff and we can get going." I should have known I couldn't escape her for long.

Alice emits a happy squeal as I move to pick my bag up from off of the floor. She dances over to my side with the hopes of giving me a hug. As I stand up to reciprocate, I sneak a peek at the guy a few rows in front. Damn, still nothing. I was sure the girly squeal would have attracted some attention.

"You won't regret this. Let's go make you look gorgeous! Not that you aren't pretty already. You know what I mean. I know exactly the dress that you should wear tonight. Oh, and I can put ringlets in your hair too while Rose paints your nails." Typical Alice, already way too excited about a normal night out. I think the best part of the night for her is treating me like her own personal Barbie doll.

"Sounds great, Alice." I realise I sound like a door mat, but trust me, it's just easier to let her have her way. Plus, she would just use those puppy dog eyes on me anyway.

Alice begins to describe the dress in way too much detail as I finish collecting my belongings. I mean, I don't need to know what percentage of it is cotton or whatever. As I finish packing my bag and place it over my shoulder, I try my best to look at the guy on the other table from this new angle. I hear Alice clearing her throat.

"Seriously, are you not even listening to me now, Bella? Come on, let's go. Rosalie is coming over to ours to get ready in less than an hour."

I let Alice practically drag me out of the library, while saying a silent goodbye to the bronze hair stranger.



Finally... a name.

AN: This chapter is unbeta-ed. I altered it on 21st April 2011 as I noticed several mistakes.