A/N: Okay first of all this is not what I planned on writing today. I was going to work on my Beyond the Pain story. However my brain had other ideas, and I blame it all on Sassy_26. This story is dedicated to her since she inadvertently inspired it. So feel free to either thank her or blame her for getting me distracted. She said something on twitter about Puck being naked… And I started thinking… How would Kurt react to seeing Puck naked? And so this story was born.


Crap! No, no, no!

What the hell had he been thinking? Well, he hadn't; that was obvious. Just yesterday everything had been fine… really good, actually.

And now… he just wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear… forever.

And Kurt blamed Puck.

It had started out simple enough. It was the end of the school year, and they had just found out Figgins was giving the Glee club another year. Everyone was in a good mood, summer was starting, and so why not have a party?

He tried to remember why they decided to have the party at Finn's house. It wasn't very big… he wasn't a particularly good host… and then he remembered. Finn's mom was out of town visiting family, so they had the whole house to themselves. And for once they were all united. Everyone in Glee club was there.

But still, why did he think it was a good idea? Ever since he had tried to get their parents together, things had been weird between them. Even so he couldn't stop himself from loving Finn. He really tried! He knew it was only going to get worse when the Hudsons actually moved in with the Hummels. A lot worse, since they would be sharing a room. Instead of being excited about getting to see Finn every day, now Kurt was dreading it. It would be awkward and difficult for the both of them.

Which was why he had listened to Mercedes advice in the first place. Still, he didn't blame her… he still blamed Puck.

The Mohawked jock was the one who had decided they needed alcohol at their party. Kurt even knew better. Historically, he wasn't able to handle his alcohol very well… one just had to ask Ms. Pillsbury. She still blamed him for ruining her favorite pair of shoes.

And so the combination of Finn looking quite gorgeous, an intoxicated Mercedes egging him on, and too much tequila caused Kurt to make this very big, very bad mistake.

"You have to tell him, Kurt." He could still hear Mercedes voice in his ear. "Tell him how you feel! It will be better for everyone and maybe the two of you could hook up."

Oh, yeah, she was hammered. A sober Mercedes would never tell him to do that. A sober Kurt would have never listened to her.

Of course, he was too scared to tell Finn to his face how he felt. But, really? A text? What was he thinking? He regretted it almost immediately.

Kurt watched the other boy from across the Gleek filled living room. He expected Finn to pull out his phone at any moment, read the text, and then look accusingly at his perverted almost step-brother. Kurt sighed, again wondering what the hell he'd been thinking.

"Did he get it yet?" Mercedes whispered loudly in his ear.

"I don't think so," Kurt responded. "This was a big mistake Mercedes."

"Kurt, honey you've been in love with that boy for so long, you need to either get over him or get under him…" She giggled at her own pun, and Kurt just shook his head. She was definitely drunker than him… and no help at all.

Or so he thought.

"Let me take care of this for you, Kurt." She stumbled over to the other side of the room causing Kurt's heart to pound in panic. What was she going to do?

"Hey, Finn!" she yelled as she advanced on the other boy. Kurt caught up with her and tried to grab her arm. She just waved him off as she reached Finn.

"Can I use your phone? Mine's dead."

And for a moment Kurt thought it would all work out. Finn would just give her his phone, and she could delete the text he obviously hadn't read yet.

Brilliant plan!

Finn reached into his pockets and came back empty. "Oh, I must of left it somewhere. I think it's in my room." Then the usually clueless boy had a moment of lucidity. "Kurt has his," he said indicating the phone still in Kurt's hand. "Why don't you just use his phone?"

"Oh, yeah… thanks," she said, once again giggling.

Kurt just turned and walked away.

Another shot of tequila later, he had a plan. All he had to do was find Finn's phone. Not such an easy task. The most likely place was in the jock's room and how creepy would that be if he was caught sneaking around in Finn's room? If the other boy had been interested in finding his phone, Kurt could have just volunteered to get it for him. But Finn seemed completely unconcerned.

So their plan was simple… Mercedes would distract Finn and, well, everyone else… and Kurt would sneak up to his room, find his phone, and then delete the incriminating text. No problem, right?

It wasn't actually as difficult as he thought it would be. Everyone was in a varying state of drunkenness and so no one paid attention to Kurt trying to look nonchalant as he went up the stairs and into Finn's room.

In fact, Kurt was almost giddy with relief when he reached Finn's room and found the phone sitting innocently on the other boy's bed.

His plan was actually going to work!

He scrambled quickly to the bed and grabbed the phone.

New text message from Kurt, flashed on the screen. He opened the message, unable to resist reading the sappy text proclaiming his love for the other boy. With a feeling of disgust at his annoying but persistent crush on the obviously straight boy, Kurt deleted the text.

Mission accomplished, he sighed with relief. All was well once again, and now he could actually enjoy the party.

This thought was interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door opening.

There were probably a million reasons why he would be in Finn's room… the most believable being that he was there getting Finn's phone for him… but at that moment, Kurt couldn't think … he panicked.

Dropping to the floor, he hid behind the bed. His heart was pounding in his chest and his palms were sweaty. Maybe someone had accidently went in the wrong room or maybe it was Finn looking for his phone after all.

But the sound of singing caught his attention. Sweet Caroline… and he knew that voice.


Crap! Of all the people it could be! And he really hoped the other boy hadn't brought Santana there to make out. That would be hell. Of course, they might not notice him if they were busy…

He had no choice… he had to chance a peek.

Kurt decided to look from under the bed first. That way he would be able to see if anyone else was there without getting caught.

All he could see was one pair of legs… that was good. But they were unclothed and shoeless. Was Puck wearing shorts? The other boy was facing away so Kurt felt safe in really getting a look. Maybe he could just sneak out…

Puck was facing the chair in the corner of the room but what caught Kurt's attention the most was the fact that he was wearing nothing but a towel. A memory of Brittany throwing up on Puck surfaced and helped explain why the other boy was there in such a state of undress…

Of course, Kurt knew Puck had a nice body…everyone knew that, and it was hard to miss even when he was wearing clothes. But he was unprepared for the sight of Puck standing there, his body slightly damp from his shower, his muscles … oh, those muscles… and hair in just the right places. He looked so male and virile. Kurt was glad he was already close to the floor as he felt his knees go weak.

Puck was a jerk. There was no doubt about that, but he was also very hot… and Kurt couldn't help but imagine running his hands all over that delicious body. And having those hands… touching him.

Kurt felt his body betraying him, and he had to bite back a whimper of desire. He knew some of it was the alcohol coursing through his veins, battling with the blood now rushing south.

And that was when Kurt realized what Puck was doing.

He was getting dressed. His clothes lying on the chair. Kurt watched in fascination and horror as Puck absently threw off the towel.

Kurt's mouth went dry as he stared at the other boy. He could not tear his eyes away from the amazing sight of Noah Puckerman completely naked in front of him. His butt appeared to be perfect in every way. He was muscled and toned, and Kurt found he could no longer think.

And then Puck bent over as he reached for his clothes.

And Kurt felt so lightheaded, he thought he was going to pass out. He had forgotten to breath and as the necessity for air overcame him, he let out a loud gasp.

Kurt immediately slapped a hand over his mouth and crouched down on the floor. Please don't come over here… he prayed, silently, knowing it was probably futile.

"Well, what do we got here?"

Kurt looked up at the jock standing in front of him. His acid retort sticking in his throat and causing him to choke. Puck was, of course, still naked, but now he was facing Kurt…

"A peeping… Kurt?" he said with a smirk.

And Kurt couldn't talk. He couldn't do anything but stare…

"Hey, Hummel," Puck finally said. "My eyes are up here."

Kurt reluctantly dragged his eyes to the jock's amused face, blushing furiously.

Wait… he wasn't angry? Wasn't going to kill him?

"Are you gonna get up?" Puck asked. "Cuz I'm naked, and you're kneeling in front of me…usually when that happens… well, let's just say Puckzilla might be getting the wrong idea."

And that caused Kurt to look down once again… and his mouth dropped open. Puck was definitely having a reaction, and it was unexpectedly similar to Kurt's.

"I mean it, Hummel," he said with a tinge of annoyance. "Either put that mouth to good use or get your ass up."

Kurt hurried to his feet. Not that he didn't want to do that… someday, but he hadn't even kissed a boy before.

And he'd never thought of kissing Puck.


But now, as he stared at the other boy, he found it was all he could think about.

So… should I continue?