Echoes of Skystone

The mysterious Skystone was the center of folklore for the land of Etherea. Some say it was grappled out of the sky, while others say it was grown by the gods. These tales were the basis of society.

Etherea was divided into 3 parts: Steamport City, Hatchwood Wilds, and Ridgeback Highlands.

Humans gradually took over the lands, and formed 3 separate clans.

Steamport City was built by the Aeronauts, a clan using steam-powered jet packs to soar high above the ground. The Ferrics, a tribal clan, created multiple camps in the Hatchwood Wilds. The Wilds suited the Ferrics, for they could climb up the trees with ease, and use them as vantage points.

The Ridgeback Highlands were claimed by the Crags, a clan of humans that swung through the air with metal grappling hooks and cables. They built tramways to travel between summits and valleys quickly, as Ridgeback was the largest and most mountainous region of all.

Our story follows a Ferric Warrior In the heart of the Hatchwood Wilds. Dark times are about to hit Etherea, and this Ferric Warrior will have to struggle to survive. His world will change completely, and he will look upon his darkened planet with fire in his eyes.