"How did you have the right anti-venom?" I asked Ashwood. "Because Camp Calluna had a bad infestation of poisonous frogs once, and we kept the anti-venom we developed in case it happened again. That was long before the Skystone exploded though, so we weren't sure if it would work on these mimics. Luckily it did." replied Ashwood."What would have happened if you didn't give me the anti-venom?" I asked. "You would have died slowly and painfully, but before you died, you would slowly transform into a Quilltoad. The mimic parasite is transmittable, so make sure you aren't bitten, clawed, stung, or stabbed by any of them. If you are infected by the parasite though, you should cut the part of your body where you were attacked with a ferron beak, and squeeze out the blood there. Hopefully the parasite will come out with the blood." He replied. " So the anti-venom cancels out the venom and mutation?" "Correct, but we do not have an infinite supply of it, so try not to be bitten. Remember, this anti-venom, called acid phosphate, was developed to stop the venom of frogs, not giant mimics." he answered. "What were the smaller mimics that appeared behind the Quilltoad?" I asked. "Those were Embermites, filled with flammable gas so they explode upon impact." replied Ashwood.

"How do you kill them?" I asked. "By throwing something at them, letting them charge into a wall, or grabbing them by the legs and throwing them. They destroy anything they hit." Ashwood led me out of the small hut and into the night air. Several Calluans were gathered at the gate of Camp Calluna, staring out over the forest. Several trees were burning, set on fire by Embermites. A large redwood cracked and fell over, knocking down several smaller trees. The fire spread throughout the forest, engulfing the trees as it went. Ashwood told me to grab a wooden bucket, so I did. I filled it with water and threw it over the side of the camp, making the climbing flames evaporate into steam.

Soon, Camp Calluna was burning, and hundreds of mimics stormed through the weak, charred gates. I slashed a short, furry mimic in half with a beak, and it combusted, leaving small particles the size of acorns behind. Several mutated ferron birds dove, hooked beaks gaping, waiting for the taste of human flesh. I cut some to pieces, stabbed another down the throat, and kicked one out of the air, but it was no use. More mimics kept coming, and there was no way ten Calluan warriors and I were going to destroy hundreds of mimics. A shrill Cry echoed around the flaming camp. A massive ferron bird, easily 50 times the size of a normal one swooped down upon the camp. All Ferrics had grown up listening to the stories of Great Ferron, the sky god. I had never believed them, but here it was, charging towards me, with the same blaze in its eye as the Quilltoad and Hexaboar. I ran as fast as I could, leaping over things like the Calluans, running for my life. Great Ferron spewed a fireball out of its mouth, and it shot through the air, moving straight towards me. I dove to the side, but was met face to face with an Embermite. It ran at me, and as it was about to hit me, I grabbed it by the legs and threw it at the monstrous bird. They collided, and exploded, sending a plume of fire into the night air. I was knocked backwards by the force of the explosion, and as I tried to regain my footing, I was impaled through the back by a Hexaboar. I screamed in agony, and tried to pull out the murderous tusks, but I was too weak. I was pulled into the mimics open mouth, and destroyed by its gnashing teeth.

Camp Calluna was in ruins, dead bodies of humans and mimics alike thrown everywhere. Hatchwood was alive with flames, and every human in camp was killed eventually by the mimics. The first area of Etherea was claimed by the mimics, and more were appearing everywhere.

End of Book 1