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Soft moans greeted him when he entered his home.

To be exact, not before he made his way up the stairs- destination shower- he heard the soft familiar noises.

Through the closed bedroom door he heard her.



Ever so often an 'oh my god'

All in all it wasn't unusual to hear exactly what he was hearing in those sacred halls he called his home.

The unusual part was the fact that he wasn't involved.

Another 'Oh my… oh my god' became audible, followed by another whimper, finally he opened the door and stepped in.

The sight on the bed was epic, for him at any rate.

There on the bed sat his Abby.

Her legs were spread and outstretched.

The scientist was stripped down to an almost not existing thong, and it's matching bra.

The fingers of her left hand glittered softly in the light of the bed side table lamp.

Her right hand held an ointment tube.

He couldn't help but grin by this sight.

"You look hot Abs."

"Very funny."

A heavily burnt Abby sat on the bed, red like a served lobster staring grimly toward the open door.

He grinned, as her facial expression turned grim.

"Oh you – wipe that grin of your face and help me with the cooling ointment." She said sternly.

She couldn't suppress the soft smile that began to lighten her face anymore.

"Oh, shut up Gibbs."

"I didn't say a word."

"Yeah, well you were about to."

She sighed.

"I fell asleep on the porch, okay. The sun surprised me."

He didn't comment on the fact that she must have not worn much, by the looks of it.

He needn't to, she knew anyway. "It was too hot to wear one of my usual outfits, for Christ sake I have a day off."

Taking the tube out of her hand he kissed the tip of her nose.

"Be careful", she warned.


With tender fingertips he applied the ointment as carefully as possible on top of her burnt skin.

With every movement a moan or a whimper became audible.

This led him to one last remark he couldn't suppress.

"It usually takes more than stroking your arm to get that level of sound."



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