Note: This haiku poem is dedicated to the four lovely Foriner sisters who play different roles in this game. All four of them can be recruited by Denim depending on his actions. Please keep in mind that I don't own Tactics Ogre. It belongs to Yasumi Matsuno and Square Enix.

Separate Paths

There lived four women,
Daughters of a clergyman,
Bounded as sisters.

As close as they were,
Things took a terrible turn,
When their clan collapsed.

The eldest daughter,
Who saw religion's limits,
Took up arms instead.

The second sister,
Shattered by their mother's death,
Turned against her kin.

The third younger child,
Followed suit with the eldest,
Her ideals tested.

The youngest remained,
She swore to lead the order,
In her father's stead.

These strong-willed sisters,
Living in separate paths,
Would someday unite.

Note: It's a bit sad how all four of these sisters separated from one another in order to accomplish their own goals and ideals.