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Chapter four:

Catman took her hand as they began their walk into the main hallway. Winnie saw so many refined Victorian ladies. She knew she didn't hold a candle to aristocratic divas. The thought of Catman falling for one of them turned her stomach.

Winnie knew it was highly possible. She couldn't help but feel jealous. Yes she knew they were only friends but she had admitted she was falling for Catman.

Catman pulled her up to a front desk. An older lady sat behind it reading a book. She looked up when she saw the two teenagers.

"What may I do for you?" she asked pleasantly.

Catman cleared his throat, "Me and my wife need a room please."

Winnie felt her cheeks go bright red.

"Your names please?" the woman asked.

"Calvin and Winnie Coolidge." Catman's voice softened when he said her new name.

Winnie tried not to think too hard about Catman acting like she was his wife. It was only for not looking suspicious.

"That will be 30 francs." The woman scrawled something on a paper and got a key to give to Catman.

"We do not have any money, Madame. We were stranded. We will gladly work for the money if we can." Catman said politely.

Winnie chanted over and over the word please in her head.

The woman studied them slowly. "It will be hard work. Are you sure?"

"We'll take it," Winnie finally voiced.

The woman didn't seem to notice her and waited for Catman to say.

This annoyed Winnie greatly.

"Yes that's fine," Catman put his arm around Winnie's waist making Winnie jump slightly. She was unprepared for the loving gesture that came with acting like a married couple.

"Very well," the woman handed Catman the key. You two will be working backstage. Be there tomorrow at 8 a.m. sharp." Then she told them the directions to the room.

Catman nodded and swept Winnie away.

"Backstage!" Winnie began to feel herself panicking. "That's where the Phantom lurks. She gave the job to us because we are new and are supposedly ignorant to that fact."

"Winnie, its going to be okay. Chill." Catman's calm soothing voice cut through her panicked one. "I'm not going to let you get hurt. I care too much for that."

Those words that had came from Catman's mouth halted Winnie in her tracks. She immediately started walking again trying not to make it seem obvious he shocked her. She knew she didn't fool the Catman though.

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