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Yeah, Hoagie's inventions were really getting on Wally's rag.
He could cope with the breakfast machines that Hoagie would try out every now and then...or test his robotic skateboards and fireproof clothing (Yeah, he got pretty hurt a few times)...but Hoagie's newest project was driving him crazy. A robotic alarm clock.

From the way Hoagie described it, it was a robotic butler that would wake you up, remove the sheets from your bed and make your bed for you afterwards. Pretty cool, you may say...not when Numbuh 2 seemed intent on working at early hours of the morning. Sure, the kids were used to loud bangings of hammers and klinkings of spanners at multiple hours of the night, but to be repeatedly awoken by "Time to get up sir!" In a metallic English accent, followed by a loud bang or smashing, which then followed Hoagie cursing at the invention...this was getting a little it was the longest that Hoagie had ever worked on an invention, it had been well over two months that Numbuh 4 had last had a decent nights sleep when staying at the tree house. Most of the operatives were choosing to sleep at home so to get a few hours sleep in the least.

It was a dull, dreary afternoon, the only operatives in the tree house were Wally and Abby. As usual, Abby was lounging on the couch, reading her magazine, bopping her head in time with the music from her Ipod.
Wally on the other hand was in no mood for a peaceful afternoon, he'd been in a mischievous mood from the minute he stepped foot into the tree house, and Abby knew this, he;d been constantly bothering her for the last hour, running around the tree house, causing a riot, slamming doors, throwing things at her to irritate her. She'd been left in peace for a total of fifteen minutes and didn't that Wally was simply in his room relaxing.

"Boy! Numbuh five don't trust cha when you're quiet! What are ya up to!" She yelled, taking out one of her ear plugs to listen for the tiny pest.
The blonde Australian soon came toward her with a proud smirk on his face.

"What?" Abby asked.

Wally shrugged.

"Tell Numbuh 5 what that grins about or she'll force it out of you!" Abby groaned.

"You missing something?" Wally asked casually.

Abby glared at him, knowing that he was up to no good. "What you talkin' 'bout fool?"

Wally snickered and then repeated. "Are you missing something?"

Abby checked that she still had her Ipod and magazine, knowing that Wally had obviously stolen something she checked around her for things like the TV remote, her cell phone, her glass of soda.

"Okay, what have you taken?" Abby sighed, she was in no mood for his silly games.

Pulling a red object from behind his back, Wally placed it onto his head with an artful grin.
Abby chocked in shock and anger as she touched her head to check that it was her cap that Wally had stolen, sure enough her head no longer had her signature accessory on top of it, Abby gave a snarl then leapt up to grab him, Wally was ready for her, he dodged her and sprinted down the corridor, Abby right on his tail.

Wally ran into Hoagie's room where he hid behind a large desk.
Abby soon came and followed him. "Numbuh 4! Get out of here now! You know you 'ain't allowed in Numbuh 2's room! Now give Numbuh 5 her hat back before she gets done for murder!"

"Ooh! Numbuh 5's all mad! Well Numbuh 4's way faster so can easily outrun you!" Wally said in a high pitched voice, mimicking Abby, popping up from his hiding place.

Abby growled again and dived at him. "Give it!"

Wally went to run again but went straight into Hoagie's robot.
"...Crud!" He yelled as he tried to catch it, it was to late...crash...bang...smash...wallop...silence.

Abby walked up next to Wally to observe his damage. She gave a shocked yet amused chuckle. "Ohh hoo hoo! You for it now!"

"What the...!" They heard, turning their heads towards the door, they saw Hoagie staring at them in utter shock. He ran past them and picked up the remains of his pride and joy. "My invention!"

"Numbuh 2!...I...I'm really sorry!" Wally stuttered in fear and guilt. "...I didn't mean to...I mean...I was just playing around..."

"I was so close to finishing!" Hoagie sobbed. "Now it's ruined! It'll take me weeks to fix it again!"

"Dude I'm so sorry!" Wally sighed.

Abby walked over and placed a hand on Hoagie's shoulder. "Numbuh 4'll make it up to you. Won't you Numbuh 4!"

Abby's cold glare made Wally gulp in fear. He nodded.

Hoagie sniffed and gave a weak smile. "...Okay, I've got another thing that I'm working on,, I could use help on it, meet me at the mall at 1:35am tomorrow."

"Man, I felt bad!" Wally sighed as he talked about his day, strumming a quiet tune on his guitar as he spoke, staring at the ceiling in front of him.

Kuki sat up on his wrestling ring as she looked up at him. "Was Numbuh 2 mad?"

Wally shrugged. "He didn't seem as mad as I thought he'd be, he'll probably make me pay for it later or something."

Kuki gave a giggle and nodded. She then decided to change the subject.
"Anyway, how did the audition go?"

Wally groaned. "Terrible, I forgot the bridge. Patton messed up on the drum beat and Bartie just messed up the lyrics."

"Aw." Kuki sighed.

Wally groaned and gave a dissonance chord as he leant against the ring. "I always get so nervous about playing, I'll never get to play in front of anybody."

"Sure you will." Kuki assured him. "One rejection isn't the end of the world, do you think all the best stars went right through without a single rejection?"

Wally grunted in agreement and then gave a deep sigh. "I'm not cut out for music anyway, I only learned this cruddy guitar because it was either this or that cruddy piano that mom was trying to make me learn."

"But I've heard you play, you're really good. And I know you like playing it, you always play it when you're mad or upset." Kuki replied.

Wally looked at her and shrugged.

"Save the clock!" They heard, exchanging glances they went and peeked out of Wally's window.
An old woman was walking around the street trying to collect money.

"What's all that about?" Wally asked.

"Our mayor's trying to take down Cleveland's clock because he says it's useless, You know that story how it got struck by lightning like thirty years ago and hasn't worked since? Well some people are trying to raise money to go against him and keep it up for history and heritage reasons or something." Kuki answered him.

"Weird." Wally stated as he walked away from the window.

Kuki watched him. "So do you think that we'll be able to sleep tonight with Numbuh 2's invention broken?"

Wally shook his head. "No, that was the love of his life, he'll be up longer tonight trying to fix it...great, now I'm feeling real guilty again."

"Why do you think he wants to meet you at the mall tomorrow?" Kuki asked. "Why not just get you to do whatever it is now?"

Wally shrugged.