I sat looking at the orphanage, wondering if I had done the best thing for the baby. I knew it was the best in the back of my mind, but I had my regrets. I never should've left Derek for Mark, but Mark said he would give me more than Derek would. I broke up with Derek the week before our sophomore year ended to be with Mark. I was going to be a senior in three weeks. Mark definitely gave me more than Derek did in the year that we dated. Mark gave me a baby. My parents made me give the baby up for adoption the day he was born. If I didn't, my parents told me that I would be homeless and that was the last thing I needed.

Junior year had been good when it started. I had been set to be captain of the cheerleading team the next fall. But as Mark and I got more serious into our relationship, I knew something bad had been bound to happen. That was the day I had found out I was pregnant with Mark Sloan's child. I had been feeling sick to my stomach and gaining weight, so I had gone to the doctor to make sure everything was all right. I had driven myself so my parents didn't suspect anything. My parents had known that Mark and I were getting more serious but they didn't know that Mark and I had been sleeping together. I didn't want to harm the baby that had been growing inside of me, so I had decided to quit the cheerleading team, giving up my opportunity to be captain.

The day I told Mark had been one of the worst. I had texted him as soon as I got out of the doctor's office, telling him that he needed to meet me at our spot at eight that evening. Our spot had been on top of a hill in a field in the woods, we had found it on one of our night outings, when we were wandering in the woods. That night, I had been there at seven fifty because I knew Mark liked being early. When I pulled up the road, I had seen his car with him inside. I had parked my car and climbed out. We had met in the middle of the road and walked up the trail into the woods. Mark had brought a flashlight since it was November and it had begun getting darker earlier. When we reached the field, Mark had spread a blanket over the ground so we didn't have to sit on the cold ground. I had sat down first then Mark sat down next to me so he was looking at me.

"Addison, why did you want me to meet you here this late?" Mark questioned.

"I went to the doctor today about my being sick and gaining weight. I'm pregnant, Mark, with your child." I answered.

"Oh. Wow. Um…what are we going to do?"

"Well, we have to tell our parents. Then we need to decide whether or not we're going to keep the baby. I'm not aborting so it's either adoption or keeping it. Nothing else."

"Ok. I know you wouldn't want to abort it. I don't either. As for keeping the baby, I don't think that's the best idea. We're juniors in high school. You have cheerleading. I have soccer. We're both going to end up getting scholarships. So let's put the baby up for adoption, and then try to keep in touch with the orphanage and keep track of him or her."

"That sounds like a good idea to me. Let's go tell our parents."

"Let's wait until tomorrow since it's so late."


We had lain in the field for a little while longer, looking up at the stars. It had started getting colder so we picked up the blanket, walked back to our cars, said our goodbyes, and left.

The next day had been the day my parents told me I would be homeless if I didn't give up the baby. I'm glad Mark and I had decided to give him or her up the day before that. The rest of the pregnancy had been good, considering the circumstance. I had gone through the rest of my junior year with a baby growing inside of me. Mark and I had found out we were having a boy in March. As the pregnancy went on, Mark and I had begun wishing we could keep the baby but we knew we couldn't. The baby's due date had rolled around and he wasn't ready to come out yet. Then one day, while Mark had been playing in a soccer tournament and I was in the stands watching, my water broke. My best friend, Callie, had driven me to the hospital. I had given birth to a seven pound, twenty inch long baby boy. Mark had come in after his tournament was over and told me all about it.