Squaring his shoulders, Dean kept his expression neutral and met the man's gaze steadily. Beside and a half step behind him, Dean felt how Sam lost his slouch, despite the nervous way he pulled in a few breaths and trembled. It didn't matter how afraid either of them ever were, they always put up a good front. It was likely Sam's face was stony and blank. Weasel might see the fine tremors running through Sam, but he'd never see fear in either of their faces or eyes.

"How do you know my name?" Dean kept his voice even and low.

Weasel smiled and took a few steps to the side. "Your brother knows, don't you, Sammy?"

Sidestepping so he stayed between Weasel and Sam, Dean ground out, "How about you tell me."

Weasel's eyes filled with sooty black. A slow smile spread over his face. "Guess."

"Abaddon," Sam exhaled softly. Weasel nodded.

"Crap, Sam you weren't hallucinating. I'm sorry." The guilt Dean felt was only slightly overthrown by the relief Sam possibly wasn't as damaged as he'd thought.

"I've been inhabiting this meat suit's family line for generations."

"Redding and the McCreedy twins' died, I watched and their bodies were burned."

"There was a lot of smoke and noise in the basement that day. You never noticed me leaving, just another billow of smoke. Don't you remember it? The noise, the roar of the fire? The scorching heat burning your lungs while you struggled so pitifully to free your brother from that cage? I remember it. What a delightful show you both put on."

"Yeah, well, notice we got out," Dean said.

The fire encircling Weasel jumped and snapped. "Notice you're in my trap, again."

The flames brightened and increased in height, driving Dean and Sam back a few steps. Dark smoke billowed up for a few seconds before the fire died down to a stream sliding and oozing around Weasel's feet.

Dean shuddered and behind him he felt Sam suck in a breath and leaned close enough he felt him tremble.

"You hunters think you can defeat us? Your kind has been here for barely a blink of time and mine for eons."

"Yeah, then why us? Why me and Sam?" Dean slipped one hand into his pants pocket.

Weasel shrugged. "Why not you two? You're fun. I can make a statement to other hunters with you two."

"Yeah, you know what else is fun?" Dean cocked his head to one side and put his best smart ass expression on his face.

Weasel spread both hands wide apart for a few seconds before crossing them over his chest and smirking.

"The fact," Dean pulled his hand free, rosary dangling from his fingers, "that my brother has a great memory and priests really know how to accessorize." His other hand digging into his inner jacket pocket, Dean extracted his flask of holy water. Flicking the hand holding the rosary, he slapped at Abaddon with it, followed it with a splash of holy water in his face. "Hit it, Sammy."

He glanced over his shoulder when Sam chuckled, a slow, self-satisfying smile spreading over his brother's face. "I might be crazy, but like I said, not stupid, or forgetful." Reciting the exorcism in a soft voice Sam didn't stop or even slow down when wind picked up inside the area.

Abaddon screeched and raised one hand. Dean was hit dead center in the chest with an invisible force, flinging him back and to one side. He came to a stop with a harsh grunt and solid slam into a wall.

Sam stood his ground, staring at some point on the floor in front of Abaddon, carefully not looking at the fire growing higher and forming a barrier between him and them his voice stuttered and faltered. Pushing off the floor, Dean was on his feet in time to catch Sam as he was flung backwards.

"Keep talking, Sam."

Voice coming out barely a whisper, Sam used Dean as a brace and righted himself, fingers winding around Dean's wrist. Using his free hand, Dean flung the rest of the holy water, hitting Abaddon in the face.

Shrieking, Abaddon staggered backwards. Shoving the flask back in his pocket, Dean grabbed Sam's arm and yanked him in the opposite direction. The high pitched howl from Abaddon rose to eardrum shattering proportions. Smoke poured from Weasel and swirled around the ceiling.

The ribbon of black dropped lower and slithered around them. Digging in his pocket with his free hand, Sam pulled out one of the little wire crosses he'd made. Arm moving in an arc he shouted and swung the tiny cross through the demon smoke. The demon reared back, coiling in on itself before striking forward. Sam swung again, this time reciting more of the exorcism.

Dean swore the damn demon hissed at them, but it retreated to hover along the ceiling.

"That way!" Sam pointed beyond Dean and shoved against his arm, urging him into a run. Not letting go of his brother's arm, Dean bolted along the corridor. Sam tugged on him and they veered right. Demon smoke screamed along the ceiling, right on their trail. Hitting a door, they burst through and to the outside exercise yard.

Ripping away from Dean's grip, Sam swung around and slammed the door shut.

"Sammy, I don't think demons stop for doors."

"They do when those doors are iron and steel."

Dean turned and stared at Sam for a few seconds. He drew in a deep breath, not able to keep the smile from coming out. It dropped off his face in the next second when shouts and gunfire filled the air around them. "We should go."

Sam nodded, looking around before pointing at the far end of the yard. "Yeah. That way."

There had probably been a time when Dean had been happier to see open sky, but he couldn't remember when. Crossing the exercise yard, Sam took the lead and guided the way through the remainder of the prison to the area Dean and Forge had waited when coming to see Sam. There were more people in this area; and most of the fighting was going on here.

Keeping to the wall, Sam pressed his back flat to its surface and inched along. Dean followed right along with him, wondering why Sam immediately took up this position. He looked as if he'd had some practice lately. Only one reason came to mind: Sam had been forced into this sort of move for self preservation. The sooner he and Sam were out of this damn prison the better.

Smoke filtered through a ventilation grate near the ceiling followed by licks of orange and red flames.

"That thing just doesn't give up," Dean grumbled and pushed Sam along faster. "My flask is empty. We have the rosary though, we just need to find more water." Pointing down a corridor, Dean said, "If we keep going that way that's the entrance Forge and I used. The warden said there would be National Guard here in an hour or less. We're running out of time, if they see us they're likely to shoot you as an escapee."

"Find Forge and get out then."

"He was going to work on getting Michaels, that asshole warden, out so he'd be able to give the Guard details on the prison layout and who is where. Forge said the blueprints and the reality are two different things."

Sam nodded, swallowed hard and looked around. They were against a wall close enough to the main entrance of the prison they could see the heavy door. The problem was, so could all the rioting prisoners, vampires and shapeshifters warring it out with one another. To top it off another demon had them in its sites and was closing in again.

Dean was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. Feeling the sharp sting of a fist to his jaw, his head snapped back. Swearing he lunged forward, landing a solid punch to the face of the man coming at him. Another appeared behind the first prisoner. Dean swung around with one leg, kicking the first man's feet out from underneath him.

The second man threw a punch. Surprise registered all over his face when Dean caught his wrist, twisted and jerked his arm, spinning the man against the wall. Pulling him backwards, Dean slammed him forward again.

"Will you quit screwing around?" Sam snapped, fingers wrapping around Dean's arm. He yanked back, hauling Dean away from the man sliding down the wall to land face first on the ground.

"Out…go…that way!" Dean pointed beyond Sam then took the lead.

They raced along the wall. The double doors to the outside were a few feet ahead. When Sam's fingers were suddenly and forcefully removed from his arm, Dean skidded to a stop and spun on his heels. Cold fear shot through him.

Striking out, swatting uselessly at the cloud of black swirling around him, Sam turned one way then another, hands trying to fend off the demon. His hair fanned out in all directions, as spit and sweat dripped off him from the exertion, his eyes wide and wild. He hurried forward only to be driven back away from Dean and the exit. Even separated by the little space Dean plainly heard Sam's harsh, labored breathing.

Suddenly the demon—probably Abaddon—coiled away and Sam was free. He pushed off into a run. Dean barely had time to process everything before the demon howled and rippled. Thin spears of flame leapt away from the demon smoke, hitting Sam square in the back.

In the next instant Dean watched as his brother was surrounded with wisps of flame. They swirled around Sam, encompassing him completely in a whirlpool of fire. Sam twisted and turned, hands striking out, trying to douse the flames. Or, beat his way through.

Dean got two steps toward Sam before he was grabbed by the shoulder and spun around. He ducked to the side barely in time and avoided a fist to his face.

"I don't have time for this shit," Dean rasped and swung at his assailant. Immediately he knew this was a shifter, not a vampire. No vampire, even an old, slow one was that slow. With a shifter, at least, the fight was fairer. Shifters didn't have the superpower a vamp did. This was a match Dean could win.

Two fast punches, and a solid kick to the shifter's groin for good measure and the thing was down, writhing half-conscious against a wall.

Sam punched and swatted at the flames closing in around him. The sheer panic that must have been boiling inside the kid filled his face.

Dean saw yet another attack coming at him. Meeting the man, dressed in a guard's uniform, head on, the quickest flash of an evil smile and Dean got a glimpse of an extra set of fangs a split second before the vampire lunged at him. Clasping both hands together, Dean swung full force. The attack caught the vamp off guard. His head snapped back, upper body flung to one side. He stumbled backward but didn't fall.

Sam screamed, lurching towards them, flames surrounding him and igniting his clothes. He slammed into the vampire, knocking the creature farther away from Dean before dropping to the floor.

Fumbling in his pocket, Dean extracted the rosary. Gripping it tightly in one hand, he twirled it in circles in front of his face. The vampire snarled, but backed up. Jerking his suit jacket off, Dean threw it over his brother and pounced. Rolling Sam, Dean managed to gain ground toward the exit.

Sam's movements combined with Dean's jacket smothered the flames. Upright again, and scrambling forward, the jacket slipping off him, Sam didn't get more than a few feet when tendrils of fire lengthened and shot through the air. They hit him square in the back. Staggering, but not falling, Sam spun and met his fiery attacker. A soot black cloud rolled through the air at him. In an ever tightening pattern it swirled around Sam. Giving him no reprieve from heat, smoke and flames it once again trapped him.

The vampire was circling around Dean, but staying a few feet back, just out of reach. It wasn't attacking, but it wasn't letting them out either. Two more vamps closed in, surrounding them. Dean turned, facing each one off with the rosary. He kept them at bay, but couldn't force them away.

Sam was driven to his knees, coughing, gagging, sputtering for breath and fresh air. All he was getting, Dean saw, was heat and smoke. Reaching for his brother, Dean's fingers were singed. Small flames jumped at him, keeping him from helping Sam. If he stepped too close to Sam the flames lapped more fiercely at his brother. Stepping away put him directly into the path of an angry mob of vampires.

They were trapped.

A blur flashed in from the corridor leading to the outside. It bowled straight into the vamps. Forge stopped long enough to snarl and display his own set of drop down fangs. Where he'd gotten the narrow shaft of wood gripped in one hand, Dean had no idea. He didn't particularly care either.

In one smooth, swift motion Forge drove the stake into the heart of the closest vampire. Shouting, he yanked it free, spun and as the first was screaming into death the wood was plunged into a second attacker.

Two thick bands of demon soot curled around Sam. Their accompanying fire crisscrossed close enough to Sam to sting and terrify, but not consume him. Snatching the jacket up again, Dean darted forward. Rosary swinging in the other hand he cleared a path through the demons.

Sam's hands reached out. His fingers snagged the jacket and he pulled it over himself. Dean's arm wound around his brother's shoulders tugging him to his feet and close to his side when he felt Sam's knees buckle and his weight start to sink to the floor. Something was wrong, but figuring it out would have to wait until they were away from the prison.

"Watch where you swing that thing," Forge barked and ducked when Dean nearly slapped him across the face with the rosary.

"Don't sneak up on a man like that!" Dean snapped right back. He stuffed the rosary into his pocket and hitched Sam higher up. Stumbling under the added weight of his brother they lurched toward the exit.

Forge darted to Sam's other side, taking some of his weight. He could have carried Sam easily, probably Dean too, but knew better than to try and separate the brothers. When Sam swayed, tripping into Dean they both would have gone down had Forge not had a firm grip. Pride be damned, if Sam lost consciousness or couldn't walk Dean was letting Forge get him out however necessary.

The instant they hit the exit door, Forge swung them in a sharp right. The National Guard had appeared. Dean and Sam would have to hide out somewhere until Forge could get the car to them. Pointing to a gap cut in the fencing, Forge grunted and shoved them at the small hole.

"Nice planning," Dean panted.

Forge barked a short laugh. "Not me, but Michaels promised you two safe passage in return for me getting him out. You've got five minutes to get to those woods. Due east for about a quarter mile and there is a road. I'll meet you there."

Dean wrapped both arms around Sam. "Can you—"

"Yeah," Sam rasped. He was hanging off Dean, fingers scrunched tightly in Dean's clothes and his feet didn't seem to want to go the same direction twice, but he was bearing enough of his own weight they could make it.

Forge got them to the fence. Sam shimmied through the small opening, hissing when the jagged ends of cut fencing gouged along his back and ripped his shirt. He rolled over and kicked his feet in the moist soil, shoving to the other side. The second he was free he reached for Dean. Grabbing firm hold of Dean's wrists, Sam hauled him through.

The fire was spreading through the prison, smoke roiling into the air. It was very likely that the Winchesters and Forge were the only people there who saw the two thick, black ribbons of smoke ripple free and slither away to the horizon. To everyone else the demons looked like any other column of airborne ash.