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Lean on Me

Percabeth (Some Lukabeth)

POV: Annabeth

I always relied on Luke. He was my big brother and, for a time, my first and only crush. He was there when I was hurt, crying, and in any pain. I always pictured Luke, Thalia, and I living a big happy life as a big happy family. Sure it sounds cheesy, but true. Now he is with the titans, and for a while, I had nobody to trust. Then Percy came. It took a while for me to give him my trust. I just wasn't ready for more hurt. Soon I told him some of my secrets. After that, we saved the world together I'm even the anchor to his mortal life. He gave up immorality for me. Now as I'm saying "I Do" I know I could never be this happy with Luke.

You Keep Me Hangin' On


POV: Thalia

I'm fighting Luke to the death on Mt. Tam. I never thought I would say that. He's trying to get me to join the titans but that would never happen. He said it could be like the old days, the days where we were running around. Sure that sound's like fun, but I know he'll never love me. He just wants to use me to help him raise his perfect "Lord Kronos". I'd never do that so I kicked him off the edge of the mountain.

Jessie's Girl


POV: Travis

Stupid Jessie. He's my half brother, and one of my best friends but then he went and stole Katie Gardner from me. Ok, so we weren't dating, but I know that he knows that I like her. I see they way they look at each other. It isn't full of love like the way I look at her, but apparently I'm not crush worthy. I just wish I could have her, because I love her.

Endless Love


POV: Aphrodite

I squealed with joy as I looked down at my new favorite couple kissing. The war was over so now the happy couple could let the love bloom. I could tell that neither one of them wanted to pull away but the daughter of Ares and all of the pother campers had to ruin it. "Well, it's about time!"

"Oh come on! Is there no Privacy?" said an annoyed Percy.

"The love birds need to cool off!"

Then Connor Stoll decided to join the fun. "To the canoe lake!" They carried the new couple to the lake and dumped them in.

I could tell it was the best underwater kiss ever.

You can't always get what you want

No relationships, Sorry!

POV: Annabeth

Hubris. It was my fatal flaw. And it was a pain in the butt. I wanted a lot of things. I wanted to rebuild the world. I wanted to get my parents back together. I wanted to get Luke to come back. I wanted my own quest. I wanted to be the best fighter. I wanted to be as wise as my mother. I wanted things to be perfect. I knew that was impossible, but it never stopped me from wanting it. But one thing's for sure: I had what I needed.

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