Me: Yay! An update!

Everybody: FINALY!

Me: It's been one day

Percy: So?

Me: I take it you don't like Glee?

Percy: I do, but. Ugh whatever.

Me: Haha! I win!

Disclaimer: No. Just… no

Don't Stop Believing

POV: Percy

I looked out at the battlefield and tried to swallow my fear. To bad it wouldn't work. I looked around and saw just flashes of orange shirts. I heard anguished screams from all directions ad I just had to hope it wasn't one of our people. We didn't have a lot of people in the first place. I figured we were fighting a loosing fight. I just wish my 16th birthday would come already. Sure I don't want to die, but I want this to just end. With that thought, I charged.


POV: Percy

I was sitting on the beautiful beach of Ogigya when I heard an owl. I sighed. It reminded me of Annabeth. I missed her. Not just her, everybody really, but I couldn't get that kiss out of my mind. Why would she kiss me? I didn't have time to ponder that thought when Calypso came. "Your raft is ready. I will miss you my brave one."


POV: Calypso

Sometimes I wonder what life would be if there was never any wars. The first thing that comes to mind is that I would be living on this cursed island. I could fall in love with somebody then they would love me back. I knew that was impossible so I just sat on the beach imagining.

Maybe This Time

POV: Annabeth

When Percy came, I didn't trust him because he was a son of Poseidon and I was a daughter of Athena. Then we went on the quest and we became friends. Then, I heard about Luke's betrayal and I didn't trust anybody accept for my mother and Chiron. Then I started trusting people more. Then Percy and I went ion more quests and the entire time I was thinking maybe this time… now that we saved the world and Percy is mine, I know there is no "maybe".

Somebody To Love

POV: Artemis

I didn't become a maiden goddess because I hate al men. Guys are jerk, yes, but I think the real reason was because nobody wanted to fall in love the 12-year-old looking huntress who doesn't spend an hour on trying to look my best. I know it sounds girly, but it's true. Even now, when I am a maiden, I still have schoolgirl crushes; Hermes and even Perseus. Sure laugh at me, but all I say is t he truth. And all I know is that I have no shot at love now.

Me: Ok! I'm sorry! That last one was WAYYYYYY OOC I KNOW! I'M SORRY!

Artemis: How dare you say that! That's not true at all!

Hunters: Yeah!

Thalia: No offence Lady Artemis, but I thought I was funny.

Percy: Yeah, I feel flattered.

Annabeth: Stupid Seaweed brain. Do you want to get killed?

Percy: Uh, no? Sorry Lady Artemis.

Me: Ok while they finish that problem, I have my own. I'll keep doing this but should I do an interview with the demigods fic, a reading the 4th and 5th book fic (if I do that, the I would have them read them before Percy comes to camp so we can tease Annabeth) or the characters finding (again, before Percy comes to camp). Well, review. NO! Artemis! Don't kill him! I might need him!