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The sun had just barely set when Sasori decided to leave. It would take him about an hour to get to the address that was given to him and having the darkness of night as a cover would make things that much easier. He decided to leave his worn-out, noisy truck and take instead something a bit sleeker and easier to hide.

Riding on the Harley-Davidson XL883L he'd saved up to buy, Sasori speed quickly through the night, the lights of the city reflecting in his helmet, slowly fading as he left them behind, making his way into the outskirts of the Iwagakure county.

So much was going through his head as he rode on, silently brooding. He was constantly having to shake his head free of pensive thoughts after a few close calls with on-coming vehicles. The most dangerous thing a cyclist could do was not pay attention to their surroundings and he was doing a pretty damn good job of that at the moment. He was going to have to keep a level head. What good would he be banged up on the side of the road?

Driving deeper into the night, the red head soon had the large estate in his sight from a distance. Getting a bit closer before getting off his bike and wheeling it beside him for a quiet entrance, Sasori hid the bike behind some bushes a few feet away from the mansion. Standing in front of the extravagant building in person was sort of intimidating, but any fear he'd had was long since extinguished.

Keeping to the shadows, he moved quickly to the side of a tree next to large house. Looking around to make sure no one was near him, he began climbing the huge tree to make his way to one of the thick branches that was scratching against a window. Scooting along the broad limb until he thought he was at a close enough distance, Sasori pressed on the locked window with a little force while sliding it up a few times trying to jemmy it open. "Come on.."


Finally raising up a bit, the window slid up easily. Putting a foot into the now open window Sasori hurriedly climbed in, hearing someone coming. Clambering inside, the red head quickly ducked into an unlit room that seemed to be empty.

"Hm...strange. I could have sworn this was left shut earlier." a servant of the house mumbled to himself, shutting the window.

Hearing the window being shut and the owner of the voice's footsteps begin to fade down the hallway, Sasori peeked from the doorway making sure the coast was clear. Stepping out of the room, Sasori walked in the opposite direction of where he'd heard the other person go, soon finding he was at the top of a stairway.

"His room is directly up the stairs and the first door to the right."

The words from the note rang in his head like a bell.

Moving to the door on the right of the hallway he slipped in silently, shutting the door behind him, smiling softly.


Sleeping soundly, Deidara was curled up comfortably underneath his bed sheets, the illumination of a lamp's nightlight gently glowing on his slumbering face.

"Hey. Deidara, wake up." Sasori spoke up, gently shaking the blonde.

"Mm...Dono...?" Sitting up slowly, Deidara was surprised when he felt himself pulled into a strong embrace. "D-Dono?" Returning the hug, the confused blonde laid his sleepy head on Sasori's shoulder, still unaware of who it actually was. "What's with you?"

"Heh. Don't you recognize me, brat?"

Recognizing his old pet name, Deidara pulled back, stunned when he saw those familiar chocolate eyes looking back at him.

"Sasori...how did...you...? I don't..."

"I came for you, Dei," -Sasori began, stroking the blonde teen's cheek- "I've been so worried about you. I didn't know where you were for so long, whether you were ok or even if you were still..." the red head shook his head and sighed. "Never mind that right now. The important thing is your ok." Sasori placed a loving kiss on the silent blonde's forehead. "Come on. We should get outta here as soon as possible."

"Wait, Sasori. I...can't leave..."

"What? Of course you can leave. Are you scared of going out the window so high up? If that's it, then-"

"No. It's not that..."

"Then what's wrong, Dei?"

"I...I don't want to leave. I'm happy here." Deidara spoke, smiling softly.

Sasori stared dumbfound at the blonde. Did he hear right?

"Wha-what? But, you called me! And told me all the horrible things that happened and how much you hated this place, plus-"

Deidara didn't know anything about what Sasori was talking about, he just listened on, unaware that everything the red head was saying was the truth and he just didn't remembered because of the trauma of Madara's fierce beating.

"I'm sorry. I don't remember doing that. Maybe it was bad at first, b-but everything is nice now. I'm happy here with Madara-dono. I'm falling in love with him..." Deidara blushed sheepishly.

Sasori grabbed his shirt at hearing Deidara's last words. He could feel his heart breaking in his chest. What a horrible pain! It felt like someone stabbing him with a heated blade, over and over.

"Deidara, you don't...mean that, do you?"

"He buys me things. And he says I'm pretty. And he takes care of me. And-"

"I'll get you whatever you could ever want or need! I'll tell you you're beautiful everyday when you wake up and before you fall asleep! I'll make sure you have a warm bed and protection! But most of all, I'll always be there to love and cherish you, no matter what!"

Sasori was close to tears at this point, holding them back forcefully.

"I'll do anything you want me to...just...please...!"

Deidara looked at the red head sadly, wiping away a tear from the older teen's face that leaked out.

"I'm sorry...I'm just not in love with you anymore."


"Deidara? Are you talking to someone?"

Hearing someone at the door, Sasori quickly scrambled underneath the bed the blonde was on, his broken heart stabbing him with pain on every escalated beat.

"No! I-I just had a bad dream, Dono, and I was talking in my sleep." Deidara lied quickly, as Madara stepped into the room.

Smiling lightly, Madara walked in and sat beside the nervous blonde. "Wanna talk about it?"

"No. I'm fine now that Dono's here to keep the nightmares away." Deidara was trying his best to sound as convincing as possible.

"Heh. You're too cute." Lifting Deidara's chin, the drug lord kissed him gently at first but then more passionately, forcing his tongue into the smaller's mouth.

"Mmm...! Mm!" Breaking the deep kiss, Deidara put his hand on the older man's chest, pushing him back a little. "N-no...not right now."

Pushing the blonde down on his back, Madara topped him, pinning the squirming blonde down by his arms.

"You're telling me you don't want this?" Madara mumbled in the teen's ear, licking around the shell of it and nibbling on the earlobe.

"Haah...no! Stop it...!"

"If that's the truth, then you shouldn't be so hard right here." the raven grabbed the teen's erection through his pajamas.

"Ah! I said QUIT IT!" Deidara yelled, slapping the older man harshly across the face, leaving a red imprint of his hand.

"No, I-I'm sorry. It was an accident, I didn't mean to. You wouldn't stop an-!"


The blonde went quiet when he felt the back of Madara's large hand strike across his jaw.

"Ow...I said I was-"





"OW! OW! Stop it, you're hurting me, Dono!" the blonde cried out, tears beginning to roll down his reddened cheeks.

"You've gotten spoiled, Deidara. Don't think anything has changed since you first got here. I own you. You have no right to deny me anything, understood?" Madara had his hand enclosed around the blonde's neck now, and was tightening his grip.

Gasping and nodding his head, Deidara shut his eyes from the pain.

Not able to stand another second of what he was hearing, Sasori silently got from up under the bed, a malicious look in his eye. Although Deidara didn't love him anymore, he still cared about the blonde and wasn't about to cower about while his true love was being hurt. Revealing the switch blade he had hidden in his pocket, Sasori brought the blade to the drug lord's neck and slashed across it in one swift motion.

Feeling something warm spatter against his face and the grip on his neck loosen, Deidara opened his eyes to be meet by the grisly scene of Madara's still twitching body on top of him, bleeding to death.

As Madara's body stopped moving and the blood kept pouring from his open wound, Deidara laid there, in shock.


Moving the heavy body off of the shaking blonde, Sasori lifted him up, so he was sitting.

"Deidara. Say something."

Keeping his head down and still shaking, Deidara looked at his blood-stained clothes and hands. Looking up at Sasori, the traumatized blonde spoke with a smile, "I thought I was the only one who bleed."

Pulling the blonde with him, Sasori threw the delicate teen over his shoulder and quickly maneuvered out of the house without being seen. There was no reason for Deidara to stay there anymore and the blonde didn't seem to have any complaints, just a demented smile on his face and a few frenzied giggles.

"I'm not the only one who bleeds..."

Sasori felt like an eternity had passed before they got back to his house.

Deidara was silent by the time he was cleaned up and settled in at Sasori's home. There was no smile on his face anymore, replaced, instead, with a blank look.

Sasori had apologized to the stoic blonde so many times, he'd lost count. He wondered if Deidara even heard him half of those times. He didn't react to anything, just laid there on the bed with his back facing Sasori, staring at the floor.

"Why'd you kill him?" Deidara finally spoke, his tone dead.

"He was hurting you."

"He wasn't. He was going to stop...he always stops..."

"What if he didn't, Deidara?"

"But he would've...right?"

Sasori heard the blonde sniffling, and pulled the small body next to his, holding him close as he began to cry.

"He would've stopped right, Sasori?"

Turning around so he was facing the red head, Deidara buried his face into his chest and wrapped his arms around him, clinging on for dear life.

Not saying anything, Sasori just embraced him tighter, letting the blonde soak his shirt with tears.

After a while of crying, Deidara slowly sobered up, still clinging to the red head not wanting to let go. "Don't ever leave me alone. Please stay with me." Deidara's throat felt raw from crying so much, so his words came out hoarse and slow. "Please...I'm sorry..."

Rubbing the blonde's back soothingly, Sasori kissed his forehead gently before speaking. "Don't worry, brat. Just sleep for now."

Deidara shut his puffy eyes, falling asleep in the older teen's arms, the corners of his mouth tugging up into a halfhearted smile at hearing his old nickname.

Sasori bit his lip worryingly. What happened that night couldn't just be brushed aside. He'd murdered someone. Something like that wasn't going to just go away. But until he was, or if ever was, confronted about the events that took place, he'd just pretend like it didn't happen.

"Things are never easy for us, are they?" Sasori mumbled, hugging the sleeping blonde before falling into a troubled sleep.

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