Alternate Reality: Princess

The heroes are called for an escorting mission... and the person needing it is a princess of all eight elements (lightning and ice included). What threat will oppose them?


"I assume you have reached an agreement, Lord Raphael?" asked a petite girl with red hair tied up in curly pigtails with a rose in each of them, wearing a violet strapless dress that flowed out onto the white marble floor of the throne room. Her eyes were pure silver.

"Yes... indeed I have, Princess Amy," said an elder brunette male sitting at the silver throne. He had deep blue eyes and was clothed in an all navy blue robe. His eyes were a deep crimson.

"... The Mountains of the White Dragon shall not be touched since they are on your territory. I've recalled my beasts earlier this morning. They will be gone by the time you reach your home," added he.

"Do I have your word?" asked the red head princess with a slight glare.

"Of course you do, my dear princess. Why would I deceive you?" Raphael chuckled.

"Because the last time you made a deal, it was King Spencer himself! You tried to take over his lands!" she accused.

"It was business, my dear—"Raphael tried to explain, but was cut off.

"And when you tried to take the Blue Eyes tribe! Both of those plots have utterly failed. If I find out that once again you lie, you will pay dearly!" she threatened before she turned on her heel and left the throne room.

Behind her back, the brunette lord glared dangerously. "How dare she threaten me! She better realize who she is addressing... or there will be severe consequences," he muttered.

"Orders, my lord?" asked The Illusory Gentleman on that stood on his left.

"... No. We leave her be for now," Raphael said with a shake of his head no.

"But, my lord; that girl that calls herself a princess just threatened you!" replied the Witty Phantom on his right.

"I know, my servants." However, he chuckled darkly. "And she will NOT get away with it." Then, he called aloud "Kachua! Lora!"

The Gemini Elves appeared and took a knee, bowed their heads, and said in unison "You summoned us, my lord?"

"Keep an eye on her, will you? This princess... can be too feisty for her own good. And make sure King Spencer doesn't get in my way like he did last time," he commanded.

"As you wish, my lord," the elves said before vanishing into violet and light blue shower of sparks.

Witty Phantom let out a loud cackle.

Back at the castle of the three gods, Dark Magician had been spying on the plotting lord of the Red Eyes tribe that lurked within the Shadow Mountains.

Oh my... this could mean trouble for Amy. Raphael is trying to deceive her again! Flame Swordsman, summon Spencer at once! Amy's life is in jeopardy as we speak! He sent the Gemini Elves after her! He said.

The fiery god nodded and making a mind link to the king, Spencer appeared seconds later in a shower of gold sparks.

"What is it?" he asked.

It's Princess Amy. Her life is in danger! Raphael is plotting against her. The deal was a set up said Flame Swordsman.

"Ugh... not again! Raph's not giving up, but if he wants to hurt Amy... then let him come! My friends can escort her back to her home. I hope those pets of his didn't cause any damage," Spencer said with a determined look.

It's settled then. Bring them here and fill them in on the way said D.M.

Spencer nodded and disappeared in a shower of sparks that soared out of the room.