Now that Raphael has been overthrown, the land of Red Eyes has been returned to peace.

A new member and a new journey!

As the heroes began to depart back to their home world...

"Wait! Please wait!"

They turned to see Amy, dressed in a white halter top and blue jeans with white sandals running towards them, a brown backpack on her shoulders. She caught up to them and panted for a moment.

"I... I wish to go with you," she said.

"You what?" Tristan exclaimed.

"But, what about your home?" Téa asked.

"Now that Father's back on the throne, it'll be just fine. Also, I consulted him about my decision last night while you slept. He agrees that it will be an experience for me to travel to the other world," she replied.

"Really? Den, we be glad to have ya! Welcome aboard, princess!" Joey said.

"From now on, just call me Amy, ok?" she asked.

The gang nodded and stepped through the portal behind. Mokuba took her hand and went through. The portal closed behind them soon after. Back in their home world, Kaiba, Mokuba and Amy arrived back in Kaiba's office.

"Home sweet home!" Mokuba sighed in contentment.

Kaiba nodded in agreement as he laid Hikari down on the couch, where she curled up and drifted off to sleep.

"Wow... it's beautiful here. And look at the view here! It's gorgeous. This is nothing like back home," Amy exclaimed with excitement.

Then, Kora came in. "Mr. Kaiba! Master Mokuba! You're home!" she saw the princess standing beside Mokuba. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I am Princess Amy, but please, just call me Amy. It is nice to meet you," Amy replied with a bow.

"Nice to meet you as well," Kora replied with the same gesture.

"... Huh? What is it, Leviathan?" Mokuba suddenly asked aloud, clutching his locket.

"What's wrong, Mokuba?" Kaiba asked.

Mokuba shut his eyes for a moment to listen to the deity as his outline glowed faintly with ocean blue light and his black hair started to flow around him as if he were underwater. It was a silent moment in the room before the light vanished and he opened his eyes.

"Amy... do you know something called a magic sphere?" he asked the red head princess.

Amy's eyes widened; of course she knew. They were scattered somewhere either in her world or this world. Not only that, they kept historical records or that of a person's journal thoughts.

"Why do you ask?" she replied, still in shock.

"Leviathan said some of them are hiding in this world and there are some back in your world, too. Over the years, treasure hunters have been seeking them, looking to make money off of them," Mokuba explained.

"That's bad, right?" Kora asked.

Amy nodded. "And we can't let them get their hands on them. History is stored inside them. Priceless history," she said, clenching her fists.

"I say we go looking for them and make sure they're put somewhere where those jerks can't get to them. Maybe Spencer knows a good place," Mokuba said.

"If history is stored in those things, then I guess I'm in as well," Kaiba volunteered.

"Great! Next mission: Sphere Hunting!" Mokuba cheered.