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Naruto Reborn

Chapter 1: Rebirth

"Almost seventy percent of his bones have been broken and that is just for starters. He is suffering from severe internal bleeding and several of his vital organs including his left lung, kidney and I'm afraid even his heart suffered badly as well." The elder woman said with a sigh as she lowered the clip board that she was reading from to look down at the young five year old boy who was barely holding onto life. "How the hell can those fools believe that this is the demon?"

"Some people just refuse to see the truth before them, Ami-san." Hiruzen said as he wiped away the few tears that was forming before setting his jaw. He had to have faith in the boy he considered a grandson, the blonde pulled through many bad things and the older man had to pray that this time would be no different. Right now he had business to attend to seeing he just returned from a conference with the Fire Daimyo. It wasn't paperwork he was worried about chough for once, it was the fools on the council and the bastards behind the young blonde's condition.

"Hokage-sama, please don't do anything too extreme." Ami sighed knowing full well what the cold and steely look that crossed the man's face meant. "We don't need the hospital even fuller with patients."

"Relax, only places that will be seeing an increase in new occupants is Ibiki and the graveyard...If there is even enough left to bury." Hiruzen grumbled as he stormed out of the office.

"Please Naruto...Please get better." Ami sighed sadly looking away from all of the tubes and wired feeding into the young child while wondering why the Kyuubi wasn't healing the child.

-Line Break-

On the other side of Konoha deep underground another doctor was looking over the files that her apprentice had stolen from the hospital trying to find someone who had no hope of recovery. At the same time the woman needed the candidate to fill several criteria to fit the project and she didn't have much time left. Ranko knew that both Orochimaru and Danzo knew that she turned from the two and they wouldn't let her just walk away. She refused to stay with them though as they ignored her warnings and they continued researching the recently uncovered AI-System and a few other types of ancient technology. It could have been a great help to people everywhere but the two selfish men decided to keep it to themselves for their own goals.

The two fools have even started recreating an ancient criminal organization with their discoveries to bolster the ROOT forces which Ranko knew was a mistake. She couldn't just go to the Hokage though as she was a foreigner brought there by Orochimaru and there was no way that anyone would believe her over two of the most respected men in the village. Someone had to be ready to stop them and since the fools only had imperfect Systems while she had the only perfected one it was up to her to make sure there was someone there to fight Panther Claw.

The only problem was a normal person, even some of the best ninja could have trouble keeping up with the sheer number and regenerative capabilities that the Panther Claw minions would have. In this case fire would have to be fought with fire but instead of the more mindless drones that Orochimaru and Danzo planned to create Ranko had already created the base for the body for her soldier. It would be female of course, Ranko would prove that a woman could be just as strong as any man. Of course the body wasn't complete as she would need sample tissue to create the organs that the body wouldn't provide as well as skin, muscle, hair and eyes. By growing and bonding the organic part with the body to the fabricated part it would be two-thirds complete. The final part would be the most riskiest as she wasn't the best seal master but she was sure that the soul transfer seals would work. And with the perfected AI-System installed in the body any damage taken should be quickly, if not instantly healed.

There was several advantages and disadvantages to the new body but they should equal out in the end, hopefully. The largest and most glaring disadvantage is that the body was more mechanical than organic so it probably wouldn't generate chakra on its own. Of course Ranko planned for chakra pathways just incase she was wrong or she could work around it and create a false chakra source. Unfortunately she still hasn't been able to as of yet.

The two biggest advantages is that the energy produced by the AI-System would mess up both the Sharingan and Byakugan if they were turned to it and junken strikes should have no affect. Also, it would take very powerful genjutsu to actually affect the mind seeing how it would be partly computer controlled...If everything works right. Everything was hard to translate and she still didn't understand how half of it worked but Ranko had faith in her project.

"Those fools." Ranko hissed angrily as she pulled out one of the folders of a patient in intensive care. At first Ranko was tempted to just pass up the file as the person was male but he met every other requirement and even better. He was loyal, loving and honorable. Unlike what those fools that lived in Konoha believed the child was just a child. How the hell could they thing he was the demon after so many beatings? If he was the demon he would have killed the whole lot of the fools by now.

The question is, would the male body be compatible with what she had ready? If she had more time she could make adjustments but that could take at least a month if not longer and she couldn't add another month to the process. It was already going to take a month to finish the body to see if it would work. All of the other candidates were hypocrites or total assholes and Ranko refused to leave them with so much power after Orochimaru or Danzo killed her. She had no hopes of surviving, she knew she was going to die but while the body and soul bonded Ranko would upload different forms and the knowledge to use them in hopes the child would be able to thrive and protect the world from the growing threat.

Ranko just hoped that the child wouldn't hate her for what she was about to do, she would be effectively destroying the child's manhood making him a female. Of course since he was so young and was nowhere near puberty yet there would hopefully be no complications once the process started.

"Please forgive me for what I am about to do, Naruto." Ranko sighed before bowing her head in a moment of silence. After praying for forgiveness Ranko called for her apprentice to get ready to get their patient. "Minako-chan, get ready to head out to the hospital!"

-Line Break-

It was late at night when Ranko and Minako returned from their visit to the hospital with their precious cargo. It sickened both of them just how easy it was to not only get by the sole ANBU guarding the child, but he along with the nurse on duty was more than happy to get rid of the so called demon child. Ranko wanted to just kill the two fools outright but she had to go along with the fools' belief that she was going to get rid of the Kyuubi brat once and for all. Little did they know that she was going to turn the child that they loathed and hated without real reason into the only thing that could stand between Orochimaru and his organization's plans.

Of course that was something she never added seriously into her equations until now. The boy was purely a good person from what Ranko could see but the fact is that he did have a demon sealed inside of him. Of course she couldn't do much about it now, she had the boy and to save his life, as she knew she had to do upon seeing him, then the procedure must be done.

She was now working even more against the clock than ever before as not only would Orochimaru and Danzo be hunting her but now so would the Hokage. Thankfully the snake bastard had shown her how to keep the Hokage's scrying crystal that was shaped like a crystal ball from seeing into the lab.

"Are you sure this is a good idea Ranko-sama?" Minako asked as she looked worriedly from across the table that the child was now on.

"You know we are both dead, Minako-chan. There is no way Orochimaru will let us go after we found out his true plans." Ranko sighed as she began stripping the boy naked. "The best we can do now is leave someone with not only the power to stop him but to avenge us as well."

"I know, I just...how will poor Naruto-kun react if this is a success? I don't know how I would react to being changed into a boy." Minako sighed as she hugged herself rubbing her arms.

"It is either this or let him die, Minako-chan. For some reason the fox isn't healing him and if he is to survive then drastic steps must be taken." Ranko said as her determination to save the young boy grew more and more by the moment. She looked over her notes one last time that was on a smaller stand next to the table with her sealing supplies. "Please take the necessary samples that we need."

"Right away Ranko-sama." Minako sighed as she slipped the medical apron on and pulled some clear latex gloves on preparing for her part in the sins they were about to commit while silently praying for both women and for god to have mercy on their souls and for the child to forgive them.

They worked diligently over the next two hours as Naruto slipped deeper and deeper into the coma he was in. Though Minako's work was less taxing on the body it was working on her nerves as she had to be extremely careful not to hurt Naruto any more than he was. As for Ranko, she was close to depleting most of her chakra when the last seal was finally in place. All they had left to do was load him into the stasis chamber alongside the body that Naruto would be transferred to. As soon as the new body was ready for the transfer it would begin automatically but until then the stasis would keep the child's condition from deteriorating.

She was starting to wonder if the whole soul transfer thing would work but according to Doctor Kitsuragi's notes his version only contained part of his daughter's brain and there was no soul binding mentioned. The base body was partly recovered relics as was most of the machines she was using. They were considered forbidden technology and was supposed to be destroyed upon discovery but of course Orochimaru had other plans for it. Plans that was ruined when Ranko stole what she did right out from under the fool's nose.

"Can you load him into stasis?" Ranko sighed, her shoulders slumping showing just how tired she was after the intense chakra drain that creating the seals caused. "When you are finished come on into my office and we will have a drink to settle our nerves."

"Of course Ranko-sama." Minako said with a slight bow before getting to work on her task as Ranko slowly walked out of what served as the operating room into her small office. It had a small desk and chair as well as a couch and coffee table. The Desk and table was both covered in paperwork but that was how Ranko liked it. Others believed that she was lazy and disorganized but she could find a file in the piles of paper faster than most could out of a filing cabinet. She was just that good.

Going over to the small fridge hidden in the bottom right of the desk Ranko pulled out a large jug of sake and some cups for it before returning to the couch and sat them on the table before it. She fell down on the couch sprawling out on one end staring at the sake as if willing it to pour itself and jump into her hand.

"Let me." Minako said softly as she entered the room and joined the older woman on the couch pouring the two some sake each.

"You are an angel, Minako-chan." Ranko sighed taking her own and taking a sip as the younger girl joined her on the couch. "Did you get him loaded in okay?"

"No problems at all Ranko-sama." Minako said as she let out a relieved sigh, "I'm just glad it is over."

"Me to." Ranko said leaning her head back in thought against the back of the couch while holding the cup on her lap "Only thing now we can do is wait and pray for the best."

"What about loading those things you was talking about?" Minako asked curiously.

"The AI-System's preset forms. Some I took from actual data I translated and from the things we fund. Others will be ones I customized and of course the programs that will let on the fly alterations on most anything she can think of be made. She can even theoretically create things from thin air within reason." Ranko explained.

"Ranko-sama, do you really think we won't survive this?" Minako asked softly, almost to soft for Ranko to hear.

"I'm sorry Minako-chan, I really didn't want to bring you into this but when Orochimaru found out that I took off he would have went after you to hurt me." Ranko sighed sitting her sake down.

"I'm not sorry, Ranko-sama, I don't even have any regrets. I...I just..." Minako sighed as she sat her sake down on the table as well. "I just want to tell you something since we aren't going to live much longer."

"What is it?" Ranko asked curiously as one of her eyebrows arched upwards.

"Well...the thing is...maybe it would be better if I just showed you." Minako whispered climbing onto the couch and looming over her mentor. Ranko stiffened a moment as if to defend herself but she was too slow. Minako's attack hit it's mark as her lips brushed against Ranko's in what was at first a gentle kiss. At first the older woman's eyes widened in shock before her mind registered what just happened. She wrapped her arms around the younger woman and pulled her closer as they deepened the kiss as their tongues began a war of dominance in each other's mouth.

-Line Break-

It had already been two weeks since Ranko and Minako kidnapped the dying blonde from the hospital. So far things had been going far beyond expectations as the body was mostly completely finished as Ranko was using the strange device that she knew was called a computer to go over all the separate programs installed in the computerized brain. Each program, once activated, would give her a new look as well a new set of skills that she would be able to use flawlessly. The problem was that once deactivated the base body would revert back to normal and basically forget most of the knowledge gained through the transformation. Of course bits and pieces would still be there but too many transformations too quickly could have consequences. While the computerized brain would be okay too much knowledge in too short a time frame could possibly overload the organic brain which would not be very good at all.

Apparently the fox had been transferred along with the boys soul into the new body and had been the reason the new body was completed so quickly. There were unforeseen side effects though, again both good and bad. The worse side effect which would have been good if Ranko caught it before the should transfer began. While in stasis the boy's body did begin to heal to the point he would have survived though there was a possibility of one handicap or another popping up due top the extensive damage that there was. The best side effect was that the fox's chakra was still there and still generating as it was a demon and it's chakra was channeled from another plain of existence. For this reason the artificial channels that was created was pumping the chakra throughout the body like normal chakra would. The AI-System was interacting with it and purifying it to some degree but not enough to ever let Naruto do any medical type jutsu.

From the readings during the bonding process it appeared that the fox was trying to introduce a Y chromosome to the new body but the AI-System was designed to be used in a female type body and the base body was already designed to be female so the attempts, while coming close to succeeding several times ultimately failed. The body was changed to some extent that Ranko hadn't planned on and now resembled that of a five year old. From what Ranko could tell the body would grow normally if it was able to do that, at least the woman hoped so. Still, the programs looked as if they would still work and change the child into the mature versions of the program and Ranko speculated Naruto would return to normal after time ran out or the child changed back willingly.

"Who are you?" A loud, gravely voice demanded shocking Ranko as she stood in front of the gel filled tube where the new body of Naruto floated peacefully. Noticing the eyes open and glowing red shocked Ranko, was the demon in control of the body?

"Yes, I am in control for now." The demon's voice boomed inside of her head before demanding, "What have you done to this kit?"

"Naruto wouldn't have made it at the rate he was going, so I had to take drastic measures to save him." Ranko said putting a hand on the smooth glass of the tube.

"BY CHANGING HIM INTO A GIRL?" The voice roared angrily, the pressure almost making Ranko collapse in pain.

"I already had the body finished and I would have rather had a girl for it but no one was pure of heart enough. I did what I did to not only save Naruto but the world." Ranko explained rubbing her temples.

"From what? A loud mouthed brat? I have news for you lady, my kit is still going to be a loud mouthed brat." The voice said, a smirk could almost be felt in the voice.

"No, Orochimaru has reviving an old criminal organization called Panther Claw." Ranko sighed, "Naruto will be one of the only people able to stop them now."

"That fool! He doesn't now what the hell he is dealing with, if he revives any of the generals...Or even masters then...Damn it woman, fine, I will help my kit with this but I won't save your ass if he...she...wants your ass for what you are doing." The voice grumbled. "When Naruto is ready to wake up I will do my best to help her adjust but as I said if she wants to tear you a new one then I sure the hell won't stop her."

"I will be dead soon anyways, as soon as Orochimaru or the Hokage finds this lab I have no reason to believe I will walk away alive." Ranko sighed, "I just wish...I shouldn't have ever involved Minako in this, no matter how much I love her."

"Do you mean that, Ranko-sama? Do you really love me?" Minako asked from right behind Ranko startling the older woman who spun around to find a beaming girl standing there.

"Of course I do Minako-chan." Ranko smiles before kissing the girl deeply a few moments before pulling away. "I thought I made that abundantly clear the last couple weeks."

"It just feels so good to hear you say it." Minako nearly sang out, "And I love you to."

"Mmmm...Let me have enough time to create this last program and upload it and I'll show you just how much I love you." Ranko said smiling.

-Line Break-

"Hokage-sama." Ibiki said storming into the old mans office, "I think we found where the boy was taken."

Hiruzen sighed, he knew Naruto was dead by now as the reports from the hospital showed that there was no way the young boy could survive his injuries. The old man did have a little hope that there was some way he did, maybe the fox finally decided to heal the young blonde. Either way the people who kidnapped the boy would pay.

"How did you find out, Ibiki-san?" Hiruzen asked, his face devoid of any emotion though some anger could be seen in his eyes.

"The ANBU on guard duty at the hospital on the night of the boy's disappearance, initial questioning showed that he was just being lazy and he was put on suspension. However he was recently out drinking and said he knew for a fact that the demon won't be coming back and he made a nice profit off it." Ibiki explained, a little anger of his own in his voice. He didn't particularly like the boy since he didn't know the blonde but he didn't hate him either. Naruto was just a child, nothing more and nothing less and though Ibiki didn't like kids in general he still hated seeing one get hurt. "Further...questioning...led me to the hospital where a nurse was implicated in the conspiracy to kill of the kid and let a woman named Ranko and her apprentice Minako take the child for experiments. A search in the location the Nurse believed they went shows signs of an underground complex. I was about to send a full squad of ANBU but thought you might want to come as well."

"Thank you Ibiki-san and I do believe I will come as well." Hiruzen said nodding as he got up from his desk. He would make those woman pay for running some kind of sick experiments on the boy he considered a grandson. Oh yes, they would pay.

-Line Break-

"Orochimaru-sama." A Root ANBU said bursting into the snake sannin's private lab where he was holding a squirming ten year old girl as she tried to pull out of his grip. He was furious with her, the man had taken her as an apprentice to have her decide she couldn't do it anymore because of his experiments and research. The foolish citizens of Konoha should be honored to be made a part of his experimentations but apparently the stupid child didn't see it hat way. No, she thought she could just walk away and Orochimaru would just let her. How wrong she was.

"What is it?" Orochimaru hissed angrily, he was about to show the stupid girl the error of her ways. So what if she already went through three days of hellish pain because of his cursed seal research? That was going to look like fun compared to what he would do to her now that she decided to betray him.

"We located the traitors Ranko and Minako, Orochimaru -sama." The man said.

"Excellent, tie this brat up and I will deal with her later." Orochimaru said pleased, "We have another traitor to take care of first."

-Line Break-

Ranko was resting happily in bed with her lover as things were finally coming together. The child's new body was finished and she should be waking up any day now. Of course Ranko was planning to make a few alterations, one of the biggest was she wanted to alter the AI-System's interface. Right now it looked like a pink choker with a red heart on it. Of course that was far from the truth as the choker would split when activated becoming wider as the nano machines and AI-System worked together to alter the body as needed. The problem was that it would show up on every form and that could give the child away. Ranko wanted to fix that by changing some of the code so the choker would be absorbed into the skin in base form until activated.

Now though, she didn't want to worry about that as she spooned her lover as the rested naked in bed together under the sheets after an intense love making session. Ranko sighed a little happily yet sadness could easily be heard in it. Her entire life she had never truly been happy until the last two weeks as the two women shared their love for each other.

"Orochimaru!" A older voice shouted angrily drawing both women out of their relaxed state. The time had come finally and Ranko was cursing that it had. It was too soon, Naruto may have basically been ready but Ranko wanted to make the last few changes. She wanted to talk to the neo girl but it was too late.

"Sensei, what are you doing here?" Orochimaru's voice hissed as the two women hurriedly got dressed and listened through the door at the angry conversation going on in the next room.

"Don't feed me that bullshit!" Hiruzen barked angrily, "I didn't want to believe the rumors that you were running experiments using innocents as guinea pigs and torturing civilians."

"No one is ever truly innocent, sensei, surely you know that." Orochimaru said, his voice still sounding like the snake he is.

"Minako-chan, I want you to run while I distract them." Ranko sighed, "I love you but I want you to get away and live. There is no reason you have to die."

"Ranko-sama..." Minako started but Ranko silenced her with a gentle kiss.

"Minako-chan, please listen to me. Get Naruto and get out of here while I distract them, we can't let Orochimaru know she has the AI-System. Please, for me and for that poor child get her and run." Ranko said with a confident smirk, "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

-Line Break-

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Ranko said with a confident smirk. Minako knew otherwise and she could see in her lover's eyes that Ranko didn't truly believe her own words. With tears running freely she watched as Ranko walked right into the middle of the lab drawing everyone's attention. "Orochimaru-sama, have you come to check up on the experiments you had me doing on the demon brat?"

Minako hurriedly crept around the middle of the room as killing intent from the Hokage filled the room almost making the woman collapse from the sheer pressure of it. She ignored the heated words from the Hokage as well as the arguing between sannin and Ranko as the woman knew if she paid attention she wouldn't be able to finish what Ranko asked of her. The last thing she wanted was to fail the love of her life's final request though Minako was secure in the knowledge that she would soon join Ranko in the afterlife after making sure Naruto was okay.

Hitting a button on the tube the liquid started draining out of the one with the girl before sliding the door open and grabbing her. Carrying the young blonde the woman scurried out of one of the secret exits seeing one of the Root smashing the other container and grabbing the boy. Minako remembered Ranko saying that it was weird that he boy's body still had a heart beat though next to no brain activity. The body should have died when the soul was transferred but it didn't. Turning away Minako hurried out of the exit only to run straight into Ibiki and two ANBU.

"Looks like we have a rat, boys." Ibiki growled, "Don't kill her, I'm sure Hokage-sama will want to have a talk with her."

"I won't let you hurt the girl." Minako growled showing much more bravery that she was feeling.

"I would never hurt an innocent child, but you are a hell of a long way from being innocent you sick bitch." Ibiki growled as he and the two ANBU surrounded the woman.

-Line Break-

Hiruzen sighed heavily as he sat in his office looking over the huge pile of reports sitting on his desk while off to the side of the room a young blonde haired girl slept like a baby on his couch. He briefly looked over the reports and files saved from the burning lab after Orochimaru fled the village along with the body of Naruto. Thankfully Jiraiya was around and he went after his fellow sannin along with three squads of ANBU to try and retrieve him.

After raiding the other two labs several people were saved including a badly beaten Anko who was Orochimaru's apprentice. What pissed the old man off was some of the people calling for the young girl's blood which wouldn't happen anytime soon. The young girl was now resting in the hospital with his own personal ANBU standing guard.

What Hiruzen was doing now though was looking over this Ranko woman's own personal notes. He would have loved to get Ibiki to interrogate the woman but Orochimaru had killed her with the Kusunagi before fleeing. What the old Hokage read though shocked him, the feelings the woman put into her notes showed that she hated Orochimaru and was hiding from him. It didn't exactly say why but the notes had other interesting details. The biggest detail was that the woman didn't want to do what she did to Naruto but it was the only way to save his life. If the notes were to be believed then the young girl in his office was Naruto.

The notes were strange though, they were written with what seemed a lot of emotion and details about saving Naruto. The strange part was that they didn't mention the exact procedure, only that to save Naruto his soul was transferred to a prosthetic body. It was like the notes was meant to be found so that the truth would be known but the how wasn't. The procedure reeked of truly forbidden techniques but if Naruto truly was safe and alive, even if he was now a she then Hiruzen would be ecstatic. For now all he could do was wait until Inoichi arrived to se if he could perform a mind walk and confirm that the blonde was indeed Naruto. After what seemed like an eternity an ANBU with a dog mask escorted the Yamanaka into the office before leaving upon the Hokage's dismissal.

"You wanted to see me, Hokage-sama?" Inoichi asked before noticing the sleeping child on the couch.

"What I am about to tell you is an S-class secret Inoichi." Hiruzen sighed, "I trust you know the consequences if you repeat anything you learn here."

"Of course, Hokage-sama." Inoichi said as his demeanor became serious. The older man liked the Yamanaka, especially Inoichi as he took his job seriously and never judged anyone by rumors or tags. While he could be serious when it called for it the man also had a bit of humor and knew how to relax when he could. He was one of the people Hiruzen trusted most in the village to keep something like this a secret.

"Good then, well I need you to do a mind walk on this child to see if you can find the truth behind her identity." Hiruzen explained, raising his hand to interrupt Inoichi before the man could even say anything. "Orochimaru has turned traitor and fled but he was doing inhumane experiments and this girl is sadly one of them. We found her earlier tonight...Or I guess you can say last night and she still hasn't woke up."

"Couldn't we just ask her when she wakes up?" Inoichi asked a little confused. A mind walk for just a simple thing?

"I have notes that suggest she used to be a boy." Hiruzen said, his face sad and showing a hint of his years of heartache and troubles.

"What boy?" Inoichi asked growing suspicious. Of course he wouldn't refuse his Hokage anything and especially if the old man believed this to be the eternal ball of sunshine known as Naruto Uzumaki.

"She may or may not be Naruto." Hiruzen slowly explained, "The doctor who worked on the child, if her notes are to be believed, was trying to save Naruto by doing some kind of soul transference but nothing in the notes explain how or what exactly she did. Only thing it really says is that Naruto's soul and mind was transferred to a new prosthetic body. Ami-san has already checked her out and was sworn to secrecy and it seems the girl is healthy at the least."

"I'll do it." Inoichi said before moving over to the couch to begin.

-Line Break-

The jutsu, while harder to perform and connect to the child's mind that it should have been, was a success. The blonde haired man wasn't in a sewer which was Naruto's old mindscape but instead he was in the middle of nothing, just blackness as far as he could see. Taking a deep breath Inoichi started walking in a random direction for what seemed like hours until all of a sudden the blackness turned into a grassy plain where a naked boy was floating several feet off the ground on his back. Getting a closer look the older blonde could see the whisker marks on the boys cheeks which showed who he was. This was Naruto but he was in a strange state of unconsciousness while his body seemed to shimmer before changing into a girl without the whisker marks and back to the boy.

"If you even think about hurting the kit I will devour your soul." A menacing voice growled out from behind Inoichi causing him to spin around to come face to face with a shrunken Kyuubi who was as tall as Inoichi himself.

"Why would you care?" Inoichi asked in shock as he positioned himself between the form of Naruto and the demon. He noticed that here was no seal binding the demon, it seemed to have free reign. If it didn't have a seal why hadn't it escaped and tried to finish off Konoha.

"Because the kit has suffered more than he deserves at the hands of you fools." The fox snarled, anger evident in it's voice. Inoichi felt a little ashamed at how his fellow people had treated such a young child but the fox was one to talk.

"I would never hurt Naruto, Minato was a good friend of mine." Inoichi said readying to fight if the demon attacked but it backed down a bit.

"I remember you now, you were the one who came by my old cage everyone in awhile to make sure I was still sealed and not hurting the kit." Kyuubi sighed, "I still don't completely trust you but we may have a common goal. I aim to help and protect this kit."

"Can you prove it? Are you planning on just setting a trap to try and finish what you started?" Inoichi asked. He was very skeptical that this demon had anything but ill intentions but if it could prove it meant no harm then so be it.

"I will submit to you to allow you to do a mind walk on me and see why I attacked your pathetic village and to see that I have nothing but the best intentions to this kit." Kyuubi sighed laying down before the mind walker.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Inoichi said as he was wondering if it was even possible to do a mind walk within a mind walk. Taking a deep breath he cast the jutsu again and appeared inside the demon's mindscape but instead of searching through the mindscape the Kyuubi opened his mind and let the blonde man have access to all of his memories over the last decade.

Inoichi's eyes snapped open as he stumbled back from the couch in the Hokage's office in shock. The demon wasn't some all powerful being of pure evil, it was a creature who had a life like everyone else. It had a mate and a kit that it loved dearly before they were killed by a Uchiha that looked exactly like pictures of Madara. He was the reason the demon was sealed inside Kushina as she was pregnant with Naruto. And again the same bastard was behind extracting it from the woman and using a strange version of the Sharingan to control it and force it to attack Konoha. Three words were coming to mind about he whole situation, what the hell?

"What happened, Inoichi-san?" The Hokage asked helping steady the blonde haired man.

"It is Naruto and the Kyuubi is there as well." Inoichi explained, "The demon, it...it used to be sealed in Kushina."

"I know Inoichi-san, a rouge ninja ripped it from her just after Naruto was born." Hiruzen said sadly as he helped Inoichi to a chair as the man was in a mild case of shock over what he had learned. All of his views was turned upside down as he learned that the fox wasn't anymore to blame for what happened than Naruto was.

"He looked like Madara Uchiha. He killed the fox's family and tricked him into attacking Whirlpool, it was how it was destroyed and the demon ended up being sealed in Kushina." Inoichi sighed. "Hokage-sama, if Kushina was the Kyuubi's jinchūriki during her pregnancy then wouldn't Naruto have been born with some of it's abilities?"

"He was Inoichi-san, they were sealed away when the seal to trap the fox on him was placed. We hoped it would keep his heritage from showing up and gaining him even more hate from the villagers." Hiruzen said retaking his seat.

"What do we do about her?" Inoichi asked looking at the girl. "And what about the Kyuubi?"

"I honestly don't know, Inoichi-san, any ideas?" Hiruzen joked while chuckling mirthlessly. "I still have a lot of questions about what you saw."

"Hokage-sama," An ANBU gasped as he burst through the office doors, "The prisoner Minako has been assassinated."

"WHAT?" Hiruzen growled out angrily.

-Line Break-

Orochimaru was beyond pissed as he fled the village that he called home though it never really felt like it. They never showed him the respect it deserved and the last straw was when he was overlooked for Hokage in order to give it to that ramen loving idiot. He would have his revenge though and the boy in his arms, despite the very weak signs of life would be the very instrument to get t. After all what better way to destroy the village than to use the very son of the man who gave his life to protect it. At least he still had Danzo and his minions in Konoha and the rest of the recovered artifacts that he would return for later.

For now he was heading away from the weak and useless Land of Fire to somewhere more to his liking.

-Line Break-

Hope everyone enjoyed it so far, and yes there will be both a male and female Naruto but no they will not be a pair unless you count trying to kill each other a pairing.