I got the idea for this story one night when I couldn't fall asleep

It's my first one-shot so bare with me

I think it might actually be sad but i don't know


Ring Around The Rosy

He stood there.

Ring Around the Rosy

The ring in his hand close to his nose.

Pocket Full of Posies

A white flower in his pocket.

Ashes Ashes

A fire took her away from him.

We All Fall Down

A car raced through the streets eventually coming to the place the man was standing.

The car tried to slow down but hit the man.

He slowly fell down.

A young man, perhaps 26, was walking down the street. He looked happy. He wore black pants with a white shirt and a black jacket. This particular jacket had a pocket right in front of his heart. He had placed a single white flower in it. The jacket's collar covered half of his neck. He had buttoned only the first few and let the other ones sit there. He wore a cross on his neck. He carried a violin on his shoulder. He had a small object in his hands.

He turned a corner and sped down the street letting the evening sun shine on him, not knowing of the tragedy that lay ahead.

When he was close to his destination, he saw fire trucks and an ambulance speeding down the street. He started to smell fire and saw flames.

He began to run.

No. No. This can't be happening!

He turned the last corner and saw the thing he had been fearing.

He stood there, in front of her house. His eyes widened as he looked at the scene in front of him.


His beloved's house was on fire. Today was the day he was to propose to her. However, instead this happened.

His midnight blue hair reflected the orange flames. His dark slat blue eyes filled with sadness. The only one he truly loved could be gone forever.

"I'm sorry. We couldn't do anything. She is still alive at the moment but she will die any second now." The man said the words he had been dreading. They were at the hospital. The Hinamori's, the girl's close friends, and the man that is.

After they got her out of the cursed fire, they brought her to a hospital. Her legs were entirely burned. The smoke had affected her too.

She was home alone at her rather large apartment when this happened. Somehow a fire started and turned the house into a giant candle for the world to see. She was wearing a light pink dress. It had no sleeves and the belt around her waist had a pink rose on it. She also was wearing earrings and a clip in the shape of a rose. The outfit went well with her cotton-candy pink hair. Around her neck was a locket her beloved had given her on her birthday. He had called earlier that day saying he would come by later that evening. She had immediately started to get ready. Now she looked more beautiful than ever laying on her bed reading a magazine waiting for her beloved. Then she smelled smoke. She slowly got up and opened the door. Her hazel eyes widen filled with fright. Her mind went blank as she stared at the flames slowly coming towards her. Then suddenly one thing came to her mind.

I need to get out of here!

She slammed the door shut and ran to her balcony door. With trembling hands, she finally opened the door. She then raced to edge only to find that the fire had spread outside. There was still some area where she could land. She sat on the ledge and took a last look at her room. It was a quarter covered with fire already. The flames must have gotten through the door she thought.

Bringing her mind back to the task at hand she looked down and jumped. She landed on the grass near the fire. Apparently a little too near it. The fire quickly came at her. It started biting her legs and she could barely breathe. After the fire had covered her legs she finally passed out. A few minutes later the fire fighters came but they were too late. She was already at dearth's door. She had not died yet because she wouldn't allow it. If she had to die she would die with that man near her. He was her world and she would not simply leave him.

"Can we see her?" asked the girl's mother.

"Of course," replied the doctor.

They all made way to her room. They opened the door and saw her laying there. The man was the first to be by her side. He held her hand and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Ikuto?" she said quietly.

"Yes Amu, it's me," replied the young man.

"I guess I got my wish. I get to see you before I die."

"Don't say that! You're not going to die!" the young man said with tears finally slipping across his face.

"I never thought I would see the day you cry," the young woman said with a small laugh.

"Amu-chan," her family and friends said.

"Its okay everyone. I had a happy life so don't be said."

"What are you talking about?" yelled Kukai. "You're gonna get out of the hospital with us!"

"Yeah!" agreed Yaya, Utau, and Kari.

"Yeah Amu-chan. You're going to come with us so don't say things like that!" Roma yelled.

"That's right!" agreed Tadase and Nagihiko.

"I appreciate you all saying those things but you know it's not true," replied the young lady with a sad smile.

"What are you saying Amu Onee-chan?" asked a teenager.

"Ami, I'm not going to be around much longer."

"Yes you are! You are always going to be with me!"


The entire group was crying now. All except the young couple.

"Amu, what am I suppose to do without you?' the blue haired man asked.

"Whatever you want," the pink haired lady answered.

"What if all I want is to be with you?"

"Ikuto, do you have your violin?"

"Of course," he replied taking it off his shoulder.

"Would you play something for me?"


The young man took out his violin and played the song he had composed of her all those years ago.

She smiled as she listened to it. A soft loving smile.

When he finished he put the violin and bow back in the case and knelt next to her again.

He held her hand tightly never wanting to let go.

"Thank you," she said weakly.

"I love you, Amu," he said.

"I love you Ikuto," she said with her free hand on his cheek. He held it there, staring into each other's eyes wanting it to stay this way forever.

Then suddenly her eyes drifted close and her hands fell. The young man knew what happened. He knew she had died.

"Amu. Amu." He started to say. He buried his face in chest holding her close to him.

After much crying, they left the hospital to go home. Everyone was very sad because of her death but the young man was completely broken. He stood there not knowing where. She had been his world and now she was gone.

What are you suppose to do when your world is gone? He thought.

In his hand was the ring he was to give to her that day. It had gotten dark but you could still see the beautiful ring in front of his face. Suddenly a car raced down the street to where the young man was standing. The car honked its horn and attempted to slow down but it was going to fast and hit the broken man. He slowly fell to the ground but he wasn't alive anymore because his world was already gone.

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