*Yea, another random oneshot, but unlike all the others, this has nothing to do with Robin or anyone in Gotham city whatsoever. This completely revolves around BB and Raven. Enjoy!

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Beastboy was bored, and THAT was an understatement. There was nothing for him to do. He wandered around the halls of the tower, looking for someone to bother. He came to the gym first. Robin was in there, but beating the stuffing out of a punching bag. The day before, they had another encounter with Slade. He decided it would be best not to bother Robin.

Continuing down the hall, he came to Starfire's room. He was about to let himself in, when he noticed a note on the door. "Friends, I am at the mall of shopping, and have my communicator if you require my assistance. Star. Dang it!" he read the note to himself, and continued on sulkily, till he reached the garage.

"Hey, Cyborg! Dude?" he found another note, this one explaining that the half robot had gone to town to pick up some parts he ordered to upgrade the T-Car. "Figures..." he mumbled to himself. "The one day I'm insanely bored, no one's here to bother!" He walked into the main room, and was happily surprised to find Raven in there, meditating.

"Hey, Raven!"


"So... what's up?"


"Watcha doing?"

"I was meditating, until you showed up," she said pointedly.

"Oh..." suddenly, he got an idea. Knowing Beastboy, that usually isn't a good thing. "Hey Raven?"


"Wana play shadow?"

"What's 'shadow'?"

"What's shadow?" She glared at the changeling.

"Beastboy, I'm serious!"

"Beastboy, I'm serious!" The vein in her forehead started throbbing, and she glared at him.

"Must you act so immature?"

"Must you act so immature?"

"Stop copying me!"

"Stop copying me!" Beastboy was smiling wide, glad to be bugging Raven. On the other hand, Raven was scowling, mad at Beastboy. She suddenly smirked, thinking of an idea.

"Beastboy's an idiot."

"Beastboy's an idiot," he parroted, but looked slightly annoyed.

"Girls do NOT dig the pointy ears." Beastboy was about to protest, when he remembered the game.

"Girls do... not, dig the pointy ears." he folded his arms, stuborn look on his face.

"I idol worships Batman." Beastboy now glared at the girl, but still parroted her.

How can I get him to stop this? She thought to herself. That's when she got an idea. I'll say the one thing he won't repeat!

"I love you." Raven said this completely sincere, but knew he'd never repeat. He liked Terra. There was no way he could like someone like-

"I love you, too." Raven was completely shocked, and only was brought back to reality by the feel of Beastboy's lips on her own. She returned the kiss, feeling like she was in heaven. The need for air forced them to seperate. Suddenly, Raven smirked.


"You messed up. You added 'too.'" he smiled, and pulled her into a hug.

"I don't think I messed up." They just stood there, smiling at each other.

"Hey Beastboy?"

"Yea Rae?" A sly look crossed her face, and she looked him in the eye.

"Wana play shadow?"