Allison had fought against the man restraining her, but he was easily twice her size, and he felt twice as strong. She was fighting the exhaustion that had set into her bones. She was trying to get away. Dean had just killed Jesse, right in front of her. Without hesitation. Then the gun was on her. Cas was just standing there, he looked lost.

Searing tears streamed down her face as the man moved her into a different position, away from him. He was now holding her awkwardly at his side, his thick arm wrapped around her neck. Dean was talking, but Allison couldn't understand him. All she could see was the gun. The gun that he'd just used to shoot and kill and innocent kid. A gun that he was going to use to kill her. She wondered, was that the same gun that he had shot her with in the warehouse?

Her eyes were squeezed shut, body trembling. She didn't want to see it, she didn't want to see any of them. He needed to just get it over with. In that moment, Allison had all but resigned herself to her fate.

The gun went off, but she felt nothing. It didn't make sense. She'd heard it. Allison opened her eyes, and she was standing in exactly the same place as she had been. Still held in place, only the gun was gone. In fact, it didn't appear that she had been injured at all.

Dean was gone too.

No, he wasn't gone, he was on the ground. Someone was on top of him. Dean no longer had a gun, his was on the ground a few feet away. The man was thrashing wildly, he and Castiel were practically locked together.

In that moment Allison's body came alive. She bowed her head, her jaws locked around whatever she could get her hands on. She bit down, hard as she could. The salty-metallic taste of bloody flooded into her mouth. Her captor yelled, wrecking his arm free and in the process knocking her to the ground. Allison dove towards the gun immediately, the man went after her. He hooked her boot as she desperately tried to claw her way to the gun. He was like an anchor attached to her foot. Allison rolled over onto her back, wildly kicking her legs. He was hellbent on trying to grab her other foot. She aimed this time, her boot connected with his face, not once, but twice. Two kicks in quick succession was enough to get him to let go. Enough to let her grab the gun. Her hands were shaking as they wrapped around the handle. Allison tried to pull herself up, but she felt like she could barely stand. The mouton of a man was trying to get back to his feet. In one quick stride, she had the muzzle pressed against the side of his head, finger ghosting on the trigger.

"Don't move," She hissed, blood and dirt running down her lips. He looked at her with rage in his eyes but he didn't budge


He'd flown at Dean. He'd knocked the gun out of his hand before he had the chance to put a bullet in Allison's brain.

He'd never laid hands on Dean. They'd never been in a physical altercation before. Dean had threatened to lay a beating on him a couple of times, but it had never happened. He wasn't sure if it was because Dean was worried about hurting him or if they were simply empty threats. His leader often looked at him as if he were a lost puppy with a permanently broken leg. As if he were fragile.

But that Dean was not the one that he was fighting now. This Dean was enraged, quite possibly out for blood. No, definitely out for blood. Castiel didn't want to hurt him, he was trying to subdue him. He'd succeeded in getting the gun out of his hands but that had only pissed Dean off more.

They were almost the same size, but Dean was stronger. Castiel didn't really do much of the physical heavy lifting unless it was absolutely necessary. He could hold his own, but he didn't do it forever. Dean wasn't holding back either.

At this rate his best bet would be to render the man unconscious - they were beyond rationalizing now. But how did you do that when the other person was hellbent on doing the same? At the moment he had the upper hand, almost literally. Both men clawed and punched at each other, Dean was moving too much underneath him; nearly throwing Castiel off every time his body bucked upwards.

He glanced up for a second. Only a second, and then he felt Dean's hand's close around his throat. He'd caught Castiel off guard and Dean took full advantage. Suddenly he was the one with his back pressed against the muddy ground. Above him the sky had opened up. Rain was pouring down, drenching everything. He noted that the hand's around his neck had loosened and were no longer completely constricting his airway, whether it was because of his shoving at the enraged man or something else Cas wasn't sure. It didn't matter either. It seemed that Dean had let go only to allow himself use of that particular hand.

Dean's fist landed firmly against his jaw. Pain tore through him as if it had been a drug injected directly into his veins. He tried to grab what he could, he tried to push. He was struggling underneath him but his body was tiring by the second. His hands found Dean's shoulders, and his face but there was little that Castiel could do about the on slaughter of blows. Somewhere nearby, he heard a woman cry out. It sounded like Allison, but he wasn't sure. So many people were yelling. Dean was yelling, he was yelling. After the second punch landed he lost track. His darkness began to slowly creep into his vision. Dean leered over top of him. He could see the closed, now bloodied fist coming towards him again but it never landed.

There was another gun shot. Immediately, his thoughts flew to Allison. Had one of Dean's henchman shot her? Was she even still alive? He'd tried to stop Dean from killing her but now his mind was too rattled, every thought mixed up. He was having trouble even keeping his eyes open.

"What the fuck are you doing?" A woman screeched. He could see people rushing towards them. Lisa and Chuck. Lisa had a gun, Chuck looked completely bewildered by the scene. There were a few other people following them. With her free hand and the help of a few other residents, they wrestled Dean off of him.

"Get off of me!" The eldest Winchester spat out, fighting against the arms of the men holding him in place. "She's a witch." There were murmurs in the crowd. Witch, demon, freak. It was all a death sentence. "I was taking care of it." Dean looked beyond Lisa. As Castiel weakly attempted to pull himself up, with Chuck's aid, he caught the other man's deathly glare. "He's been protecting her." He said it as if it were a bad thing. What Castiel had done. This was unusual.

He didn't hold Dean's gaze for long. At the mention of Allison he felt the sudden urge to seek her face out in the crowd. He whirled around, barely able to keep himself upright had Chuck not made himself something similar to a human crutch. He was expecting the worst as he turned to face the last spot that he had seen Allison. Maybe Dean's goon had killed her, or maybe the bullet had hit her anyways. Timing had never been his strong suit.

He had expected to see her laying there in the mud, body crumpled beside the boy that she had saved. Another innocent live lost. Only, she wasn't laying in the mud. She was standing, the brute that had grabbed her was on his knees with a gun pressed against his temple. It looked as if she were fighting to keep ahold of it, both of her hands were wrapped around the weapon. She was shaking, crying. Covered in mud, water…and blood. For a moment he looked for an entry wound, bleeding from the mouth…it was a sign of something. Only, he couldn't see anything. Then he noticed the man holding his arm against his chest. He had never felt more relieved in his life. Seeing her in such a state was somewhat terrifying and not an image he would easily forget, but…she'd saved herself. Oddly enough, he almost felt proud.

Behind him, Dean had finally been let go but the people surrounding him looked ready to pounce at a moments notice. Others in the crowd had guns, knives, there was even a baseball bat at the ready. "She's a goddamn witch! He knew that, and he let her stay here! He knew!"

Dean's words distracted him from the temporary happiness that had come as a result of seeing Allison alive. "What are you talking about? What did she do?" Lisa looked from Dean, to Castiel, and then to Allison. There was a certain blend of confusion and fear on her face. Calling someone a witch was not exactly a light accusation.

"That kid, he got torn up by croats…he was basically dead by the time they got him back to truck." Dean moved away from Lisa, slowly stepping towards Castiel. "Imagine my surprise when he got out of your truck, very much alive." The man let out a dark laugh. "We all know you don't have any juice left in you. You wouldn't be so fucking useless if you did." Even though Dean was still a foot or two away, his words landed like a physical blow. Like a knife had been forced through his tender flesh. He tried to hide it; but it wasn't often that Dean came after him with so much ferocity. In fact, this was the first time.

"The kid wasn't anything special. She did it. I know she did. That's why you've been paying so much attention to her.

Finally Castiel managed to find his voice.

"You wouldn't understand what she is." Castiel shook his head, but instantly regretted the movement. He was in so much pain he felt like he would be ill. "She is no witch." True to form, Dean didn't seem to believe him. "How many witches have you met that can heal someone like that? And so quickly?"

"So she's got a pet reaper."

Castiel wanted to laugh, but even the thought hurt him. "Now you're just making yourself sound like an idiot." The words tumbled forth almost effortlessly - he didn't care at this point. He needed the man to shut up and he needed it to happen now.

Dean's jaw set as he came to a full stop in front of Castiel. Beside him, Chuck looked around for back up should they need to pry the two men apart again. "Is she an angel then?" This, somehow silenced the crowd. All that could be heard was the thunder and the sound of the rain coming down over top of the cars and cabins. "Because I've already got one too many in this camp." The man bit out through gritted teeth.

It was like Dean had physically slapped him despite the fact that his fists remained at his side. His guess was slightly more logical. Angels had immense healing powers, but since the world had gone to shit, their powers had drained away. Castiel himself couldn't even heal a damned paper cut. An angel, with any type of power…there wasn't one on earth. Their batteries had all dried up. Most that had fallen were dead; angels had been hunted relentlessly. If he hadn't formed an alliance with the Winchester's long before it all happened, he would have been dead too.

He wasn't going to dignify him with a response. The two stood their face to face, eyes locked. It felt like an eternity before Lisa intervened again. "You three, we're going somewhere private." Her words could not have been mistaken for an invitation. "The rest of you can move along. Unpack what you brought back, get ready for dinner. We'll handle this." No one seemed eager to leave, but they understood that it would be better if they did.

Castiel turned his back to Dean now, shrugging Chuck off as he made his way towards Allison. To her credit, she was still standing her ground. Allison was in front of her, coaxing her to relinquish the gun. The brunette said nothing. Lisa looked over her shoulder at him - she was uncertain. Dean spouting nonsense about Allison being a witch had no doubt stirred up something in the camp. "She wont hurt you." Castiel muttered as he pushed past her. He reached out, putting one bloodied hand over top of her shaking fingers. "I need you to give me the gun, okay?" He looked into her eyes, hoping to see some sort of understanding. All he saw was fear and pain. She was like an animal caught in a trap. Given her current situation, it was an accurate comparison. "Allison?" Now she wasn't even looking at him. She was looking at the man that she had on his knees. "No one's going to hurt you, but I need you to give me the gun."

When she looked back up at him her face had changed. It was almost expressionless. Somehow the pain and the fear in her eyes had disappeared. It was replaced by a vast nothingness that he couldn't read. She slowly unraveled her hands from their place around the gun. Castiel was careful when he took it, in case she changed her mind. He thought about keeping it in hand but he knew how well that would go over. So he, very reluctantly handed the firearm to Lisa.

"Get that looked at." Lisa addressed the man. He looked at Allison as he hauled himself up. The woman shrank back. Thankfully he took the hint. "As for you three. Cabin, now."

Castiel stayed beside Allison, keeping a close eye on Dean. Lisa stayed as a buffer between them as the group made their way towards Dean's cabin. He had until they reached the door to come up with a valid argument as to why they should let Allison live, and keep her in the camp. Even if she could heal, and only heal, he doubted Dean would ever accept her. He'd seen too much; and genuine healers…virtually unheard of. People normally only had these powers because they'd been granted them by something much darker. He had talked the Winchester out of many a stupid thing before, but this…this was something else. If Dean managed to convince Lisa and Chuck, then Allison's fate would be sealed. Unfortunately for them, the Winchester was very convincing. The accusation of being a witch, or even an angel was not one that anyone in their camp would take lightly.

A/N: Admittedly, I am not the best at writing any sort of action sequence. At least for me, I think it's something that I need to work on. I think that Dean and Castiel literally coming to blows was inevitable. This definitely felt like the right time to have that happen as well. While writing this I can't tell you how awful I feel for Castiel. There's Dean on one side, who might be the main reason he is even still alive...and Allison on the other. At this point it's obvious that he cares about her, and that he cares about more than the fact that she is a conduit. If it hadn't been a life or death situation I think he would have been more torn between the two. Even if Dean is an ass, he's an ass that Castiel has known and stood by for a very long time. Something like that doesn't just go away overnight, or even over the course of days.

In regards to Dean's trigger happy call. We've seen him just blow someone away post run in the show ( in the end!verse episode ) I think that's extremely in character. It would have been nice for Allison to have another friend, but that needed to happen. I also have to say, I think I'd defend Dean's actions to an extent as well. With -everything- that he's seen and dealt with...if Cas hadn't been a friend pre-end of the world, I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have made the cut to get into the camp. If I were Dean I would see anything that isn't human as a threat right now. Especially given that the earth is overrun with these almost zombie like rage monsters, demons, and a whole host of things that go bump in the night

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