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Chapter 10

I sighed deeply as I gazed around the campfire Naruto had just made, everyone looked so out of it, Tay was leaning against Kimimaro who was grinning happily, Naruto looked thoughtful as he gazed up at the star filled sky and Shikamaru sat beside me silently as he stared into the never ending flames that brought warmth to our bodies.

I can't believe myself, this is the second time I let him kiss me, I am such a horrible girlfriend... I thought depressively as I remembered the unfortunate events that happened today.


I smirked at Naruto who wiggled his eyebrows mischieviously back at me as we watched my little brother Gaara eye Hinata intensely as she splashed around in the water happily.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked.

"Operation: Get Gaara and Hinata together!" Naruto agreed as he pressed his fingertips together maliciously.

I clapped my hands together and laughed out loud at his answer which was indeed correct.

"Hey Hinata!" I called out and beckoned her over to me and Naruto.

She swam over to us curiously, probably wondering what we would want with her, I saw from the corner of my eye that Gaara had turned away from us when he saw Hinata making her way over to me, which made me grin in triumph.

When Hinata stopped in front of me I looked over at Naruto and winked as I said innocently, "Want to play a little game?"

"Uh...What game exactly are we going to be playing first?" Hinata replied nervously as she looked between me and Naruto suspiciously.

"Who can stay underwater the longest, of course" Naruto replied with a sweet smile, but I saw the devilish look in his eyes.

Hinata contemplated for awhile before saying, "Alright then"

"Excellent, lets start now, you go first Hinata" I declared while grinning.

"Why do I have to go first?" Hinata whined unhappily.

"Because if I go first, you two will definately not beat me, so I'm letting you guys have a head start" Naruto retorted smugly.

Hinata rolled her eyes at that and took a big gulp of oxygen and submerged into the warm water, I quickly turned towards Gaara and yelled earnestly, "HELP! I THINK HINATA IS IN TROUBLE!"

Naruto pretended to be soothing my 'anxiety', I watched slyly as Gaara dived into the water and swam to Hinatas aid, he quickly lifted her from the water while muttering over and over again, "Please don't die Hinata, Please, I love you"

And then he kissed her.

I watched as Hinata went limp in his arms, he must have thought she had died or something, but she actually just fainted in his arms from his confession, Naruto was the first one to blow our cover as he let out a howl of laughter, Gaara looked at us crossly but it then turned to mortification when he realised we had just tricked him, he blushed before muttering, "I'm taking Hina home"

I giggled to myself as I watched him carry Hinatas body towards the car.

"Where's Gaara going?" Ino asked warily.

"Taking his beloved home" Naruto stated happily as he skipped towards the shore.

"Oh okay, Tem, Kank is taking me home so I just wanted to know how you will be making it home?" Ino asked as she looked at me.

"Oh yeah...Gaara took my car, Kankuro is taking his car so that leaves me with...walking." I sighed before giving a small smile to Ino.

She smiled back before leaving with Kankuro who slung his arm playfully around her neck as he steered her towards his car.

I caught sight of Shikamaru lying down on a beach towel, I got out of the water so that I could make my way towards him, I looked down at him with my hands resting on my hips whilst scowling, "Shika..."

"Yeah?" he drawled lazily while placing a hand in front of his face to shield the light from his eyes as he stared at me questioningly.

"I'm bored" I stated.

He sighed before standing up before me and asking, "What did you wanna do then?"

I smirked slyly as I linked my arms around his neck and stepped closer to him. I watched as his eyes widened slightly before wrapping his arms around my waist and tightening his grip so that I was crushed against his chest enticingly.

"Yes?" Shikamaru implied with a smirk of his own as he leaned down towards my face, so our lips were nearly touching.

Before I could press my lips onto his into a smouldering kiss, a fist flew past my face connecting with Shikamarus jaw forcefully. I gasped in astonishment as I saw Shikamaru fall to the ground whilst gripping his jaw in pain, I turned to see Sasuke glaring down at Shikamaru heatedly, before he flung himself at Shikamaru with his closed fists, which were now pummeling Shikamaru into the sand, I wanted to scream for help when Shikamarus free leg kicked Sasuke off of him forcefully, Shikamaru got up and made his way towards Sasuke, I wanted so badly to stop him but I knew that Shikamaru needed this moment of strength to show Sasuke that he wouldn't give up without a fight.

But something made me run towards Shikamaru whilst he was punching and kicking Sasuke on the ground, it just didn't feel right seeing him get hurt like that, So I pulled Shikamaru away from Sasuke and stood between them, I saw hurt and confusion in Shikamarus eyes, but I didn't stop defending Sasuke, "Shika...stop. Let him go"

He narrowed his eyes before questioning angrily, "Why are you helping him for?"

"I'm not I just think that this fight is pointless, so just leave him alone, ok" I explained calmly, I went to take a step towards Shikamaru when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and turn me around, I spun around so fast that I tripped and fell onto Sasuke who was waiting with his arms open, next thing I knew was his lips on mine, it was a searing kiss with so much passion that I gasped in surprise, I got off him quickly as Shikamaru launched himself at Sasuke once more, I pulled Shikamaru back again and looked at Sasuke, who looked at me knowingly.

"Get the fuck out of my face, Uchiha! And if you ever touch my girlfriend again I'll kill you!" Shikamaru spat heatedly as he pulled me away from Sasuke, as we were walking back towards a shocked Tay, wary-faced Kimimaro and Naruto who was sitting on the ground looking over at us questioningly, I looked back at Sasuke who stood up and shouted out at me, "Temari, I won't stop trying to win your heart, I'm heaps better than that Lazy Bastard, and you know it!"

The look in his eyes was filled with so much determination it made me frown in confusion, why does he feel so strongly about me? I definately need to sort it out with him, I thought as I watched Sasuke storm off towards his car and drive away.

I looked up at Shikamaru who had been watching me watch Sasuke leave, Sadness lingered in those dark brown eyes I'd come to love, he looked at me in silence before asking, "Will you stay with me tonight, Tem?"

I think he asked me to stay the night because he didn't want me running off to Sasuke or because he thought Sasuke would be waiting for me at my house, just to keep Shikamaru happy and so that he would trust me that I'd stay with him, I agreed to staying the night with him only if his mother would allow it.

"Don't worry about mum, she's at her sisters, I think she just needs some time alone, but right now I need you stay with me" he assured with a small smile, which made me smile.

End of Flashback

I snapped out of my self-inflicted flashback of past events, to notice that the sun was now pretty much gone and wouldn't be returning until the following day arrived. It was getting late and we all had school tomorrow, considering that we all jigged school today to go to the beach, so I suggested to everyone that we should all start heading off.

"I'm going to take Tay home now guys, see you tomorrow at school" Kimimaro stated softly without waking the sleeping Tay in his arms before heading off to his vehicle.

I watched them walk away and then turned towards Naruto to ask him a question, "How are you getting home Naruto?"

"Sai is going to come pick me up in a little while" Naruto responded with a dazed look in his sapphire blue eyes.

I nodded with a smile before looking at Shikamaru with a raised eyebrow, enquiring if he wanted to go home now without speaking at all. Shikamaru took my hand in his to pull me up and start making our way towards his house, leaving Naruto behind with the campfire.

As we walked towards his house that was only 4 blocks away, it was a pretty silent walk but then I couldn't stand the silence so I started up the conversation, "Shika? Are you alright"

Shikamaru sighed before bringing my hand that was grasping his up to his lips to kiss my knuckles softly before answering, "I love you so much Temari, I don't know what I'd do if I lost you to someone like that Uchiha"

His words made my heart skip a beat, he was such a romantic that I couldn't help pressing my lips softly against his before snuggling into his body as we walked towards his house, I whispered into his body so that he could hear me, "I love you too Shika, more than you know"

We arrived in no time, Shikamaru walked inside first to turn on some lights and so on, I followed behind him at my own pace, taking my time looking at his beautiful home, looking at all of the photographs inside of frames that were hung up on the wall, they were all cute and brought a smile upon my face.

I looked over at Shikamaru who was reading a note on the fridge, he looked over at me and said, "Mum just left a note explaining some stuff"

I nodded knowingly, before saying slying with a smirk on my face, "Wheres your shower?"

A small blush rose on his face at the thought of my showering in his house, but I watched as he shook his head as though he were getting rid of his perverted thoughts, he took my hand and led me upstairs towards his shower that was connected to his room.

Whilst he was rambling on about how to work his shower, I was stripping down to just my bikini top and bikini bottoms, I smirked at the lust that formed in Shikamarus eyes when he gazed up and down my body with eagerness, I took a step towards him so that we were pressed heavenly together, I heard his intake of breath from him getting slightly aroused at the feel of my half nakedness, which made me smirk lovingly up at his chocolate coloured eyes that were filled with raw lust.

"Shika" I sighed in his ear heatedly as I rand my palms up and down his bare chest that was quite muscly.

"Temari" Shikamaru moaned hoarsely as he placed his arms around my waist, holding me tight against his rock hard body.

"Get out, so that I can take a shower" I stated before laughing at the dejected look on his face as he shook his head and left the bathroom, letting me take me shower in piece. When I finished my shower, I wrapped a towel around my body securely and made my way into his room.

I found Shikamaru laying down on the bed watching TV, I stood there at the door opening only wrapped in a flimsy towel with my hands on my hips waiting for my boyfriend to look at me, I think he knew that I was standing there so he looked over at me and whatever he saw must have been good cause his eyes widened with amazement and I swear his mouth opened in shock.

"I need clothes" I stated evenly whilst looking at him with a smirk.

"What for?" Shikamaru whined childishly before slapping his hands on his face to cover up the blush that was caused from embarrasment at what he had just blurted out unknowingly.

I started laughing at his cute actions of affection, well it was kinda good knowing that he thought I looked good naked. I watched him with a smile on my face as he jumped up to throw me one of his boxers and singlets, which I gladly caught with a smile still plastered on my face.

"I'm going to have my shower now, so you can get changed in here okay" Shikamaru said evenly whilst moving quickly towards the bathroom, but before he closed the door behind him I retorted back playfully, "Don't keep me waiting too long yeah" and with that he closed the door firmly.

I slipped the towel from my body letting it drop to the ground with a thud, I slid on his boxers, luckily they had elastic at the top so it clung to my hips, if it didn't have it, it probably slip off all the time which would be annoying. I put on the dark green singlet that was fit nicely, the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra of sorts didn't affect me in anyway possible.

I layed down on his bed looking nowhere in particular, well that was a lie, his room was quite fascinating, the walls were painted a light green, his bed was comfy, his desk was filled with various sized books, bookworm much, I picked up the remote to turn off the TV since there was no point of it being on anyways.

The door to the bathroom opened to reveal a dripping wet Shikamaru who was only clad in a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, he looked delicious standing there with his wet long hair framing his face, droplets running down his built chest towards his abdomen which was sadly covered by the towel, I sighed heavenly as I stared at my boyfriends perfect physique, maybe this was what he felt like when he looked at my body.

I watched as he sauntered over towards me with a smirk on his face, arrogant bastard, I looked up at him with lustful eyes as he leaned down against my body sensually, his arms held him up as he stared deeply into my eyes before looking down at my lips that were puckered ready for the upcoming make out session, his bare chest was pressed against mine which turned me on greatly, this position was dangerous. He was above me with only a towel to protect him from my adventurous hands, he must have lost his mind.

"If you keep looking at me like that, I'm not going to hold back Tem" he groaned hoarsely as his hand moved to grip my hip tightly, which made me groan slightly.

I didn't bother with his lousy statement, instead I leaned up to press my lips against his with passion, I couldn't help myself, he looked hot and he tasted delicious as though he were my own special midnight treat. The way his tongue was thrusting in my mouth as though he were trying to swallow me whole made me arch my back in pleasure, pressing my chest into his, which caused his grip on my hip to tighten slightly.

I ran my very adventurous hands up and down his bare chest like I did when we were in the bathroom, he must have enjoyed the feel of my hands on his chest because he deepened the kiss hungrily and grinded against me slightly.

I gasped in pleasure at the feel of him grinding against my clothed core, even though I broke our passionate kiss, his lips didnt stop tasting my body, he sucked lovingly down my neck, leaving love bites here and there ; not that I minded. I couldn't help myself when I let a moan to let him know that he was pleasuring me exceptionally well.

I was quite shocked at Shikamarus forwardness when the hand that was gripping my hip slid up my top to rub the bottom of my breasts, it felt wonderfuly, I was lost in this intense pleasure that was caused from his mouth and hand, the feel of his lips against my collar bone was delightful but the hand that was massaging my breasts sensually did wonders to my body.

I was the one thrusting my hips up now in search for friction, it was amazing the way he could make me feel, I must say that he is getting pretty handsy with me lately, this is probably the second time he has ever made me feel like this.

I pressed my lips against his roughly whilst grabbing the hand that was fondling my breasts so that I could pull it away from my breasts, I broke the kiss, which left us both in a ragged state of breathing, I looked into his eyes that were filled with not only lust but love, which made me kiss his forehead and whisper softly, "mm...maybe we can finish this another night babe"

I got under the covers with a small smile on my face as Shikamaru got up from the bed to go slip on some boxers, he got under the covers with me and I snuggled into his body as he put his arm around my body to keep me against him.

We layed there just staring at eachother with contentment, both pleased with how the night turned out even though it didn't far it still felt amazing. I placed my hand on his shoulder before whispering, "I love you with all my heart"

Shikamaru pressed his lips against mine softly before whispering back against my swollen lips, "As do I" and with that he closed his eyes with a smile on his face.

I watched him fall asleep with a smile of my own, before I fell into a deep sleep beside my boyfriend, my last thought wasn't about my boyfriend like it should have been, it was about Sasuke.

I'll talk to Sasuke tomorrow about this Situation.

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