-25 December 1983-

Merry Christmas, Kelly! It's your first ever Christmas. Your grandparents came and they couldn't believe how big you'd gotten in five months.

Your mother cried. She thought you were growing up too fast. I laughed and told her she was overreacting. It's not like you were even walking yet.

If I hadn't been holding you she probably would've gotten angry,

Right before we went to bed tonight, though, she told me to remember this when you turn one. She told me that I would probably freak out. At least a little.

-24 July 1984-

Happy birthday! You're a year old today.

I'm kinda sorry to say it but, your mom was right a couple months ago. I did freak out a little this morning. Not that I don't want her to be right, I just wished that she hadn't found out.

I didn't even tell her. I went into your room when you woke up this morning and asked you to stop growing a little. She heard over the baby monitor. I'm not sure why, but it's scaring me to see you wobbling around the house – you haven't gotten the walking down just yet.

-19 November 1984-

You helped me make breakfast today, baby girl. It was your mom's birthday and you helped me bring her breakfast in bed.

She wasn't really happy about being woken up that early but had a huge smile when she saw you holding a flower. You're still a little shaky on the walking.

-20 August 1988-

Your mother cried this morning. Not because anything bad happened, I promise. You just starte kindergarten this morning and you're her little girl.

You're five and you were actually excited about school. You wanted to know why the big kids thought it was so fun.

You're probably thinking that there was no way you ever liked school but I promise you it's true. You were practically bouncing in the car as we drove you to school. And, when your mom picked you up, you couldn't stop talking excitedly about your teacher and all of the friends you made.