It was an unlikely friendship. They knew it, too. But they didn't care. Why should they? Friends are friends, whether normal or unusual.

But as they grew, they grew farther apart. It wasn't what they wanted, but their separation was inevitable. They were different races, separated by the invisible lines that separated the land into four corners.

Childhood friends now became long-lost memories. Past neighborhoods now became unknown territories, behind enemy lines.

The wars would rage on, and on and on. Each race defending their kind.

But would these young men and women remember who they were before the war? Could they?

One central crystal seemed to be the link between the North Kingdom, the Western Land, the Kingdom of the South, and the Land to the East. Yuke, Clavat, Selkie, and Lilty tribes, respectively.

With one sole link to that large crystal that stood, the only hope to all the lands. Where the story of the tiny children who circled it with glee begins…