toph and sokka!

Toph was pouting and sitting away from the group in the shop.

"Why is she mad aging?"

"Because I told her to hold my hand if she didn't act right. So she told me 'whatever Sugar queen.'"

"Katara you just are a *ugghh* never mind."

"Hey Toph. I'm sorry Katara had to be like that. Your 17, you do what you want to do."

"Thanks Sokka."

"Hey Toph do you want to walk around the town with me?"

"Yeah Sokka."

Sokka and Toph walked out of the shop when Katara wasn't looking.

"So were are we going Sokka?"

"Just wait."

He grabbed her hand and ran over to a mountain.

They both climbed up, Toph about to fall.

Sokka got up first he grabbed a log and pulled it over for them to sit.

"Sokka what if the Fire nation came over and took us what we do then?"

"We would get through it together."

She blushed. Then she heard kids and women and men screaming so did Sokka.

"Toph stay here."

"Ok. Got it commander." She said sarcastically and saluting him.

Sokka climbed down.


Katara was trying on a dress.

It was Deep rose red and had the Fire nation symbol on it.

When she walked out of the dressing room the dress got caught on a hook.

She did not know and walked on and it ripped.

Then Prince Zuko came in.

He looked around and then saw Katara in her ripped dress.

"Well, Well you don't have your army. loser."

She know realized he was starring at her with awe on his face.

"Why are you looking at me? Is there another pretty girl behind me?"

"No your just the only one."

He said with a smirk on his face.

"Listen I already have a boyfriend. I bet you do to. Don't you?"

"Yeah, here is a picture."

Zuko showed her the picture of Mai and him when they were younger.

"Well that was when she was young. Here we are with are kids."

Katara looked at the picture with lovingness in her face.

On the left was Mai, then in her hands was there daughter Ai meaning love, and to the right was Zuko, and in front of him was there son Masahiko meaning just prince.

"Nice family. How old is your son?"

"Eight. My little girl is going to turn Six weeks tomorrow."

"Wow little kids."

"Yeah I know."

About that time Sokka and Toph walked in.

"What are you doing with him?"

"Sokka relax. I'm looking at pictures of his kids."

"Okay. Come on Toph."

As Sokka and Toph walked out they ran up back to the mountain.


Before she could finish her sentence Sokka let his lips lightly touch hers.

Then it got more and more pushy and then it went on like that for a long time.

By the time they stopped Katara was coming up the trail.

"Guys Zuko wants us to eat at his place."

They jumped off and ran to her.

"What were you guys doing?" She asked when they walked back and into the carriage.

"Talking." They said at the same time.

"Yeah talking. *ha-ha*." Said Sokka.

When they got to Zuko's Masahiko met them at the carriage door.

"Hi I'm Masahiko."

"Nice." Smirked Toph.

When they got in Toph ran to the bathroom and puked up a lot.

"Toph are you ok?"

"Yes Sugar Queen. I'm good."

"Toph honestly what did you do with Sokka?"

"Made out."

"Oh my god. Toph I think your pregnant."

"Ok good nice to know."

"Sokka!" shouted Katara.


"You got her pregnant."

"I did?"



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