Hey all. This is my first fanfic, so please don't be too harsh on me. This is a story of Luna and my own character, Jay. In this, Jay is a digidestined, who also has a secret - he's the ruler of a kingdom of incredible magic, and as such, has pretty much limitless power - but has never been in love before. Please, read, rate and comment. A review would be nice too.

When Worlds Collide

Luna looked round at her friends, brushing her blonde hair from her face.

"Now, who wants more of dad's cooking?" she asked.

The nearest Crumpled Horned Snorcack made a face and she laughed.

"Yes I know dad is a bad cook but he isn't THAT bad."

"When are you going back Luna?" the nearby gnome asked her.

"I go back to Hogwarts tomorrow." she replied.

The gnome nodded.

"Luna! Honey, its time for bed!" Luna smiled at her fathers tone, he tried to be stern, but really he loved her playing with the gnomes and the Snorcacks. She said goodnight to her magical friends and skipped into the house, humming happily. Her father smiled at her and kissed her goodnight and she went upstairs and climbed into bed.

"I wonder what adventures Hogwarts will bring this year." she thought as she fell asleep.

She was in the Great Hall, looking up as a strange light appeared in mid air and a silver haired boy fell through, followed by a man with the head of a lion, a small dinosaur and what she thought had to be a Blibbering Humdinger, though she wasn't sure. When the boy got up, he took out a strange device which bleeped at him and then he turned and looked right at her and with a thrill that ran through her, she knew she knew him.

Luna awoke with a gasp. She knew him! He was coming to Hogwarts this year! She sat up and looked at the time and discovered she had woken up a few minutes before breakfast. She climbed out of bed and went to her wardrobe and pulled out the first things she touched. Mum always taught her never care what anyone thinks of you, though sometimes it was hard, what with people like Draco Malfoy. She pulled on her grey jumper and purple trousers and went to breakfast. Her Dad was stood making bacon and eggs and she went to help him. He smiled at her and she smiled back as they ate breakfast in silence, as always. It had been 5 years since her mother's terrible death, but since she had been the one who had actually seen her mother die, the death weighed most on her. Before they left for the train station, her dad helped her pack the last of her things, and then, they were off and Luna smiled round at the familiar toot of the Hogwarts Express. She kissed her father goodbye and he told her to watch out for Nargles and to always feed the Thestrals and she reminded him that Thestrals were like her best friends and he kissed her head. She smiled fondly and went and sat in her usual compartment and turned the Quibbler upside down to read the runes that would turn your enemies' ears into kumquats.. A while later Ginny came in with - wait a moment. Luna looked up and saw Harry Potter. She smiled at him. "Hello Harry Potter," she said and he looked surprised. She just smiled and got back to her runes.

Harry and his friends sat down to talk and Luna smiled as she read the runes, looking for the spell to turn your opponents ears into kumquats. She wasn't sure it was a real spell, but half the fun was in looking for the spell. Then she could ask one of the teachers at Hogwarts if they had heard of it.

"Anything good in there?" Hary's friend Ron asked.

"Of course not! The Quibbler's rubbish, everyone knows that!" The scornful remark came from the bushy brown haired girl, Hermione.

Luna glared at her.

"Excuse me. My father's the editor." she said, as frostily as she could.

Hermione blanched and stammered and Luna pulled the Quibbler back up to her face and continued reading.

Sooner than expected, the train arrived at Hogsmeade station, and Luna got off the train and headed towards the carriages pulled by the Thestrals and petted the one pulling her carriage and it nuzzled her affectionately and she giggled before climbing in, wondering if he would show up soon. She missed him so much it hurt. Not as much as missing her mother, but still, it hurt. A lot.