Chapter Three

Luna held onto Jay, smiling, feeling whole once with with him by her side. He smiled down at her, his gentle, kind smile that made her feel so warm, so loved...

She smiled back at him and suddenly pulled him down to her level for a kiss. His lips met hers and the fireworks returned – but briefly, as he pulled away, chuckling. Luna frowned at him, something she very seldom did.

"Why did you pull away? I was enjoying that!" she said indignantly.

He chuckled once more.

"I'm saving the best kisses for when you'll most enjoy them. Believe me Luna, it will be worth the weight."

Luna was suddenly filled with hope for the future – she knew she'd endure absolutely anything, just for one single, sweet kiss. Of course, she was most likely completely obsessed by him but then...he WAS Immortal – and with Immortality came normal humans couldn't quite grasp – and most fell in love with him on sight...however, Luna knew this love was real, and not one made by magic, she felt this with her heart and soul.

Jay smiled at her then turned his attention to his Digimon, and stopped just outside the doors to the Entrance Hall, where the four great hourglasses that kept the House Points stood.

"Luna, I'd like you to meet my Digimon partners, Patamon, Gabumon, and Agumon." he said, indicating each Digimon in turn.

Luna smiled and waved hello to each one, as each said hi. Patamon had a strange squeak to his voice, which Luna guessed was due to his small size. Agumon had a sincere voice, one full of warmth and courage. Gabumon had a husky voice that was full of friendship. Luna loved them all immediately. Jay then turned his attention to the muscular Digimon stood next to them.

"This is Leomon."

Leomon shook her hand, and Luna felt the strength behind the grasp and as Leomon's gentle brown eyes locked onto hers and his mouth opened to say hi, she found herself liking him immensely, knowing that Jay had some excellent friends here.

They walked on, talking about everything that had happened to them in the years they had been apart, about Jay's adventures in the Digiworld and the friends he made there, and about how much trouble Luna had had due to bullying, and how hard it was to conceal her unhuman half.

"It's been hell without you! Everyone thinks I'm crazy! Loony Lovegood they call me! Because I see and hear things they can't, I'm Loony Lovegood, the school crazy!"

After her outburst, Luna felt oddly better, she'd been holding that back for months, wanting to tell people what she was, the things she saw...but she knew it would only make things worse.

"Oh Luna...I am sorry...I had no idea...Had I known, I would have come back sooner, if just to set the record straight."

"It's not enough Jay! I want to come home! Back to Laputa! With you!"

" know it's not possible...not until you are of age...if I make you Immortal before you come of age, you will never reach your full beauty, your full potential."

Luna sobbed at the unfairness of it all. He was right, of course he was right! But all she wanted to do was return to Laputa, the floating island. She had read the Muggle version, titled 'Gulliver's Island', of course, and the real Laputa was nothing like in the book, there were no mechanics involved – just pure, incredible magic. And to make it even better – all its inhabitants had wings. Well, as far as she knew all its inhabitants had wings – she'd only been the once, for a split second, and that was when she was 9 years old and her mom died.

Luna sobbed harder, remembering this. It had been a tragic accident with an experimental spell gone awry. Her mother had been attempting to cast a spell mixed with her own magic, and that of this world. The spell backfired and pulled the house in on top of her. Despite the fact that her mother had been ageless, that aspect of her Immortality hadn't kept her alive – not like Jay.

Jay held her close, allowing her to sob until she could sob no more, then he kissed her head and she felt herself calm down, wrapped in his strong, warm embrace. She knew she'd wait for him, she'd die for him...but why, WHY couldn't she be with him now?

As if he heard her thoughts, Jay smiled.

"I forgot to mention. Since I've been pulled here – that means I'm staying."

Luna caught her breath before it escaped her. Could it be true?

"I'm staying here...with you." he smiled.

She squealed and hugged him hard and then heard the sound of everyone exiting the Great Hall to go up to bed. She sadly disentangled herself from around him and kissed his cheek, which he returned.

"I have to go to bed now." she said, more than a little sadly. "I love you."

He smiled back, his eyes crinkling in the corners, his warm gentle smile reaching his eyes and making them smile too.

" And I love you too my little Luna. More than you can possibly imagine."

She smiled and vanished into the thrum of students making their way up the Grand Staircase.

I smiled, watching her leave, berating myself, not for the first time, on waiting so long. She was a Laputian, like myself, but she was only half. Half human, half Laputian – the very first of her kind. I knew she certainly wouldn't be the last – but as the first of her kind, she possessed incredible power – and had no idea of it. People saw her as different because she was so soft spoken, so gentle, so kind. Underneath all that however, lay a brain smarter than anyone knew, power more than anyone could guess, and a fierce loyalty to anyone she called friend. I sighed as I looked after her, watching her vanish into the maelstrom of students, all talking and laughing as they made their way to bed. Mortals. They had it easy.

As King of Laputa, I had power of Time/Space and could freely travel anywhere I pleased. Laputa existed outside of Time/Space, which is part of the reason for my Immortality. At well over 3 and a half billion years old, I had a lot of experience and wisdom under my belt, but when it came to love? I was like a first year in Hogwarts seeing magic for the very first time. All I knew is one simple thing; I was madly, hopelessly in love with Luna Lovegood, and I would do anything for her, I would kill for her – but I knew it would never come to that. I hadn't murdered anyone in a few millenia. Even then it was actually an accident – they ran in front of a destructive spell. Nasty business, but what can you do? I brought them back to life immediately and apologised profusely, and they accepted full responsibility, so really, it wasn't technically murder.

Luna climbed into bed and slept, her dreams full of Jay and herself together in Laputa, happy and content.

The next morning, Luna awoke to find Jay hovering outside the window and she opened it to say hello while she grabbed the first things in her wardrobe – a purple sweater, a pink shirt, jeans and odd socks. Jay laughed at her odd appearance and she suddenly realised that she wanted to look good for him, so she put the clothes back and pulled out a beautiful black and red shirt, the red being the roses that trailed round it, from bud to blossom, a pair of dark blue jeans and a denim jacket. She completed the look with her usual butterbeer cork necklace, which actually went very well. She brushed her hair and smiled at him.

He nodded in approval and vanished, and she ran downstairs to the Ravenclaw Common Room and out of the doorway to where he was waiting with the Digimon. She smiled and hugged all five of them and walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

As soon as they got there, the Digimon accompanied Luna to the Ravenclaw table, whilst Jay went to speak to Dumbledore, who more than happily allowed both he and the Digimon to eat at the table with her. Luna smiled happily, and noticed people were staring at her – and not in a bad way either. She reflected upon the fact that for the first time in ages, she felt truly happy. She giggled as she saw the solemn Leomon tuck into a chicken wing, blushing as he did so as everyone stared. Jay did the usual – ate nothing, drank only a goblet of wine.

Agumon, Gabumon and Patamon tucked in as best as they were able, and soon a small mountain of plates were piled on the table before the Digimon. Jay saw this and groaned.

"What's wrong?" Luna asked him.

"Whenever they eat this much, it usually means Digivolution is going to follow suit." he explained, while all the Digimon grinned self consciously as he mock glowered at them.

"What's Digivolution?" Luna asked, curious about such a strange word.

"Well, Digivolution is when a Digimon evolves to a stronger form. At the moment, Agumon, Gabumon and Patamon are in what is known as 'Rookie' form. When they Digivolve, they will turn into much stronger forms, known as 'Champion' level. Leomon is already at Champion level, and when he Digivolves, normally he would Digivolve to what is known as the 'Ultimate' level. However, due to being exposed to the light of Digivolution for so long during our time together, he skips the 'Ultimate' level and Digivolves to the highest possible level, which is called 'Mega'."

Luna pondered all this, and how fascinating it was, but there was one more thing she wanted to know – two things, if truth be told.

"What is the light of Digivolution, and what's that?" she asked, pointing to the device at his waist.

"The Light of Digivolution is what enables a Digimon to Digivolve. This device is called a Digivice. It enables me to allow the Digimon to Digivolve, you see, to Digivolve, a Digimon needs a connection to a human partner. In this case, all the Digimon are connected to me. I am what is known as a Digidestined."

Luna looked at him.

"Can anyone be a Digidestined?"

He laughed, already knowing what she was going to ask.

"Not just anyone, the Digiworld chooses you, by sending a Digivice to you – and it can happen at any point during your life."

Luna eyes shone as she thought of the possibilities of having her very own Digimon partner and friend.

Jay smiled as he saw the look on her face and looked up as everyone filed out to go to classes. Luna followed, and Jay followed suit.

Their first lesson was Defence Against the Dark Arts with Professor Umbridge.

Umbridge strode in, speaking as though they were all five years old – again.

"Ordinary – Wizarding – Levels! O.! More commonly known as – OWLs!" she said, smiling at the class. Luna was less than impressed. They weren't a bunch of children. She knew this class was going to be boring, so she turned her attention instead to thinking of Jay, which wasn't hard, being as he was sat next to her, the Digimon stood nearby.

It wasn't until a wand rapped on her desk that Luna realised she was being spoken to.

She looked up into Umbridge's squat face and mean looking eyes.

"I said wands away dear, and books out." Umbridge said sweetly. Luna looked blankly at the wand in her hand. She'd been playing with it again. She really needed to stop doing that. She smiled and tucked her wand behind her ear and Umbridge took the wand from her, smiling.

"You can have it back after class."

Saying this, she went to the front of the classroom and sat down, watching them read from a book Luna found very boring – there was nothing in it about actually using the defensive spells listed. She raised her hand to question this and Umbridge looked up.

"Yes Miss - ?"

'She hasn't even bothered to learn our names? What a horrible person!' Luna thought, before actually replying.

"Lovegood Professor. There's nothing in here about actually using defensive spells."

"Using spells? Well I can't imagine why you'd want to use spells in my classroom." Came the astonishing reply.

Luna just could not believe her ears. Nor, it seemed, could Terry Boot, who spoke up. (Authors note; I can't find out if Terry Boot is in Luna's year or not, and at the moment I can't get to my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book, so for the purpose of this fanfic, he is, until I find otherwise, then this will be rectified)

"We're not gonna learn magic?" he asked incredulously.

"You will be learning defensive spells in a secure, risk-free way."

"What use is that? If we're going to be attacked, it won't be risk free!" Luna argued, finally allowing herself to let her true thoughts show.

"Students will raise their hand when they wish to speak in my classroom." Umbridge said, turning away the moment Luna raised her hand.

'Who does this woman think she is?'

Luna's thoughts were buzzing angrily, but she kept them to herself and just read the book, not taking a single word of it in, letting the arguments of her classmates and Umbridge wash over her like water over a smooth pebble.

The lesson ended and Luna walked out, her thoughts all jumbled up. She so badly wanted to do something, to fight back somehow! This wasn't teaching! This was something Muggle children did, copying from books to learn things! Everyone here needed to learn REAL magic!

She almost groaned aloud in frustration and walked slap bang into a solid wall of warm muscle. She looked up into Leomon's warm eyes and he smiled down at her. She smiled back and walked with him to find Jay, who was in the Library, reading. Luna smiled and joined him and noticed that Agumon wasn't looking very well.

"What's wrong Agumon?" she asked him. He looked up blearily.

"I'm not feeling so good today. I think I ate too much."

"Oh, he'll be fine," Jay assured her. "He always feels like this right before a Digivolution.

Luna felt excited at seeing her first Digivolution.

They all went outside, Agumon looking like he was about to throw up, and Jay's Digivice began beeping and he looked at it.

"It's time." he said.