Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries

Summary: So this fic is based on the tv show, but I added some mythology from LJ Smith's other series "The Nightworld."

So this is more like the intro but there is a lot more to come. Katherine is back and she has evil plans that is a mystery to e/o. Elena has a secret of her own that she is determined to keep secret. Hope you enjoy!

Elena looked at herself in the mirror. She quietly tied her long brown hair into a pony tail. She then tied an apron around her waist and took in a deep breath. Taking one last glance at herself in the mirror, Elena noticed the black circles residing below her eyelids. She sighed once more and stepped into the Café where the customers were waiting for her.

Jenna recently opened up this little Café and Elena agreed to help her out. The truth was she needed this job to take her mind off things. The funny thing was she knew she should be worried about Katherine's return, but that's not what was occupying her mind. She quickly took the coffee pot and started making her rounds. As she was busy filling up cups, she desperately tried to stop her mind from going to that dark place.

"No one must ever know. For Stefan's sake. For my sake. For everyone's sake." Elena started pouring coffee into Mrs. Meyers cup when suddenly she heard the tinkling of the bell. Someone just entered the store.

Her hand began to shake uncontrollably. The room started spinning around her as sweat crawled up her skin. The temperature of the room increased to an alarming rate though no one seemed to notice. She felt ill. She felt faint. She knew who it was by the door.

"Well hellooo Elena," Damon mocked as he was staring her up and down in her waitress uniform. Elena reluctantly turned around to face the man that had turned her life upside down. "Act normal. Don't give yourself away. He must not know," Elena pleaded with herself. "Just act like he's just another customer." But Damon Salvatore was anything, but just another customer. In fact as he walked across the room toward Elena, every face turned to grab a glimpse of this handsome stranger. She herself couldn't stop looking at his ridiculous good looks. "His dark silky hair, his hypnotizing ocean blue eyes…STOP!" Elena frantically tried to pry her eyes away from Damon, but her eyes were rebelling against her. "So…what do you want?" Elena managed to spit out.

"No need to be so serious Elena. I'm just here to get something to drink," Damon smirked- especially at his last words. Damon then, in the most dramatic way, sat down in the seat next to him.

"Elena!" Jenna called out. Elena, secretly thanking her aunt for saving her, rushed to Jenna's side. "Yeah what do you need?"

"I was just wondering if you can give Mrs. Meyer her order…hey Elena are you okay?" Jenna asked with concern. "You look exhausted!"

"No no I'm fine Jenna. I've just been having some trouble sleeping." Elena reassured her aunt.

The truth was everything wasn't fine. She was having trouble sleeping because of her dreams. That's where all her troubles began. Because of those dreams….