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The blue light continued to emanate from Damon's hands. Elena knew the world was about to come crashing down, but she realized that she had no fear. She refused to close her eyes and shield herself from her pending defeat. Instead, she continued to stare intensely into Damon's eyes.

Damon continued to stare into her eyes, but then looked down into his hands and broke their connection. Without another word, he turned around…not facing her any longer.

"This is it," she whispered to herself. "I'm sorry." She was sorry. She had failed.

Still refusing to break her gaze from Damon, she watched him approach Honoria Fell's Tomb. At once, he slid the rock off and opened the passage. Damon threw the blue light into the tomb and quickly shut the tomb once more.

Elena stared in astonishment. The blue light was gone. Damon had…

She looked closely at the tomb waiting for the screams, waiting for the explosion, but she heard nothing. Nothing at all…and that frightened her more than anything. The vampires had been obliterated without having the chance to scream or to cry…there was only the silence and emptiness…as if they never existed.

And there was Damon…

He was standing from afar. He looked drained of all his energy as his body slouched in vulnerability. Without a second thought, Elena rushed toward him. With his head still bent, Elena slowed down when she was only inches away.

"Damon," she whispered, her voice cracking.

She noticed his face contorted into a face of misery. He was in agonizing pain and Elena realized with burning relief, she was feeling his pain once again. She felt his tantamount guilt consuming him, his self-loathing running wild. Bitter tears slid down his face and in that moment, Elena felt the taste of her own tears reach her lips. Finally he looked up, his eyes stinging with torment.

"What have I done?" he whimpered in agony. He suddenly looked like he was going to collapse so Elena grabbed hold of him. The instant their skin made contact, a tantalizing current ran through both their bodies. She felt the electricity jolt through her veins and then she felt the fire rush through them. She stared in wonder as the fire once more shaped the crescent into their arms…the symbol of soul mates. Elena looked into Damon's eyes and saw that same awe and exhilaration. But there was still doubt lying deep behind those eyes.

She put her hands on his face and stared intensely into his eyes.

"You saved us Damon." Damon continued to stare at her, his compelling eyes boring in hers. Finally the doubt dissipated and hope once more flashed through his eyes. Damon had returned to her. Her soul mate had returned to her. Never feeling so elated in her life, she threw her arms around him and hugged him deeply. When she looked around her, she saw Bonnie, Alaric and Stefan encircling them. They were her friends and family. Together they had won. Suddenly an image flashed through her head…

"This is just like my dream," Elena realized in astonishment. "The cemetery, the circle of loved ones and…Damon and I in the center…feeling at peace for the first time."

"Tuus perdite sodalis amaans," she whispered.

Damon picked up his head and looked at Elena. He slowly placed his lips over hers and kissed her gently. Finally Elena was able to close her eyes.


They were sitting on the boardwalk as if they were the last two people on the planet. Elena had her head resting on Damon's shoulder as he lightly caressed her hair. The others decided to give them some time alone. They would have all the time in the world to discuss the events that occurred. They'd have to talk about the ramifications of those vampires dying…of Isobel dying after all that she sacrificed…how Alexandria was not among those vampires to enter the tomb that night…how Katherine was finally dead…But right now…

"Elena," Damon soothing voice had interrupted her train of thought. Elena couldn't help but feel the thrill at the sound of his voice calling her name. But she also noted a tone of seriousness in his voice and felt his calmness slightly fading.

Elena picked herself up from his embrace and stared at him in the face.

"What's bothering you?" Elena asked in worry.

Damon suddenly smirked and she felt her heart flutter.

"I have to get used to you sensing my feelings," he joked. But then he got serious once more.

"You keep saying that I saved everyone," Damon began.

"You did Damon. You did save us," Elena exclaimed.

"But there is something that you forgot…Elena you saved me." Elena saw him gazing at her with profound wonder.

"I was a monster Elena. I couldn't stop it. It had me and I thought I was gone forever, but you were there Elena and you saved me…and-" Damon took a few seconds to finish his thought. Elena squeezed his hand, reassuring him to continue.

"And it's still in me. That dangerous power is still lurking deep within me. If it ever takes over me again-"

"I will be here Damon," Elena calmly smiled. She could sense that deep fear in Damon. He was afraid of himself, but she would never leave him. Together they would be able to handle anything.

She put her arms around him.

"I will always be here Damon," she whispered into his ear. Elena could already feel the calm warmth seeping into him again.

She was staring out into the ocean with Damon in her arms when out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone. A second later, the person was gone. But Elena knew who she saw.

Of course Katherine somehow escaped. Of course she was still alive. And as long as she was still alive, she would figure out another way to destroy the world. She would never give up. Elena knew this and she knew that she would have to tell Damon. They would have to fight her off again, but they were together…at least for now. She felt his arms around her lower back, she felt his breath in her hair.

No she would not ruin the moment. At least today they had won…at least today they were together…at least today was not the end of the world.


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