Title: Banter

Summary: "We're teenagers, Naruto. Teenage boys, at that. Sex is on our mind at least half the time." Two-shot SasuNaru PWP.

Words in chapter 2: 2627

Warnings: This is a two-shot SasuNaru PWP (porn without plot / plot? what plot?) involving teenage exploration.

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto and all that.

You know, it's funny. I always completely lose track of the days in terms of when I update. I can hardly even remember updating Two Face yesterday; it seems like such a long time ago. And then when the next Saturday rolls around I don't even notice until the afternoon that I'm supposed to update. My brain is so wack xD I think it's partly because it's summer though; I'm pretty sure that when I was still in school I had a better feel for it.

Anyway, here is the second part. Enjoy.

"…Hey, dumbass."

"S-Sasuke… hi."

"Can I come in? It's sweltering outside."

"Yeah, it's not much better in here; my AC's still broken."

"I could tell, since you're in nothing but boxers. At least you have fans."

"H-hey, I didn't say you could – Sasuke, don't – don't fucking raid my fridge when I didn't say you could come in!"

"Shit, Naruto, you have no more Sprite. Your fridge is packed, though."

"Like hell I have any Sprite right now. You drank it all last time and I haven't gotten anymore. Now are you gonna tell me why you're barging into my apartment, or are you gonna get the hell out?"

"…Can we… go to your room?"

"…Yeah, okay. Come on."

"Wow, it's clean for once. It's a miracle."

"Shut up – hey, don't sit on my pillow, you jerk, I put my head on that."

"Where've you been, Naruto?"

"I… I've had to do errands and shit."

"What kinds of errands keep you from school for two weeks straight?"

"Well I was cleaning here, obviously, and I had to get groceries and I got sick for a couple of days, and then I had to go to the doctor and—"

"Yeah? Because Kiba told me you were in English and Math."


"Every day."

"Kiba's a liar!"

"Have you been avoiding me?"


"You've been going to English and Math, but not the classes you have with me."

"What if I'm avoiding the fucking tests and homework we've got? Not everything is about you, princess!"

"So you didn't have errands. You're a liar, Naruto, and a hypocrite on top of it."

"If you've got something to say, just say it. I don't wanna hear your fucking lectures."

"All I want to know is why you've been avoiding me."

"I just – I needed some time on my own, alright? We hang out practically twenty-four/seven."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, but sometimes distance isn't either!"

"Is it because of that Saturday two weeks ago?"


"I'm not retarded, Naruto. If you're not going to say the truth, don't say anything at all."

"Well what guy in their right minds doesn't get a little screwed up after rubbing off against their best friend's cock?"

"…You didn't seem too bothered about it at my place."

"It's… something like being drunk, only there's no chance of forgetting anything afterwards."

"What, because it seems like a good idea—"

"—Until the hangover."

"So… what's the hangover in this case?"

"Some stupid shit. Self-loathing, questioning of sexuality, fucking sexual frustration… If you were intending to screw me up, you sure as hell did it."

"N-no – Naruto, you really think I wanted to 'screw you up'? Do you honestly think that was my intention?"

"No, but maybe you shoulda thought about someone other than yourself before you come on to people."

"You're the one who wanted to compare fucking dick sizes! You should've figured something would happen after I told you I'm a fag!"

"Shit, don't use that word, Sasuke…"

"Why not? You use it all the time. And I am one, so why the hell do you care? Or is it because you're afraid you're a fag too?"

"Maybe it is!"


"I… I don't know. I don't fucking know anymore, Sasuke. I'm having dreams about being with a guy and it makes me want to puke!"

"Why are you so homophobic, you moron? It's not a big deal!"

"Let go of my shoulders, asshole, don't – mmph—! S-Sas—mmf—"

"Mmh – haah – Now try to tell me you didn't feel something."

"All I felt was your slimy tongue in my mouth, and I don't want it there again!"

"Don't you see, you idiot? You're fucking gay! Get over yourself and admit it!"

"I don't want to be gay, you ass, get off of me!"

"Naruto, you—… Look. Okay. I'll get off, but will you listen to me?"

"Like hell I'll—"

"Just shut the fuck up and listen! Alright?"


"I… know what you're going through."


"I'm serious. You think I wanted to have wet dreams about your sorry ass? No, but they happened whether I liked it or not. Maybe it's just a phase, for you anyway. It might go away. I've been living with it for a year and it hasn't changed. After a while, you sort of just… come to accept it."

"What, give up? Like a coward?"

"I'm not afraid, Naruto."

"I'm fucking terrified."


"Sasuke, I – I don't get it at all, I'm – w-why is this happening to me?"

"Shh, Naruto… Look at me."

"Let go."

"No. Look. You told me two weeks ago that you liked my eyes."


"Why? Tell me everything."

"Because – because… I really like the colour. I mean, the shade. They're grey, but you can see everything, the light catches on them really nicely. And your lashes are really… pretty. And… When I look at you, I can see self-confidence, and pride, and…"

"…And everything you don't have."

"…Yeah, pretty much."

"And what you said, about the way I look at you?"

"Just that – you… you look at me like… you care."

"I do."

"No one else does."

"What about Iruka?"

"He's a teacher, it's different. You're my best friend, Sasuke. My only… real friend."


"Well, yeah, but she's a girl, and… there's just something about you, okay? I can't explain it."

"Is it l—"

"It's not love!"

"…Okay. Just checking."

"I'm sorry. But… I can't. I mean, I love you, the way friends do. But…"

"No, I understand. You've been having dreams about guys?"

"A-almost every night. Every dream I can remember for the past two weeks has been about a guy's body, or his cock, or…"

"Are you top or bottom?"


"It's a serious question. Do you dream about sex? Intercourse? What position are you?"

"I – I don't… I… Bottom."

"…Come here, Naruto."

"What – don't fucking hug me, you jerk, I – I…"

"Close your eyes, Naruto. Take a deep breath. I'm here for you."


"Your heart is pounding. Try to relax."

"S-Sasuke… I'm afraid…"

"Shh… Don't be afraid. I'm here. Let it all out."

"I'm not g-gonna fucking cry, asshole."

"I wasn't saying you were going to. Just take a deep breath…"


"There. Do you feel calmer now?"


"Look, it can be confusing when you have dreams like that. When I had my first dream about bottoming, it scared me shitless. It's like losing what being a guy is."

"But… but what if you…"

"I know. What if you enjoy it? That's what's the most frightening of all, isn't it?"


"There's nothing wrong with enjoying it. If it feels good, there's nothing to be ashamed about."

"Sasuke, you're…"

"Yes, Naruto?"

"Y…You're a virgin, right?"

"You know that."

"Just… making sure. In case you went and banged someone while I was gone."

"Heh. idiot."

"When you… When you dream, are you top or bottom more?"

"I tend to get both pretty much equally."

"We're… best friends."

"We're more than that, Naruto."

"I know."

"Even if my love is one-sided."

"Um, I… I think I… Shit, this isn't how I ever imagined it to be."

"Imagined what?"

"…M-my first time. Fuck… Okay, here goes nothing."


"Sasuke, would you have sex with me?"


"If it's my first… I want it to be with you. Is that okay?"

"…It's m-more than okay. It's more than I could have ever hoped for. I… I'd love to."

"Thanks… Sasuke. And, um… I dunno, it might be a bit much, for a first, but… I think I want to bottom. If you were my top, I think I could do it."

"If that's what you want."

"I – I do. Uh, I have lube… from, y'know, jerking off. Here."

"Good, we'll need it. Now… give me a kiss…"


"Mm… Close your eyes, Naruto."


"Just… feel me."

"Mm… Shit, Sasuke, you seem like you've done this before…"

"No, I just… mmn… dream about it often enough to… mm… know what I want."

"But how can you tell where – aah – where I feel good? Where your teeth are better, and where your – t-tongue! W…where your tongue is better?"

"I don't… But your reactions are clear enough."

"Mm, I… oh… Sasuke… Hate to make you stop, but… mm… can I get that shirt off of you?"

"Yeah, just – come on, idiot, don't just toss it on the ground like you do everything else you own."

"Sasuke, now really isn't the time – nngh!"

"Your nipples are already hard. And it's not from cold…"

"No shit, Sherlock, it's blazing in h-here."

"That's because you're in the room."

"Heh… Mmh… At least you're generous with the… compliments."

"Why wouldn't I shower the person I love with sweet words and endless reveren-nnh—!"

"Because you're a dick and you've got too much damn pride to grovel. Speaking of dicks, you're already getting hard…"

"It's your fault for looking so – aanh – so fucking delectable."

"You say it like it's a bad thing. Really, Sasuke, you gotta stop reading the thesaurussssshit…"

"I'm not the only one getting turned on by this, I see."

" 'Cause you're touching me all over, and I – mm! – I mean, who wouldn't?"

"You like when I touch you?"

"Y…yeah. Nngh… harder…"

"You'd better not come. I'm gonna fuck you whether you like it or not."

"S-Sasuke! This is our first time!"

"…Sorry. Here, take off your boxers."

"What? But you're still wearing jeans and everything! Lemme get that…"

"Haah – don't push like that, you're – nngh—"

"But your zipper's stuck, I can't – ow, fuck, what're you trying to do, suck my blood? 'Kay, I got it."

"Heh… Naruto… are you into vampires?"

"Wha? No, not particularly. Are you?"

"I… may have a bit of a weakness for necking…"

"Ha. I coulda told you that – whoa, hey!"

"We can't fuck if you're wearing your boxers. Now spread your legs."

"Um… I – Sasuke…?"

"What now?"

"I've… never put anything, y'know, up there before."

"…I'll be gentle, I promise. Just tell me if it hurts, okay?"

"O…okay. Sasuke, have you ever – eep!"

"Have I ever what?"

"Have you – aah… fuck…"

"Am I distracting you?"

"Yes, actually, I can't think when you're… ooh… rubbing like that…"

"It's really sensitive, isn't it? So, what were you asking me? Speak up, or I'll stop."

"That's not fair! Wait wait no, Sasuke, keep going! Please?"


"So I was saying, have you ever put anything, y'know…?"


"Okay, so one of us has experience. That's good. Kinda weird to hear, though."

"Can I start putting a finger in?"

"…Y-yeah. Go slow, okay?"

"Of course. Just relax, Naruto…"

"Mm… This is… weird. Like… things aren't supposed to go in there, especially things that move, but… it's nice…"

"Ready for the second finger?"

"Yeah. Come closer, Sasuke, I'm – well, not cold, but – aah!"

"Don't clench, Naruto. You need to relax."

"S-sorry, it's not on purpose, I swear! It's just… you stretching me like that… ahh, Sasuke…"

"You know, my cock's a lot bigger than three fingers. If you don't relax your muscles—"

"I know that! You don't have to rub it innnn—!"

"Speaking of rubbing…"

"Haah… The fuck was that?"

"Don't you know anything, Naruto?"

"Sorry if I don't do research on gay sex, jerk!"

"It's the prostate. It gets sensitive on stimulation… and tends to feel pretty good."

"No shit – ugh – are you done yet?"

"Impatient much?"

"Ask again when you're not leaking precome, bastard."

"Ha. Touché. Are… are you sure you're ready? I don't want to hurt you."

"I… Thanks, Sasuke. I think… I'm ready."

"Okay. Just let me lube up… mmn…"

"Hey, stop jerking off and fuck me already."

"S-sorry, it's just – you look so fucking sexy… I never imagined this would ever happen. I love you, Naruto…"

"…Come on."

"Breathe deeply. Relax your muscles, remember. I'll go slowly."

"Nngh – fuck, your cock is hot…"

"Considering that's where all the blood is, I'm not surprised, idiot."

"And considering how fast your heart is going… haa…"

"Shh… relax, Naruto. You're too tense."

"H-hurts… Sa—aah… ow… S-Sasuke, I—"

"L-let go, Naruto, I can't pull out when you're hugging me this tightly—"

"No… don't."


"Keep g-going. I can handle it. Please, Sasuke."

"Mmh… Loosen up, Naruto. Breathe. Take a deep breath. You'll hurt both of us unless you relax…"

"I'm trying, I just… ohh…"

"Just like that. Is it helping?"

"Yeah, I – how did you know?"

"That you like when people play with your hair? I've been doing it for years, idiot. You're not as good at hiding your enjoyment as you think you are."

"Mm… aah – shit, Sasuke, are you all the way in?"

"Yeah. Fuck… you're so tight… C-can I move?"

"Please do. I… haah… That feels good…"

"I'm – nnh – glad. Naruto…"


"I love you."

"I – aanh…"

"I love you more than anything, Naruto. You're my – nnh – my everything. You can't imagine… how much I missed you, how much I worried these past two weeks… How much I've wanted to make love to you… To show you everything I feel…"

"S-Sasuke… please…"

"I'm sorry for hurting you. For confusing you. You're not – mad at me, for – haah – for two weeks ago, are you?"

"How could I be mad at you? When you make me feel so – good—!"


"Right there, do that again – yeah, just – fuck, don't stop—"

"Shit… you're clenching already, it's – I'm not gonna last… N-Naruto…"

"Y-you too? I haven't even t-touched myself yet, and I think I'm gonna… Aah! Fuck – shit – you still have lube on your hand, it's – nngh!"

"Come on, Naruto – come for me – look at me, look into my eyes—"


"I love you, Naruto—"

"Shit, I – I can't hold it, I – aah!"

"Fuck – fuck, you're squeezing again – wait, d-don't bite my neck, if you do I'll c—hnn—!"

"Haah… Sasu…ke – Ow, get off of me."

"…Sorry, Naruto, I came inside you…"

"It – it's alright, I just… haah… shit, I can feel it…"


"What? Sasuke! Stop laughing, what's so funny! Sasukeeee!"

"S-sorry. It's just… Naruto… I love you so much…"

"I – I…"

"…You don't, do you?"

"Sasuke, I—"

"It's… it's okay. I understand."


"Thank you, Naruto. F-for everything."

"D-don't – don't cry! I – Sasuke, please, don't—"

"I-it's fine, r-really… I j-just…"


"D-don't hug me so tight, you're – h-hurting me…"

"I… I'm sorry, Sasuke. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Then let go."

"That's not what I meant. I – I think… I think I love you too."

"W-what do you mean, you think? You do or you don't. You don't have to say it for my sake."

"No, listen. I've… never loved anyone before. I don't know what it means, or what it entails, or what it feels like. But I know you mean more to me than anyone else in the world. I know you're the one person I care about the most. And… I think that's what love is."

"…Yeah. That sounds about right."

"Where did you learn what love is, Sasuke?"

"I… don't know. I think everyone has their own definition. I knew what I felt for you long before I could put a name to it. It… The one word doesn't do it justice."



"Can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

"When – when I told you I was having dreams about gay sex. And you asked, 'You've been having dreams about guys?' Well, the answer is technically no."

"But you said—"

"My exact wording was that I've been having dreams about being with a guy. A guy. Just one – always the same one."


"You know already."

"Say his name."


Thus ends the two-shot. Hope you enjoyed it!

I think it got easier to write in just dialogue this time around, simply due to practice. On the other hand, I took a bit of a break from this and when I came back after writing Two Face, I got a little muddled up again.

I'm going to indulge in a little ego boost here – I simply could not write anything after the end, though I feel like there's something I hadn't yet wrapped up. For some reason it just seems so perfect, this ending, like it sums up everything that needs to be said. Is Naruto gay? Does he love Sasuke? Did he enjoy their first time together? It's all there. I could have probably written for another half a page, but… oh, I just HAD to leave it where it is.

Incidentally, there is not nearly as much kissing and whispering as I would have liked, simply because dialogue-only stories hate that stuff man. I will fight them FOREVER D Actually that's a lie. I'll just probably never write a dialogue story again. Too much work. But it was definitely worth it to do it once. Twice. Whatever.

Thanks for reading!