Weeks turned into months and months into years and Harry was growing. The local Aboriginal wizards had ways of finding magical places, they had stumble onto the English wizards and had become friends with them. Knowing that they were hiding the locals never told anyone else that they were there.

On Harry's seventh birthday several of the children and their families came to play. The children were playing tag and some native games in the cavernous arena while the adults sat and talked. One old woman was watching Harry intently and it was making Lily a bit nervous. She asked the woman beside her about the older woman.

The woman said, "That is our oldest and wisest elder. She has great interest in your son because he is so powerful for one so young. She also says he is wiser than many adults she knows."

The old woman moved over to Lily and spoke. When she did all the adults stopped to listen. But Lily couldn't understand her so the same woman as before translated, "She wants to know how many animals he can turn into."

Lily was thunderstruck, how did the woman know. An older man of the tribe smiled and said, "She may have no eye sight but she sees."

Lily looked at James and he nodded so she said, "Every animal we have shown him, he can become."

The old woman cackled and spoke again, "Even the ancient Merlin had limits, have you tried magical animals?"

Lily said, "Yes."

The old woman grew serious, "Can he do magic in animal form?"

Lily looked at James again and he nodded, "Yes, he has in magical animal form, we have not tested his non-magical animals yet."

She thought for a moment and said, "Bring him to me."

Lily looked worriedly at James but he called Harry, when he got there James said, "Harry this lady wishes to speak to you."

Harry sat in front of her and smiled politely and said, "Hello."

She smiled toothlessly at Harry, "There are many animals in you."

Harry said, "Yes ma'am."

She said, "You may call me Telly"

Harry said, "Yes, Telly"

Telly said, "You seem like a good boy, are you?"

Harry said, "I try to always be good."

Telly smiled again, "For your birthday I will give you a blessing is that ok?"

Harry was confused, "I don't know what a blessing is, will it hurt?" She shook her head and he said, "Ok."

The woman who translated said, "You must sit very still in the circle she is drawing. Keep your eyes closed even when you see lights moving around. She may get loud and stomp on the ground around you but she means no harm and you will be safe. Don't be scared ok."

Harry said, "Ok." Then sat in the circle that Telly drew for him.

By this time all the children had gathered sitting with their parents. The old man that spoke before said, "This is a very good thing. She only blesses very special people and special good things happen to and with them."

Telly walked around Harry,"So you have already found your soul mate."

Harry wanted to ask what a soul mate was but he wasn't sure if it was ok so he stayed silent. Telly walked around him for several minutes and said, "Good you are patient, ask your question."

Harry asked "What's a soul mate?"

Telly said, "The girl who is in your heart."

Harry said, "Oh, you mean Ginny."

The Potter group was astounded, how could Harry remember her he had been seventeen months old the last time he had seen her.

Telly said, "You have not seen her in a long time."

Harry said, "No I have not seen her in years but we talk every night when were asleep."

Telly said, "The distance allows you to only talk, when you are closer you could feel each other's emotions too, it can be unsettling at first."

Harry said, "I'll be sure and warn her of that."

Telly smiled her widest yet and said, "I will start now try not to move please and no more questions."

Harry sat perfectly still in the middle of the circle as Telly blessed him with her best blessing.

Every since his seventh birthday Harry had been asking his parents when they would see Ginny again. No matter how they tried to deflect the question he would always come back to it.

James finally asked, "What about Neville, Ron and the other boys."

Harry said, "Well of course I want to see them too, when we see Ginny we have to see them too they live in the same house, except Neville. But he's close. Please! Please! Please!"

Finally he got Sirius and Remus to help him. Harry and Sirius transformed into their dogs and looked with puppy dog eyes as Remus said, "Please! Anything to get them to stop whining."

James finally relented then Sirius threw in, "No flying this time. I really don't want to end up a little wet spot in the middle of the ocean."

Harry laughed, "Well you wouldn't be a little wet spot, you would just blend in with the rest of the water."

Remus and James busted out laughing and Sirius pretended to pout, "Huh, fine Godson I have."

As they were preparing to leave James started with a steady stream of reminders to Harry, "No animagus transformations."

Harry replied, "But Ginny already knows, I'm an animagus."

James said, "But the rest don't and we don't want to give anyone a heart attack. And no magic."

Harry replied, "But Ginny already knows, I can do magic."

James said, "Yes but the rest don't and you have the trace on you and that would be a bad thing. You know Ginny can't do magic at home. This place here is special. No rolling in the dirt with Sirius either."

Harry replied, "But Ginny already knows…"

James was exasperated, "I know Ginny knows but no one else does. Please just follow my rules huh."

Harry nodded but wasn't enthusiastic about it. Remus said, "Maybe he can show Ginny some of his forms under very controlled circumstances. What do you think James?"

James smirked at Remus, "As long as you are controlling those circumstances I guess that would be ok. But Harry it has to be Remus not Sirius got it?"

Harry grinned and nodded and when James turned his back Harry gave Remus a high five.

James had installed a floo for the network in the hut upstairs. They were in disguise when they used it to get to the Australian Ministry to catch an international portkey. They were planning on an English Christmas and Harry was hoping for snow.

While they were waiting for their turn at the portkey office James and Lily were quietly talking a few paces from Harry, Remus and Sirius. James whispered, "We are going to have to tell the Weasleys about the soul mate thing."

Lily whispered, "Maybe Ginny has already told them."

Harry walked forward and whispered, "We agreed not to tell anyone anything a long time ago. We didn't think anyone would believe us any way. She knows you all have found out but she hasn't said anything."

Remus and Sirius were snickering a few feet away. James frowned at them, but Lily smiled and thanked Harry for letting them know. Their cover names were called and they stepped up to take the portkey to Ireland.