I missed AkuRoku day TT_TT I started writing this yesterday, originally going to be an AkuRoku day one-shot, but I decided to make it multi-chaptered instead. It was supposed to be for yesterday, but oh well.

Summary: Axel and Roxas were good friends. Axel stabs Roxas in the back, Axel and Roxas hate eachother. Simple right? Wrong. It's a lot more complicated when a certain roxas knows a secret that'll change Axel's life and he's threatening to tell everyone.


My name's Roxas, Roxas Strife. Right now, I'm 18 years old. Blonde, blue eyes, short, and fair skinned. Girls drool over me, want to hug and kiss me, simply adore me. But did I mention I was gay? Yup, I'm gay, I let everyone know it too. People don't talk to e much because of my sexuality, but they do stare and whisper. Do I care? No.

Three years ao, I was in my second year of high school. It was the year I found out I was gay, and the year my friends ditched me because of it. I wasn't too happy about it, but I recovered quickly. But something good did come out of that year. I met Axel, who became one of my only friends. He was a senior, but he talked to me anyway. We met in secret everyday at 7:00 for exactly an hour.

After talking for about a month, he told me the reason why he wanted to talk to me in the first place. He made me swear on my life to keep the secret, and I haven't told anyone. No matter how much I wanted to after what he did around christmas. It's something I really don't like thinking about, but I do anyway. Well to sum up what he did I'll just say this.

He called me after two years without any form of communication, he told me the name of a website. he told me that he was getting a new phone. I looked up the website, and want to know what I saw? I saw a picture of my face, under it was the caption 'Don't talk to this guy or you'll catch the gay virus!' Under that was a long article. It had everything I ever told Axel in it, it called me a homo fairy, a fag, and boring. As if the fact an article wasn't bad enough, I saw who wrote the article. Axel Flynn.

I turned off the computer and went to sit on my bed. I rubbed my eyes, and I hate to admit this, but I cried. Our friendship was a lie, everythig he told me was a lie, he played with me, then ripped my heart out. I never really thought about his motives, i only thought about how much I hate him, and how big a jerk he is.

Turns out people in my school loved that website, and they saw the article. They laughed at me and made fun of me, not even my old friends like Hayner would hold back when insulting me. that was the day my life fell apart really. My dad refused to move somewhere else, he told me to go somewhere far away for college. And that's the plan. I'm going to an all purpose college on Destiny Islands, it's about six hours away on plane.

It'll have to work. So I'm going to stay there until the breaks come around, when they do, I'll come home and visit.

...End introduction...

I adjusted my grip on the two large duffel bags as I walked down the hall of Destiny islands Univeristy. The walls were a white, and the carpet was a light blue. The were a lot of peopple in the hallways, and a lot of new people looking for their rooms. Out of everyone there, I got the most stares. I guess the article was well known here. I walked down the halls of the dorm building.

Besides me was some kid I met in the main building and agreed to find our rooms with. He was wearing a white shirt with a smiley face on it. His hair was a carmel brown and his blue eyes were a lot like mine. He told me his name was Sora Gainsborough.

"I'm excited! I didn't even expect to get into college. No one else did either. Hey, Roxas, where did you say you were from again?" He asked. I turned to look at his childish face.

"I didn't. I'm from Twilight Town. About six hours or so away" I told him. He nodded and surprisingly didn't say anything about it right away.

"Isn't Twilight Town the place with that ice-cream?" He asked again.

"Yeah. It's called Sea-Salt Ice-cream." I told him.

"It's six hours away?" He asked immediatly after. I nodded.

"Well why did you come over here?" He asked a question, once again. Sora is different than other people, he seemed nicer and warmer, like you can trust him as soon as you meet him. He didn't seem to know about the article either, because he wasn't staring at me. But, if I do, he might stare at me and not talk to me.

"I wanted to go and see the world." I lied. I would honestly prefer to stay only see Twilight Town, but not with everyone else who read the article around. Sora nodded and turned his attention back to walking down the hall. I looked at all of the people too, we didn't reach the rooms yet, but we did pass the dorm sitting areas.

"I'd want to go around and see the world too! Maybe go to Radiant Garden, or maybe you could show me Twilight Town!" He chirped. For some reason, I found the way he said that incredibly funny. I laughed and Sora pouted, puffing out his cheeks. I laughed even more.

"What's so funny?" He asked. Some people looked at us, some didnt.

"Your face Sora!" I told him. A few seconds later I stopped laughing and we didn't say much to eachother. We reached the actual dorms and new students were going into rooms. I reached the door that I was sharing with someone else and stopped in front of it. Sora stopped at the next door and laughed.

"Cool! Our rooms are next to eachother." He laughed and I nodded. I set one bag down and dug the key out of my pocket. I unlocked the door and pushed it open a little bit, then piicked up my other bag and walked into the room.

It was somewhat small with two beds off to on wall, two desks and chairs, with a small tv in the corner. There were clothes on the floor. That didn't bother me, it was the person in the room who bothered me. I back out of the room and walked to the place Sora stopped at.

I set down my bag and knocked on the door. There was some talking from the other side. The door opened to reveal a tall boy with silver hair and aqua eyes opened the door. He stared at me, and his aqua eyes seemed to harden somewhat.

"Get out of here. You have the wrong room. I wouldn't have you stay here anyway." He said. Ha, so he knew me. The gay Roxas Strife. I smiled sourly.

"Ha, so you know who I am. I'm here for Sora actually." I told him. He nodded. He leaned on the door frame and turned around.

"SORA! You have a visitor!" He yelled. He turned back towards me, and I heard someone dropping something. Sora appeared in the door besides Riku, he smiled at me.

"Hey Roxas! Do you need something?" He asked.

"Yeah. Umm, can you change rooms?" I asked him. He thought about it and turned to Riku.

"No." Riku answered for him. I frowned.

"Okay." I said. Sora looked at me concern in his eye.

"Why? Something happen?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Nah, I was just wondering. Bye Sora." I waved. Sora walked back into the room and I was left with Riku.

"I don't want you talking to Sora. I don't want you to make him like you." He said before slamming the door. I picked up my bags and walked back to my room. I opened it and didn't look at Axel. He was staring at me but I wasn't looking at him. I walked towards the bed when I noticed that both of the beds had sheets and bedspreads.

"Is someone else staying here?" I asked more to myself than to Axel. Axel heard me and decided to answer.

"Nope. DI University doesn't have a lot of people, so they buy that stuff for everyone. You keep them until you graduate." He told me, and I nodded. So they got me pink and brown sheets, and Axel got red ones. I guess they must have though 'Hey, let's get the gay guy girl sheets, he'll appreciate it.'

I set the bag with my clothes on the bed and placed the one with my bed sheets under the desk to my left. I sat on my bed and bounced up and down. The silence in the room was awkward and made me shift around. Please don't let him say anything. Please, don't let him say anything.

"So, are you still gay?" He asked it like it was nothing, like he was asking about the weather just to fill up lack of conversation. I turned to look at him. he wasn't facing me anymore, he was facing the tv. His hair was to just under his shoulders now, no longer reaching mid back. He, if possible, seemed even skinnier. And that's when I saw it, on the back of his neck, only visible through gaps in his hair layers, was the number eight in roman numerals. My thoughts went back to the conversation he was trying to make.

"Are you still a lying bastard?" I asked in an overly sweet tone. He laughed, throwing his head back. He turned towards me, and I saw two more tattoos on his face. Under each of his eyes were purple upside down teardrops.

"If you can call me a lying bastard, I get to give you a nickname too." He put a finger onto his chin and looked at the ceiling pretending to think. "How about I call you, Fag-Boy?" I glared at him and laughed without humor.

There was a knock on the door and Axel ran to it like his life depended on it. He opened the door and high-fived an unseen person. Axel moved out of the way to reveal a tall person about Axel's age. His hair was a sandy blond and styled like a mullet with a Mohawk on top. His eyes were blue, having an airy look to it. Axel's best friend, Demyx Glyss.

He saw me sitting on the bed and smiled. He walked over with Axel by his side and ruffled my hair.

I growled and glared at him.

"Isn't it our one and only gay!" He said. Wait. I smirked and looked at Axel who was watching me. I looked at Demyx and crossed my arms.

"Hey Demyx, want to know something interesting about Axel?"I taunted. I tried not to look at Axel, but I think I should have to see his hand coming to cover my mouth. His hand was over my mouth, and he smiled quickly at Demyx.

"Dem, can you?" Axel didn't need to say any more because they knew eachother so well. Demyx nodded and walked out of the room, and I saw a tattoo just like Axel's on the back of his neck, except his said nine, not eight.

When the door closed he took his hand away from my mouth. He glared at me and crossed his arms.

"You were going to tell weren't you?" I scoffed at that. I folded my arms.

"You told the whole world my secrets." I told him. There's no way he could deny that.

"This is different. You swore on your life, you can't say anything." He replied immediatley.

"Watch me." I said leaning forward. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them they were like a green blaze.

"Roxas, you just can't tell anyone. Got it memorized?" He almost yelled, but not really.

"Why not?" I asked him. He closed his eyes again, he opened them and they were back to normal.

"Please, Roxas. Just, don't." He was pleading now. A thought popped into my head and I smiled.

"I'll make a deal. You don't piss me off, and your secret stays with me." I stuck out my hand, and it was about five seconds before he shook it.

"Fine, deal. You have to get out of here. Come back in an hour." I sighed and got up walking towards the door. I opened it and walked out. Demyx looked at me, then Axel who was standing near the door.

"Dude, Ax, what was that about?" He asked.

"Nothing. He was just making up some shit." The door slammed closed, and I was left standing in front of it. Sora wasn't around, and I have a feeling Riku would break my arm if I knocked on the door again, so I walked down the hall. I guess I could go and look around the Dorm sitting areas.

I took my phone out of my pocket and pressed the one button. I brought it to my ear and waited for my dad to pick up.

"Cloud Strife's phone. I can't answer right now, I'll call you back. Bye." There was a long beep and I groaned.

"Hey dad, I just wanted to talk about the stuff here. Call me back as soon as you get this, and I'm pretty sure you know my number." I pressed the end button and slipped the phone back into my pocket.

I turned left which was hopefully the way the leading to the Dorm Sitting areas. And I walked right into someone. I fell on my back and closed my eyes. I groaned and opened my eyes. There was a hand in my face. I accepted it and stood up brushing off my pants.

I looked at who I walked into and screamed. I screamed loud. His blond hair, blue eyes, his face and body.

He looked exactly like me!

Hope you like it! Wooot! AkuRoku rocks!