Waluigi and Bowser Jr. were at a beautiful seaside beach, which was presumed to be Seaside Hill, having Izzy with them as they were with Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper, who offered the gang breakfast for lunch. As Waluigi and Bowser Jr. munched down on their bacon and toast, Izzy swallowed all of her pancakes with ease, asking for more.

"Why, you're quite the eater." Petey remarked as his interest perked up, cooking up more pancakes, bacon, eggs, and toast, while Gooper handled the different fruit flavored juices.

Izzy nodded in agreement as she revealed her empty plate, which had crumbs of the pancakes she devoured. "Indeed. Now how 'bout some more pancakes?"

Waluigi blinked several times as he stared at Izzy in shock. "Jeeze, Izzy, settledown. It's just pancakes."

Izzy giggled as she dropped the plate, waving her right hand at Waluigi. "But they're so delicious! I can't help myself!" She winked as she stuck out her tongue.

"Maybe if you took your time with it..." Bowser Jr. suggested under his breath as he guzzled down his orange juice.

"Well..." Izzy grabbed her plate as a new batch of pancakes covered with delicious brown syrup was placed on. Looking at it for a few seconds, Izzy guzzled it all down her throat, letting out a satisfying belch, which shocked Gooper, Waluigi, and Bowser Jr. Petey laughed as he applauded Izzy's belch and eating habits.

"Why, she's just like me when I was a young teenager." Petey complimented as he stopped clapping, sighing while slowly shaking his head. "Oh, how the years have come and gone."

Waluigi chuckled as he thought of something, rubbing his chin while closing his eyes. "Wait a minute... something just hit me!" He gasped as he stood up, snapping his fingers quickly as he turned to Bowser Jr. "We gotta do some errands today, Junior!"

"Huh? We do?" Bowser Jr. gawked as he had a confused expression on his face.

"Yes, we do, you idiot reptile!" Waluigi said as he pounded Bowser Jr. on the head, turning to face Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper as he placed his hands on his skinny hips. "Petey, Gooper, do you think you two can watch Izzy for us while we're gone?"

Petey nodded coolly as he folded his arms. "Oh, certainly, Waluigi."

Gooper nodded as he flipped some more pancakes with his rear tentacles while he folded his front tentacles. "You go on with your adventures. We'll make sure Crazy Izzy here doesn't do anything wild. Or insane."

Izzy perked up as she glared back at Gooper. "Hey, I'm not that insane!" As soon as she said that, she started belching sea greenish bubbles. "Hey, I must have ate that bar of soap at the clubhouse after all!"

Waluigi and Bowser Jr. looked at each other as they glanced at Petey and Gooper, who did the same. The four then all said goodbye to each other as Waluigi and Bowser Jr. headed westward within Seaside Hill, while Petey and Gooper watched as Izzy continued belching out more soap bubbles, muchy to her enjoyment.

"You know, maybe leaving Izzy behind wasn't such a good idea..." Bowser Jr. told Waluigi as he started rubbing his right elbow nervously.

Waluigi chuckled as he wrapped his left lanky arm around Bowser Jr., patting him on the head. "Don't worry about it! I'm sure she'll do fine!"

Meanwhile, the group of four black clothed ninjas were making their way on the wide open green meadows, the sun shining the clear blue sky brightly as they all sensed Izzy's presence, heading westward.

"Will we be able to catch her?" The second ninja asked.

"Only if we get there in time, will we." The third ninja ensured.

"But what if she's long gone by then? Shouldn't we be wasting our time?" The fourth ninja questioned.

The first ninja coughed a bit as he concluded, "Regardless of the consequences, we must find that wild girl and apprehand her before she does anything more crazy!"

The four ninjas then all shouted in unison as they continued dashing westward.