"Get in the closet House."

House looked at Wilson, horrified, and began shaking his head.

"No Wilson, I can't..."

"Of course you can House. Come on." Wilson reached over and took his cane away, placing his hand over House's forearm to tug him along. House resisted, his heels digging into the floor. Wilson turned and looked at him, face stern.

"Now you want to be a good boy don't you House? You don't want me to have to punish you again."

House wanted to be a good boy, he wanted to be Wilson's good boy. He didn't want to be discovered by the Board of Directors of the hospital crouched in a closet. Wilson tugged on his arm again, and House began to slowly move. They stopped in front of the closet and Wilson opened the door.

"It's just a closet House. We've done this plenty of times before. You know it makes me feel good when I have you in the closet. In you go. Unless you want to safe word."

House did want to say his safe word, very much. The thought of spending the evening in the closet while the Board members were only feet away paralysed him. He could safe word and Wilson would give him his cane back. He would leave, go home to his empty apartment knowing that he had disappointed Wilson and let his him down.

"House? Do you want to safe word?"

House stared at the ground and shook his head.

"Then get in the closet."

House shuffled into the closet and sat down on the ground. He whimpered as his sore buttocks made contact with the carpet. Wilson petted his hair.

"You're such a good boy House, doing this for me. You know how much I love it. I don't have restraints in here so you will have to do without them. Do you think you will be okay without being restrained?"

House nodded, now he was here he wasn't intending on moving until the dinner party was long over.

"Good boy." Wilson kneeled down and kissed him, his hands roaming all over House's body, arousing him. "You need to keep quiet and be still, okay?"

House turned his mouth into Wilson's hand, nuzzling at his fingers. Wilson allowed that for a few moments and then gently pushed House back into place.

"That's enough House. You be my good boy now. I don't want to have to punish you again."

Wilson quickly left the closet, shutting the door firmly behind him. House closed his eyes and counted to a thousand as he always did, calming himself down. He didn't much like being shut in a closet in his own apartment, here it was worse. There was nothing familiar here, not even restraints on the wall holding him in place.

He could faintly hear Wilson moving around in the large dining room, setting the dinner placings for his guests. Then the doorbell rang and House froze in place. He heard Wilson open the door, greeting his guest and ushering them into the house. As they passed the closet door he heard her voice. Cuddy.

They stopped outside his door. House wondered if Wilson would be the perfect host and take whatever outer jacket Cuddy was wearing and offer to hang it up in the closet. The door would open and Cuddy would see him sitting in here. Would Wilson offer to share House with Cuddy? House was sure that Cuddy would enjoy punishing him. He pictured her standing behind him in her stilettos and thrashing him with his own cane while he was bent over her office desk and Wilson stood watching silently in the background.

The door knob began to turn and House started to get up, trying to come up with some plausible reason for being in Wilson's closet. Then he heart Wilson's voice murmuring something and the door knob was released. They moved away from the door and down the hall.

House slumped down, shaking, his heart pounding. He wished now that he was bound, it would be easier to keep in place with the restraints. The restraints reminded him that he had no choice in the matter, and that Wilson had full control over him. It made it easier to sit in a closet quietly until Wilson was ready to take him out.

Over the next few minutes all the guests arrived. Wilson brought them all past the closet, his voice ringing out loudly. House pictured each one of the stuffy Board members, pictured their faces as they flung open the door and saw the hospital's most infamous Doctor sitting on the floor of a closet.

The door didn't open and House wasn't discovered.

House relaxed slightly as they obviously all began to enjoy the meal Wilson had prepared for them. House was hungry. The little bites of food he had from Wilson's hand had been appetising, he wanted some food and he wanted Wilson, it was cold and lonely in the closet now he wasn't terrified of being discovered.

The door being flung open suddenly caught him by surprise, he'd been lost in his own thoughts and hadn't heard approaching footsteps. He gasped and shrunk back against the wall.

"Shh..." A hand was placed over his mouth. "They'll hear you and you don't want that do you?"

Wilson was there, carrying a plate of food. He removed his hand and quickly popped a couple of morsels into House's mouth.

"You're being very good House. The evening is going well, I love sitting there talking to those idiots and just thinking that I have you in here." As House finished the food he opened his mouth again and Wilson slipped another piece in, House licked at Wilson's fingers as they lingered near his mouth.

"Okay, I'd better go before they come looking for me." Wilson gave him a quick kiss then backed out and shut the door firmly. House whimpered quietly, feeling the loss of Wilson's company.

The rest of the evening took a long time to pass for House but eventually the guests started to leave, House sat in frozen anticipation as they all passed his hiding place. Maybe Wilson had told them all that House was in here, maybe they would all be standing there when Wilson brought him out to play with. Maybe Cuddy would be there, ready to take her revenge for all the trouble he had caused her over the years.

The door opened again, wide this time. Wilson looked down at him.

"Come on, out you come."

House stared up at him, frozen in fear. Wilson reached down and pulled on his arm and House stumbled to his feet, legs threatening to collapse under him. Throwing one of House's arms over his shoulder Wilson led the way to the dining room. There were no guests there. Just the remains of the dinner strewn over the table.

Wilson half carried him over to the table and pushed him forward so that his chest was lying on the table, the remains of the meal around him. Wilson came around behind House and undid his pants and pushed those and his undershorts down to his ankles.

"Spread your legs House." He murmured, his hands already working at House's asshole, pushing lubricant in. "I've been thinking of this all evening. Eating dinner with those bores and thinking of fucking you over the table. I love you when you're like this, I love that I can do anything with you."

Wilson pounded into him as House stared at the plates on the table. He loved being fucked like this. Being taken and owned by Wilson. He was Wilson's good boy, he had pleased him tonight.

When Wilson was finished he pulled House upright and walked him down to the bedroom and laid him on Julie's half of the bed. Slipping a couple of Vicodin into House's mouth he laid down next to him and hugged him tightly.

"You're mine House. Don't ever forget that."

House wouldn't.