There the fire prince stood, his long black hair almost the length of his shoulders. His gold eyes stared angrily ahead with his eyebrow furrowed in annoyance. Sweat beads ran down his face, making almost a shine to his pale complexion as he tried to catch his rapid breath. He faced his opponent with his arms up, ready for any attack, showing the muscles he had through his short-sleeve shirt.

"Zuko I believe you did enough training for today," Uncle Iroh interrupted his nephew followed by a sip of his hot jasmine tea. "Why don't you sit and relax. Maybe join me by having a nice cup of tea." A soft growl was heard from Zuko as he kept his eyes pinned onto his challenger.

"Uncle, you know I need to train myself to be able to capture the Avatar" he answered through clenched teeth; trying to keep his voice down. Zuko knelt down, putting pressure on one leg. He started spinning in a circle shooting fire out the other foot towards his rival.

The poor guy who Zuko was competing against quickly threw his arms up to deflect the attack. It really didn't do well. He was thrown back a few feet until he hit his back against the ship's wall.

"Zuko you did enough. The guy is exhausted from the two-hour training. It's time to take a break!" Iroh finally raised his voice. He couldn't watch the battle go on any longer. He watched as Zuko threw his arms down to his side before turning to walk away.

"It will be your fault if I can't capture him!" he yelled while poking his uncle's chest with his pointer finger. Silence fell between everyone before Zuko took his gaze away from his uncle eyes. He couldn't handle the fact that his uncle emotions stayed the same, while he was fuming inside. "I'm going to my room if you need me" He forced his voice to calm down as he lightly shoved past Iroh.

"Maybe ginseng tea would fit him better." Iroh spoke to himself while watching his nephew disappear in the ship. "What do you think?" he asked, bringing his attention to the guy Zuko knocked down, who was now helping himself off the ground.

Zuko, after getting out of his clothes, but still in his boxers, slammed the door to his bathroom. He was sweaty and smelled after the non-stop battle. He turned the shower on to cold. He had enough of the heat, besides if the water was too chilly, he could always heat up his body.

The water on his heated skin felt amazing he had to admit. It took the pain away from his training exercise, but it didn't take the pain from the fail attempts of capturing the avatar. He leaned his back against the cool tile, which sent a quick shiver up his spine. His eyes closed, and he let the water run down his naked body.

A sudden, but faint knock broke his thought. His eyes shot open as he pushed himself away from the shower's wall. Irritation ran through his mind, because he was actually feeling laid back for once, but it never stayed with him.

"What!" he yelled over the water. He knew it had to be his uncle, because the crew mates knew they weren't allowed to knock on his bedroom door, unless with an important notice.

"Zuko, it's Iroh. I just got informed from the lookout guy of sighting of the avatar's bison landing on the Island coming up" His uncle spoke back through the metal door that separated the two. Zuko didn't hesitate. He turned the water off and rushed out of the shower; his foot slipping a little when making contact to the metal floor. He almost made the mistake of opening the door without a towel, but caught himself fast.

"Tell the guards to be ready to leave" he ordered Iroh at the same time as opening the door that was between them. His hair was dripping wet, but his face had a cold look to it as he held the towel closed around his waist. Uncle Iroh nodded his head before taking off. 'This time I won't fail' Zuko sternly told himself.

Zuko walked onto the deck fully dressed in his armor. Ten guards were neatly lined up in front of him in an "at ease position." Though he was pleased with their readiness, he wasn't with the time that has been wasted with him getting ready.

"We are going to search for the avatar on the island. I will have three of you with me, and the rest of you will separate to look for the avatar," he watched their face to see if they all understood his command so far. "If you come across him, then I want you to capture the avatar and seize the two southern water tribe people, because they will put up a fight."

"Yes Prince Zuko!" they all shouted in unison.

"I will want you back here in sixty minutes. Now go!" They all ran off the ship, besides three who stuck with him.

Zuko and the three guards walked in diamond formation with him in front. Thirty minutes has passed, and the banished prince was starting to get impatient. 'The Island isn't that big. Where could he be?' The three guards who were following him, watched as he fisted his hands into a tight ball; no doubt digging his nails into the skin of his palm. Zuko spun around on his heels, his guards preparing themselves to be yelled at, but no sound came out. Instead, they saw him hold up his right hand, silently to tell them not to speak.

Splashing could be heard from behind the bush that was next to the four. Zuko replaced his held up flat palm with his pointer finger as he quietly peeked through the hedge. What he saw bought a smirk across his face. He may have not found the avatar, but he did find someone who will bring him the avatar, even if it was by force; Katara.

"Wait here," he commanded the men. "Unless I call for you." Like a cat, he maneuvered around the plants that blocked him, until he reached the edge of the river. Undetected, he quietly entered the somewhat chill water; doing the best not to make sound.

Right when his luck was going good it suddenly stopped. Katara felt the water flow hit her more than it was before, which caused her to turn around, with a water whip by her side. It was a failed attempt on her side, because Zuko seized the attack by grabbing both her wrist. He worked quickly once having both her arms. He put both arms in one hand and used his free one to cover her mouth.

"It would be wise not to scream water peasant," he whispered in her ear ever so lightly; sending a chill through her nerves. "I want you to make it easy and tell me where the avatar is." He removed his hand from her mouth hoping, but knowing better, she would give him the answer.

"Screw off!" she yelled as she tried to back kick him. His arm suddenly wrapped around her waist without removing his other hand from restraining her wrist.

"If you are not going to tell me, then you're coming with me" he didn't want to play a game with her. If she refused once, then he knew she would continue to refuse. He had another idea in how to get his target. Zuko pushed the water girl forward, even when she firmly planted her feet on the bottom of the river. "You aren't helping yourself." He informed her. His grip tightened around her wrist as he shoved her harder.

"Asshole" She spoke the single word silently. Katara wasn't going to yell for help, because she knew better of him. Why should she put her friend and brother's life in danger? Besides she was a strong girl and much wiser than Zuko.

When he reached the waiting guards who stuck with him, he commanded them to carry her to the ship. He watched the struggling girl for a few, before taking another look around the island.

Zuko saw Iroh was waiting for him by the platform when he unsuccessfully looked for the avatar for a few more minutes. He wasn't in the mood to hear his speech of wisdom right now, but knew even if he protested it would come out any ways.

"I see you caught the water bender," his uncle started off as Zuko scratched the back of his head. "Are you aware that the guards put her in the prison cell in the bottom part of the ship?"

"Are you aware uncle, that is where the prisoners we catch go?" Zuko turned the question.

"I am."

"Then what's the problem?" he faced his uncle once on the deck.

"The problem is all the people on the ship are men. You have the only girl who has entered this ship in a cell, were any of the guards can access it"

"Yes, where else do you expect me to keep her?"

"I don't know," he began. Zuko couldn't wait to hear what his had to say. "Your room." He offered.

"Why the hell would I do that?" he couldn't believe the offer his uncle made. Was his head full of too much tea?

"I trust you my nephew, not the men on this ship." His uncle walked towards where the kitchen was. "Beside, you're the only one, besides me, that can get into your room." He walked off to his own destination; leaving the prince to ponder what was just said.

Zuko let out the well-known groan before hitting his fist against the ship's metal wall. His uncle was right, like always. It pissed him off. The water bender was a prisoner, not someone who gets special treatment for being a girl.

The fire prince opened the now occupied dark, damp cell. His eyes spotted Katara huddled in a corner at the way back of her box-shaped room. He hated this. He hated having to use her to get the avatar. He hated having to rely on getting the avatar to regain his honor.

"You girl, come with me" his choice of tone towards Katara was a cold one.

"I have a name. Any ways I would rather rot in this cell before going anywhere with you."

"That would make me smile, but that wasn't a given choice" he walked up towards her as she quickly stood up to prepare for a fight. A few punches from Katara were thrown, but he was quick with his reflex, experience learned from having a sister, while throwing her over his shoulder.

The walk to his room was a nuisance with the way Katara kept kicking and screaming at him. Since she was out of her element, she went with her alternative. Everyone Zuko passed gave him an odd look, some grinned at him, which made him know who to watch out for. Once there he immediately threw her off, not caring to be gentle.

"You are such a head-ace" he complained. Her eyebrows furrowed in anger as she rubbed her butt from the stinging pain.

"You are a sore to my eyes and ears" she shot back. Her head looked up to him as he shut the door to his room. "If you pull anything your room will be the last thing you see" She pushed herself up off the cold floor, brushing the dust off her somewhat soaked dress.

Her blue eyes looked at what the room provided. There were two metal doors which she guessed to be the bathroom and closet. Then she spotted the bed that was in the middle of the room with red and gold sheets. Her eyes ran over it once she spotted two swords displayed between the two metal doors she first spotted in the beginning of her examining; dual dao swords. It wasn't the end of her interest in what was in the room. Fire banners hung on the closet door, candles in every corner of the bedroom to illuminate it, and finally. A wooden chair with a red cushion sat in the corner close to the door that exited the room.

"Don't get your hopes up" he replied to what she demanded. Her head whipped back to glaze into his eyes; trying to guess what he was thinking. She couldn't read anything. With a sigh escaping her lips she walked over towards the chair, she had spotted last. "What are you doing?"

"I'm preparing to fly" she sarcastically answered while taking a seat.

"Do you need to be reminded that you are a prisoner, not some guest who can do whatever they want" Zuko took a few steps towards her until he was standing in front of the chair, now towering over her.

"You may have captured me, but I don't have to listen to a word that comes out of your mouth. You aren't my friend." She may not have her element right now, but she had her will. Her eyes, filled with shock, widened. Zuko in one swift movement had his face so close to her that their noses were almost touching. He had placed both hands, tightly squeezing the wood, on the arm rest of the chair; blocking her from escaping.

"I can throw you right into the cell were you can rot like you wanted" he spoke through clenched teeth. The candles flickered wildly with his temper.

"I would be better off their"

"I doubt it with the guys on the ship" she could feel his warm breath hit her face. A light pink touched her cheek, but he didn't catch it. He felt her nervous sigh leave through her nose; her mouth sealed closed with anger. With nothing more to say he moved away from her. 'Such an annoying girl'

Zuko walked towards the bathroom, not to take a shower, but to escape her sight. He did think about leaving his room in all, but right now he needed to stay here; incase the water bender tried to do anything.

When Katara saw Zuko disappear completely behind the bathroom door she took action in her own hand. Without hesitation or worry of being caught, she sprinted towards the door that led out of the room.

"Of course!" her voice volume rose with annoyance. The door was locked, but she didn't remember him locking it. "Probably locks when it's shut" she spoke to herself out loud. Her head looked around for another escape route, but with no windows in this new prison, there wasn't any other way to escape.

She slowly walked back to the chair in defeat. 'He won for now' she thought once her eyes hit the two swords hanging on the wall. 'But I will destroy him'

Katara must have dozed off, because when she woke up the bathroom door was open. Her still sleepy eyes looked around the room, but she couldn't see him. 'Probably left' she told herself disappointed at herself for falling asleep. Her eyes hit the bed, the bed that was calling her name, silently so she only heard.

It's been so long since she slept in something warm and comfortable. It was always the floor when traveling with her brother and Aang, but a change was nice. The only thing stopping her was the fact that it was Zuko's bed.

'I don't hear any sign of him coming' her mind spoke to her. 'Go' as if something taking control of her body, she started towards the bed. No matter, how many times she went against her mind in words, her body kept proceeding.

Before she knew it herself, her fingers were pulling the covers away. It felt cool and smooth. As she crawled inside she could feel the warmth rays coming from under the blanket.

Zuko entered his room with his hands full of a thin blue sheet and a white pillow. To him, he thought the floor was good enough for the girl, but his uncle thought otherwise. Any ways, who could go against a guy who uses an example of the time you yourself got sick for sleeping on the cold floor when you were nine. Zuko is who. It was no winning against Uncle Iroh.

When he didn't see Katara sitting in the chair like he last saw before leaving, his eyes moved to the lump in his bed. Who else would be lying in it except the girl who never listens to him? Zuko dropped the things out of his arms, before walking towards his now messy bed.

"Hey peasant, wake up!" he shouted. Nothing came from her, so he decided to bring his lips close to her ear. "WAKE UP!" he spoke louder. Her eyes shot open with horror of the sudden yelling, before they looked over to her left.

"What, why are you annoying?" she tiredly asked. That was until she realized were exactly she was.

"I am annoying?" Zuko started to defend himself.

"Don't you dare come closer!" she suddenly shot up from her lying position.

"I'm not giving you the satisfaction of getting in bed with you" instead he picked up the supplies he dropped and threw it at a moving Katara, who was getting out of bed.

"What am I suppose to do with these?" she asked while observing it.

"Eat it" he tiredly told her while walking around the other side of the bed. Katara stared down at the constantly used substance. It was hard, and collected temperatures, no matter what, well. Right now though it was collecting the cold.

"I'm not sleeping on the floor with just this" she held up the blue sheet in one hand and the pillow with the other.

"Well you sure aren't sleeping in my bed," he answered her statement while crawling in his bed. Forcing her to stand up, but still she stood right next to the once warm bed. "Besides, it would have been the same if you were in the cells, just dirty" She mumbled under her breath, a few words, and she would have started to walk away, except something seized her. "Listen to me water bender; you are on my ship as a prisoner. Someone who doesn't get the same respect as other, but must show respect to the higher authorities. In case you have forgotten. There is no special treatment for you, and you better start showing respect towards me" he shoved her away from his face once finished setting the guidelines.

Katara felt her heart, for once being here, pound rapidly. His eyes were like stone, and she wasn't going to like to admit it, shook a few nerves in her body, but she wouldn't show that to him.

"Yes your highness" she responded in a sour tone as she threw her back in his face while walking away. As far as she could in this medium-size room, she wanted to be away from him. Almost against the wall she finally decided to call it a night by placing her pillow and sheet down.

Before crawling under the sad looking blanket, she turned her head to see if he was still watching. 'I guess he's waiting for me' she thought while whipping her head away after catching his gaze. Her head looking at the boring wall, she could still feel his eyes penetrating her skull. It peeved her off as she clenched the blanket closer while a shiver ran violently through her body. 'I will wait until I'm sure he's asleep before taking his swords.'

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