Dear A Change of Heart readers,

This is your writer, Zutara4eva21, and I am here to let all the wondering people know what's happening with this story. As I said before in my last letter, you can't stop the bad things occurring in your life, and I am no exception to that rule. Without getting into detail, because it's my business, I will let you know what's happening with the story, since it's your business to know. I've been fixing EVERY chapter, and though I have posted the new ones up so you don't give up on me, I screwed up.

While trying to replace an old chapter with its new one, I accidently made it so the order wasn't right. Don't get me wrong I tried to fix it, but that meant deleting EVERY chapter. So from here on I need to type up all the new chapters, not including the ones I already posted, and then post it all at once so the order stays the same.

If you are wondering what are the new chapters then I will tell you. You will see if it's a new typed chapter, if on the bottom it says, "Been revised on this dateā€¦" Yes I will let you know some of the years skipped, due to my fingers hitting the wrong number, but you get the point.

I do NOT know when I'll be done with all the revising, because there are a lot of chapters to fix, and some are very long, but it is getting done.

I appreciate you guys taking your times in reading this letter and, hopefully, understanding my predicament.



P.S. The story is still, from what I am doing, is following the same idea, but there are BIG changes here and there.