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"What is this?" Battler mused as he stared at the brown box in front of him. Could this be his test? He needed to win... he needed to avenge the death of George, Jessica, and Kyrie... Beatrice would not win!

"Battler!" called a female voice. He looked up to see a blond woman on the balcony, a look challenge in her eyes. Lightning flashed ominously.

"You!" he shouted, clenching his fists. "Beatrice!"

"Battler. Your test is in that box." she smirked.

"I don't give a damn about this stupid game, or who the next head is!" His voice began to rise in volume. "I'm gonna beat the hell out of you, that damn geezer, and whoever killed everyone! Call them here now, Beatrice!"

She giggled. "I'll let you do that if you can pass your test..."

Battler sighed. "Fine. And the first prize I'll demand is your death!"

"Ufufufu... how scary! There's a letter inside that box. Read it."

Battler cautiously walked forward. There what indeed a letter, the envelope decorated with the family's one-winged eagle. The message was clear. "Sacrifice one," it read, in order to gain two."

"What the hell?" he murmured, "The second blank's even empty! Does this mean some random person will die?"

"Haha... not at all! That's where you put the name of the one you love most. Now, Battler-kun, who is it that you like?"

"I have no love for any girl in particular. Moot point. This test is over."

"YES!" Beatrice shouted, "I KNEW IT! You hold no love for any girl? Take that, Kinzo! I win the bet!"


"I KNEW THAT YOU WERE ALSO CRUSHING ON KANON-KUN! Damn, I should've waited until both you and Jessica finished your tests before I killed him off..."


"All that grabbing at girls, rude jokes, macho challenges... it was all much too over-the-top! I KNEW YOU WERE GAY FROM THE START!"

"WHAT THE HELL?" Battler dropped the letter in frustration, as he shook his fist at the 'witch' above him. "Not a chance!" After Meta-Battler subconsciously interfered by planting a limited knowledge of the rules into Game-Battler's head and Word of God did a backflip, he declared in red, "I AM NOT A HOMO!"

Beatrice suddenly ceased her yaoi fangirl squeeing and put on a much more serious face. "Dammit."

A man with inexplicable fake ram horns and medieval clothes burst into the scene in a ball of flame and shouted, "GET ON WITH IT!" He promptly vanished.

Battler furrowed his brow in annoyance. "Even if there was someone I liked, why would I tell you?"

Beatrice sighed. "I guess that means this test won't work out...Then I'll change it to a different test. "

Battler growled in anger. Would he ever get his vengeance?

"Battler Ushiromiya!" she shouted, "Now is the time to atone for the sin you committed six years ago!" She saw him blink in confusion. "Come... try to remember... Remember the sin you caused yourself six years ago!" She pointed at his, accusingly. "Remember it, confess, and repent! That's your test!"

"The sin..." he murmured, struggling to remember, "... that I committed six years ago? What the hell?"

"The test has already begun. You must either pass or fail."

"The sin I committed six years ago... You mean when I got pissed off about Dad's remarriage and abandoned the Ushiromiya family name?"

"Wrong. I have no interest in anything between you and your parents."

"Sin... not about my parents... when I was twelve..." Battler's eyes widened in realization. Could that have been it?

"Where is this? Rokkenjima! Don't you have a sin you should remember that's appropriate to our location?"

"Oh God, I know it! I should have listened to Shannon... She warned me, and now..." His voice died out.

Beatrice was puzzled. "Shannon? Did she-"



"I SWEAR IT! I had NO IDEA that Gravitation was a yaoi before I read it! I-"

"Battler. No... just no."

"Oh." He sank back into reverie... "My sin... was on this island...?" He turned and looked at the dark, angry sky, as thunder growled and the firmament was streaked by blinding white light.

"Remember!" Beatrice commanded, her cool facade slowly breaking down, "Battler Ushiromya. Being unable to remember is your sin! That's why remembering it is your test of atonement!"

"Atonement... Keira Knightley is so hot..."

The real world paused, as meta-Battler and the true Beatrice stood in their Game room. "Does this sin have something to do with you and me?" He asked. This Battler was much more confident than the one he's been watching. It may all be some trick of Beatrice's...

"Why do you think it was a sin against me?"

His face grew thoughtful. "Your eyes..."

"My eyes?"

"Your eyes... They're whispering to me, telling me to apologize..."

"Battler-kun, six years ago, you and I still hadn't met. This has no relation to any problem between you and me."

"Then who? Who have I wronged?" he shouted angrily. If it was this important, he would have remembered!

"You wronged... the universe. The cosmic balance. You have sinned. Because of your sin, people died."

"Are you saying that I killed everyone?"

"Because you committed your sin, all of these lives have been lost. You are one of the causes of this tragedy!"

Battler was shaking, and looking at his feet. "That... that can't be true!"

"What you did shouldn't even have been possible! Of course it would have repercussions like this!"

"At least give me a hint! Tell me something!"

"Fine" Red letters began forming. "Jessica asked for your help. Your sin caused the rules of all known knowledge to be bent. And you didn't even realize it until your Aunt Eva came in and harshly corrected both of you!"

"Aunt Eva..." Battler paused. This must be it. He knew that memory, but what did he do? What went wrong?

Year 1980. Guest House on Rokkenjima. Jessica Ushiromiya's bedroom.

"Battler-kun, can you help me with something?" she asked pouting, and hitting her pencil on her forehead in frustration.

"Sure. What is it? Math?"

"Yeah... You're a lot better at this stuff than I am..."

Battler sat beside her on the bed and grabbed the pencil from her fingers. "Oh! I see! here's what you did..." He gave a brief explanation, told her what the goal was, and narrated as he fixed the problem. "See? This here is your target number. And this 'x' here is what you need to get away from everything else. So you subtract this and add it over there... and then group these... and now... wait, I'm not really sure here... I think you divide by this... there! All done. here's you're answer!"

"Thanks, Battler-kun!"


"Yes, Battler-kun? Do you remember your sin?"

"... I do. You're right... I broke up reality... This is all my fault..."

Beatrice cackled evilly. "Say it! Admit your sin so the world knows to blame you!"



"...I divided by zero..."

Beatrice just couldn't hold it in any lounger. He cackle burst into a full-blown laugh of triumph! So he could remember! Maybe her opponent wasn't as stupid as he looked. "Damn right you did! Battler Ushiromiya, you must repent!"

Battler was trembling, in some odd combination of shock, sadness, and anger. "But... I didn't mean to do anything! Please! There's got to be something I can do to fix this!" he sobbed, "They can't just die! Not because of this!"

The witch threw back her head in glee. "Ha! Battler, there's nothing that you can do. I've WON! Now enter this world and stay, bathe in your guilt!"

Both Beatrice and Battler swerved as a voice shouted "NOOO!"

Beatrice gasped. "How... how did she...?"

The red-haired girl ran to battler crying. "No! Battler, you can't let this happen!"

"Are... are you... Ange?"

"Battler..." She caught herself, and quickly corrected her statement. "... That girl is six. Do I look six?"

"...No. but please! Help me fix this, if you know something I can do!"

Beatrice was furious at having her easy victory stolen from her. "There's nothing!"

Ange grabbed her brother's shoulders. "Battler, don't you see? Reality was fractured when you divided by zero, which cannot happen. You broke reality. To correct for your mistake, fantastical things have began happening, like witches, cakes falling from the sky, impossible closed-rooms... and now the world is claiming the lives of the race that broke its philosophy, starting on the island with the culprit!"

"Please... Everyone can't be dead because of me... Tell me what I can do!"

"There's only one option. In theory, the world will correct itself after everything is explained..."

A man holding a very obviously dead Norwegian Blue parrot appeared out of nowhere and shouted "GET ON WITH IT!" He promptly vanished.

"Battler, you must find what the answer is."

"What?" The answer... what number you get when you divide something by zero. If you can name it, it will become logical and real. Like when you explain the murders with non-supernatural methods."

Beatrice laughed. "Oh dear... there is no answer! It looks like I get your life now, and your friends will never get theirs!"

"OBJECTION!" Battler shouted, pointing, perking right back up with hope. "I, Battler Ushiromiya, WILL find the ultimate answer! I'll save everybody! Thanks, Girl-who-looks-like-older-version-of-Ange! BERNKASTEL!"

The blue-haired witch appeared. "I have no wish to see this game end just yet. Battler-kun, I have assembled a team to help you in your quest. When you have the answer, you and Beatrice will once more be able to play this grand game of chess as equals."

Lambadelta also materialized. "I'll consent to anything that will make this more fun!"

Out lovable perv Battler grinned. "Got it! I shall right my sin, and return to reading my yaoi doujinshis in peace!- I... wait...I DON"T WANT IT TO END ON THIS NOTE!"

Battler and Ange both vanished in a swirl of golden butterflies. And so our story begins.

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