Summary: Hale Industries was a perfect match for Cullen Mining. During a romantic getaway in the UK, would heir apparents, Jasper Whitlock and Edward Cullen, find that they're a perfect match too?


This story is rated M. It has adult themes, including M/M slash. Pairing of Edward & Jasper

My sincere thanks go to, bellemeer and blakeney, for beta reading on this. Please take note that one of my characters is American and one is British. Each POV will be reflective of this in language and spelling. Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended.


A/N: This outtake of 'It All' was my contribution to the 'Fandom Fights Tsunami'. Some of you may have already read it, but I hope you consider doing so again and letting me know how you found it. It fits into the timeline six months after the boys first met in the US, and two months before the continuation of the main story in Australia—right between chapters 1 & 2. Enjoy!



December 26, 2010

Christ, I was tired. It had been an excruciating week, actually no, it had been an excruciating few months. July was when the merger between Hale Industries' mining assets and Cullen Mining had been completed. Since the formation of CullenHale Enterprises, I had been busier than ever. Never content to delegate, I'd immersed myself in all facets of the new business. It was exciting—exhilarating, actually—but I was exhausted.

I picked up my scotch and took a sip. It was adequate, I supposed, not my chosen brand, but it was doing the job. Stretching out my legs, I was thankful for the generous amount of legroom that the Concorde Room at JFK, afforded me. The leather lounge I was sitting in was incredibly comfortable, and if I wasn't so eager, I'd have easily fallen asleep. I looked at my watch: it was 7:45pm. Surely they would be boarding the flight soon? If the flight remained on time, I'd be seeing him in about eight hours.

December 27, 2010

The plane landed at Heathrow Airport nearly forty-five minutes early on a sunny but bitterly cold Monday morning in December. The pilot had announced that it was only 25 degrees F outside. I disembarked quickly; my excitement over seeing Edward for the first time in months had me quietly rushing—a trait that was very uncharacteristic of me. I could picture him already: his smile, his eyes, his body, his fuck-hot hair. I could hardly wait to run my fingers through it. I smiled at the thought and willed myself not to get hard.

I briefly considered phoning Edward to let him know I had arrived early but decided against it. I'd make use of the Concord Room instead and have a shower to freshen up. As anxious as I was, I knew in the long run I would appreciate showering and shaving now, and not have to worry about it once I was with my gorgeous man again.

Fuck! I felt like a teenager. I was actually going to be reunited with him within the hour, and I could feel my heart beating a more cadenced beat with every minute that passed. If I was honest, it had beat that way since the moment I met him.

Smiling to myself, I thought back to that first moment when Edward Cullen had walked into the boardroom of Hale Industries in July, and changed my life forever. Never, had I felt an instant attraction like the one I'd felt that day with Edward; a magnetic pull that had only continued to grow, despite the fact that we resided on opposite sides of the world.

Even though he was British, Edward was based in Brisbane, Australia. He had been since he'd first moved there to attend university at eighteen to study to become a Mining Engineer, and then his involvement within Cullen Mining's coal explorations had kept him in Australia for most of the last fifteen years. The holidays and his family had brought him home to England this Christmas, and had been the perfect catalyst and the reason for me to fly into Heathrow to meet him.

Having collected my luggage before I showered, I quickly walked into the arrivals lounge, wheeling my bag behind me. I stopped and let my eyes eagerly scan the crowd—seeking, searching for him. When they landed on him, I smiled. My breath caught. He is so fucking beautiful, I thought. He hadn't seen me yet because I'd come in from the lounge entrance, and it gave me a moment to just watch him. He was leaning against a pillar, but I could sense his impatience, as I watched him nervously look at his watch again and again. He moved his gaze from the main Arrivals doors and then to the display boards. I smiled to myself, knowing I would have to put him out of his misery soon, but I couldn't resist. C'mon, Ed. Look over here, baby. It was as if he'd heard me, because his head turned and looked straight at me, his eyes meeting mine. I warmed as his smile opened into the most beautiful and inviting thing I had ever seen and I just stood still and watched him as he hurried over to me.

"Jas. Fuck, you're here. I was starting to get worried; your plane landed an hour ago."

Unable to resist a small chuckle, I let go of my bag and held out my arms for him. "I'm sorry. The plane was early so I decided to have a shower in the Concorde Room. Do you forgive me?" He walked into my arms and I closed them around him, pulling him in tight.

"Of course I do." He hugged me hard to his body and I could feel him breathe in my scent as his nose nuzzled into my neck. "Fuck, you smell good, Jas. I could devour you, right here right now."

"Hang on, Tiger. We'll have plenty of time for that. But I wouldn't be opposed to a bit of a kiss." I pulled my head back and took his face in my hands, looking deeply into his emerald eyes. "Fuck, I've missed you."

"I know, love. I really know…" He crashed his lips to mine. I felt his tongue graze my lips, seeking entrance and I willingly obliged, opening my mouth and kissing him with abandon. He felt so damn good. He always felt so damn good. Vaguely aware of where we were, I pulled back, my breath ragged, and smiled at him.

"Let's go. I really think I'd rather be kissing those gorgeous lips of yours somewhere a little more private. I have plans and standing in airport arrivals is not part of them."

"Yeah, love. C'mon."


I was so turned on as we traveled to the cottage Edward had rented for us in the Cotswolds, that I could barely stand it. I took in each of his features, burning the subtle changes to my memory. If not for the miserable conditions outside and his need to concentrate on driving his mother's Range Rover, I would have made him pull over and had my way with him in the car. I was slightly disappointed that the weather had caused him to abandon his beloved Aston Martin in favor of his 'Mum's' car, but with the weather being what it was this winter, he would never have been able to drive the sports car where we were going—but damn he would have been sexy in it. We chatted and caught up on what had been happening with each other over the last week. We'd had quick catch-up calls and texts, but because of the holidays, and Edward traveling from Australia, it had been hard to find more than the odd moment and we hadn't really spoken. I watched him intently: the sparkle in his eyes and the turn of his mouth into a smile when he found something amusing; the furrow of his brow, and the hard line of his jaw, when he became frustrated with the weather and the 'bloody idiots' as he called them, sharing the road with us. I rested my right hand on his left thigh, trying not to distract him, but desperately needing the contact after so much time apart.

It was hard to get my head around the fact that in the just over five months we had known each other, we'd only spent a total of three weeks together before this. The initial two weeks when we'd met and then when Edward had flown to the US in October. That had been a week of utter fucking bliss, but it had ended far too quickly. I shook my head and smiled. This man had become so much to me—so much in such a short time. I'd lain in bed so often lately, unable to tear my thoughts away from him—not wanting to not think about him. After each phone call, when his voice would resonate in my ears; after each video call, when I would see his perfect face everywhere, behind my eyelids and in my dreams. And my fantasies were of him, always of him, as I'd take myself in hand and imagine that he was with me, that he was touching me, and we were not thousands of miles apart. I was quickly falling in love with this beautiful Brit, who had stridden into my boardroom and stolen my heart.

We'd been on the road for a couple of hours, driving through miles and miles of white, when Edward turned into a tree lined lane and then through a gate in the dry-wall fence. I could just make out through the snowy distance a quaint stone cottage surrounded by pines. There were white windows against the dark gray stone, and smoke billowing from the chimney.

"Is this it, babe? Is this ours for the next ten days?"

"Sure is, love. All ours, with no interruptions—unless we want them of course."

"Bloody unlikely," I blurted out, using my now favored Britism that I had picked up from Ed, causing him to chuckle.

"The pantry has been stocked and I had the wine pre-delivered, so we are all set to go." He placed his hand over mine on his leg and gave it a squeeze. "I'm really looking forward to this, Jas…" He paused, his expression full of seriousness, but then he grinned at me, "And, we're gonna shag until we're senseless." Raising his eyebrows in a wicked wink, he then blew me a kiss.

"Shag until we're senseless… What a bloody unusual turn of phrase, my dear man." I teased him back.

"You won't think it's so damn unusual when we're doing it."

"No, I don't suppose I will." We both broke into laughter, which continued for a few moments, until I pulled his hand to my mouth and kissed his knuckles. "No… I don't suppose I will," I murmured, this time in earnest.


Edward pulled up in front of the main door of the cottage. 'Cottage' was actually a poor description of the beautiful old building we'd be making our home for the next week and a half. It far surpassed any cottage I'd ever seen. The dark gray stone walls rose to meet a traditional thatched roof, pitched high. The chimney, which I had noticed as soon as we drove through the gate, was huge and billowing smoke. I smiled as I considered an equally large fireplace inside, lit and blazing, and what we would be doing in front of it. Edward left the car running and got out, then hurried over to the large, glossy-black, front door; he reached behind a planter and pulled out what I assumed to be a key, inserting it into the door and then pushing it open. He then quickly came to my door and opened it.

"C'mon, handsome. It's bloody freezing out here. Let's get you inside."

I got out, grabbing his hand before he had a chance to move away. "Not so fast." I pulled him to me and kissed him, drawing his body close to mine. I could feel the heat from his front against me, but my back was already beginning to freeze, and he'd been out of the car for a few minutes longer than me. I drew back from the kiss and looked at him, admiring the pink flush on his cheeks. "Later," I said. He nodded, knowing just what I meant and turned and walked to the back of the vehicle.

We recovered our bags and the few essentials Edward had brought along in the car, and transported them into the cottage. You could see the roaring fire from the entry, its radiated warmth reaching us even where we stood.

"Jas, I'll just put the car in the garage. I'll be back in a few minutes. Why don't you have a look around?"

"I will, babe. Be quick, it's cold out there."

"It sure is. I won't be long." He put his hand out and cupped my cheek before striding back out the door. I heard the car door close, and then the rev of the engine, as he drove it away from the building. I was anxious for him to return but equally anxious to have a look around. I loved architecture and always took an interest in different buildings when I had a chance. Leaving our things where they were, I made my way firstly into the lounge area and toward the fire. It was spectacular. The same gray stone as the main building rose from the floor to the vaulted ceiling. My gaze followed its expanse upward, finding the beautiful timber beams that supported the massive roof. I doubted this openness was an original feature. My experience of these old buildings was that they generally had quite low ceilings, but modern technology had wonderful ways of overcoming some of these problems. The room was magnificent. Tastefully decorated with modern pieces and antiques, which juxtaposed perfectly to create a large but very welcoming space. A huge refectory dining table with twelve chairs sat at the back of the room. Large, paned windows allowed stunning views of the property, which with the December that Europe had had, created an almost uninterrupted pallet of white with breaks of gray and brown from winter-bare trees and hedges.

I turned back towards the entry, smiling to myself when I noticed that the wall filled the whole area to the roof. I could even make out the definition of the support beams across what was most likely the floor of an upper story. I made my way toward the only other doorway in the wall and found myself in the most stunning kitchen I had ever seen. White painted cabinetry and marble counter tops blended perfectly with commercial grade stainless steel appliances. More large windows and French doors spanned the wall and opened into a glass conservatory. The floor was tiled in large alternating black and white tiles, creating a checkerboard effect. It was stunning. I felt excited to think of the meals Edward and I would cook together in here, and also, what we may be able to do on that counter…

"Jas, where are you, love?" I heard the front door close at the same time as Edward called out to me.

"In the kitchen, Ed. Just come through the lounge."

He walked through the doorway, removing his coat as he went and then threw it over the back of a stool. I saw him shiver as his body adjusted to the warmth of the house.

"Fucking hell, it's cold out there. You know they're saying it's the coldest December since 1890. I'm sure feeling it after coming from Australia. We may have had a load of rain there, but it is summer and bloody hot. My body is still acclimatizing."

"Oh well, at least we won't feel guilty for spending all our time inside and in front of that fire," I said as I stalked toward him.


December 31, 2010

I lay next to Edward in the large four-poster bed we had shared for the last four nights. We were on our sides, facing each other and quietly sharing the moment, having just made love, again. It had become my favorite part of each day; to wake Edward up by kissing his neck and lips, or to be woken up by the feel of a warm mouth engulfing my cock—just as it had this morning.

"How am I going to leave this and you to go home next week, babe?"

"So don't; at least for a few days longer. Change your flights, Jas. We won't be able to extend our stay here I don't think, but we can get a room in the city, or near the airport. You could leave on Saturday or even Sunday? I'm leaving on the Sunday. Please Jas, just those few extra days." I could see the need in his eyes, the want, the desire. I knew how he felt, because I felt it too. I honestly didn't know how I was going to walk away from him, regardless of whether it was the following Thursday, or Sunday, or any day. How could I go back to my life after this? How could I go back to being on the other side of the world from him? I was torn already, and we had only just started our time together. Every minute I spent with him drew him into my heart even more. He was a part of me, just as I was a part of him.

"We'll see?" I smiled at him and moved toward him, pulling him against me and holding him tight. I didn't want to let go, not now, not ever.

We'd debated going to a club in Oxford that Edward had been told would put on a great New Year's Eve party. It hadn't snowed since before Christmas, and actually the weather was warming up slightly—if you could call 49 degrees F warm—so there was certainly nothing to stop us going, except each other. I just wasn't sure I wanted to share him with anyone.

"So, are we going to this club tonight, babe, or shall we just have our own party?"

"You are a greedy sod, you realize that don't you?"

"Why? Because I don't like to share."

"You will never have to share, love." The tenor of his voice changed instantly, and his words warmed me. He had called me 'love' from the first morning we had spent together. I knew it was his endearment for me, just as my use of 'babe' was for him. But lately, every time he'd said it, it had just seemed a bit more special. He ran his thumb along my cheek and I smiled at the contact, pushing my face toward his hand. Leaning in, he kissed me, softly and unhurried, but with an added emotion and a subtle passion that was new. It literally took my breath away.

I broke the kiss, yet kept my eyes closed as I took a deep breath to settle my now racing heart. It was only a moment, a few seconds in time, but my realization hit me like an epiphany. I opened my eyes to find his boring into mine, their emerald depths full of emotion—fire and desire—and if I was correct, something else, something that mirrored my own. I'd been aware for a long time that my feelings for this beautiful man were those of someone falling in love, but I now knew that I didn't have to fall any longer. I had arrived. I was there. I was in love.


Music pounded through the small space, and the hundreds of people that seemed to be sharing it with us, writhed and moved to the heady beat. For as crowded as it was, the bodies all moved together with a certain synchronicity. And as close as we all were, each group or couple seemed to find their own piece of intimate space that no one else dared encroach upon. Of course, my space was shared by Edward. I had my body molded to his—my chest mashed up tight against his back; my erection pushed hard against his ass. My arms were looped around his waist, each hand roaming over his hips, his chest, and occasionally his cock. His arms were extended up, his hands in my hair, twining through my curls, occasionally fisting them and making me moan at the sensation. He moved against me, grinding his ass against my straining dick, moving with the music to a dance that was ours alone.

The DJ announced that it was ten minutes to midnight. We were about to see in the New Year together. I wondered what 2011 would bring for us?

As a new song started, Edward turned in my arms. His lips moved to my throat, sucking and licking along its column. It was so hot in here. We were both sweating, but this didn't stop him. If we'd been in a gay club, we'd have been shirtless by now, but here it seemed inappropriate. No one had even batted an eyelash at us being together, but I didn't want to push the boundaries. Anyway, we'd be gone from here very soon. I had a plan, and it didn't include company.

"You are so fucking hot." I heard a strained whisper against my ear. I pulled back and looked at Edward. His eyes were devouring me. The lust so clearly evident in his gaze caused me to shiver, despite the heat. We were so fucking horny; so needy for each other. I laughed at the thought, which caused him to look at me questioningly. I shook my head, dismissing his query; I'd fill him in later. Instead I crashed my mouth to his. I could taste the beer he had been drinking on his tongue, and coupled with his unique flavor, it made me just want to consume him. I was tempted again to just drag him out the door and take him home, but I would be patient for him. He had wanted to see in the New Year at this party. We'd been here for a few hours now and it had been great. I loved dancing; the music was great, and the company even better. There was no disputing the fact that grinding against my man all night was certainly the most tempting of tortures. And it would definitely result in the most seductive of payoffs—later.

"Ten, nine, eight…" My body was locked to his. We had stopped moving, as had nearly everyone else. They seemed to be counting along with the announcer, but not us, we just stared into each other's eyes. He was hard against me, and it was driving me crazy. I watched as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip, before pulling it into his mouth. I sucked in a breath and reached up to cup the back of his neck. "…three, two, one, Happy New Year!" As the opening bars of Auld Lang Syne started to play, I pulled his face to mine. Our lips met, not in a crash this time, but in a slow and seductive dance. They met the slower beat of this timeless favorite and sang along with it, not a song of words but of something so much more. As the song ended its visit for yet another year, making way for another heavy dance track, I found Edward's hands on my hips and clasped them in my own. Breaking the connection of our lips was somehow less drastic now that I was still holding him to me.

"Take me home, babe," I mouthed, not bothering to yell in the din. He didn't need to hear me; he knew exactly what I had said.

January 01, 2011

There was no valet service at this party, and after we had retrieved our coats we made our way to the car quickly in the cold night air. No words were said; they weren't needed. There was something much more tenable between us, linking us together. I used the quarter hour of traveling time to let myself regroup, to bring my focus back from one of unbridled lust to something more powerful, something more emotional. I was anxious, not because of the physical connection we would again make tonight, but because I now fully understood my realization from earlier in the day. I was in love and I was going to make sure he knew.

Edward parked the car in the garage. We both got out and hand in hand made our way to the front door. I took the moment while he was opening the lock to observe him; knowing this would be my very last moment of calm. Once it was open, we stepped through the door, Edward closing it behind us. We took off our coats and Edward hung them in the closet. When he turned back around I was waiting for him, my wanting and feral gaze must have been enough of a catalyst because one minute I was standing and the next I was being turned and pushed against the entry wall.

I felt the wall at my back as his arms caged around me, pushing me against it with his body. The move was not unexpected but it took my breath away, as did his mouth on my neck once he started to suck on my throat, right at my Adam's apple. I pushed my head back as far as the restricted position would allow, giving him more access to me, which he used to his advantage as he moved his lips over my heated skin. The movement of my head pushed my body against his, causing our hard cocks to meet. At the first contact I consciously pushed further into him, grinding my hardness into him, seeking every bit of friction that I could get. My arms, no longer content to lay idle at my side, lifted, pulling at his sweater and pulling it free of his slacks. As soon as his skin became available to me, I took the opportunity to caress his back and hips and pull him even tighter into me. He groaned, stopping his attack on my neck, as he pulled back to look into my eyes.

"Bloody hell, you turn me on."

"Do I?" I snipped, as I again pushed into him. His eyes closed as he took a deep breath.

"You fucking know you do."

"So what are you going to do about it, Edward?"

He growled at me and then crashed his lips to mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I felt his hands on my tee, and then he pulled it out of my jeans and up. I moved away and lifted my arms so that he could divest me of it, mirroring his actions to his sweater as soon as I was able. The feel of our bare chests meeting was sublime. I could feel his tight nipples pressing against me and I moaned at the sensation.

Deciding very quickly that I had no intention of standing in this entry when a blazing fire and a soft rug were waiting for me, I grabbed his hand and pulled him behind me toward it. He quickly moved in to shadow me as we walked, stepping in time with me as he moved his chest against my back and again attacked my neck with his hot mouth as we walked. His hands moved to the buttons of my jeans, popping them one at a time with each step that we took. By the time we had reached the rug, his hands had moved into my briefs, cupping me. My head fell back to rest on his shoulder. As soon as our steps halted, his hands pushed down from inside my jocks and my jeans and underwear fell down my legs. Edward took me in one hand, gripping me firmly as he stroked me slowly and torturously. Fuck, I loved it when he touched me. There were few things in this world better. Ironically, the things that surpassed this were just what we were headed to.

Edward's free hand came up to cup my chin and pull my head, which was still resting on his shoulder, toward his mouth. Our tongues and lips again met, but I wanted more. I needed more. Breaking the kiss I pulled away from him. As I turned, he lost his hold on my dick, but that didn't matter. As soon as I was facing him, my hands went to his slacks, undoing the fastening and pushing down the zipper. I wasn't surprised to find nothing underneath. He usually went commando when he was casually dressed. His long hard erection sprang free of its confines as soon as I pushed his clothing down. I didn't touch it, choosing instead to follow his slacks to the ground. As soon as my knees hit the soft wool underneath, I took him into my mouth. His shout of, "Fuck!" was enough to boost my ego. I spent long minutes adoring his rod, lavishing it with the attention it deserved. He tasted and felt so fucking perfect in my mouth. I released him and using my hand pushed his cock up and out of the way, before taking his bare sac in my mouth, causing him to gasp.

"Jas… Love… Fuck, you need to stop. That is just so fucking good but I don't want to come yet."

"Why not, babe? We have all night." I met his gaze and winked at him. "How about you move on down here with me and get comfortable?" He smiled, as I released him, and then bent over and removed the remainder of his clothes. I did the same from my spot on the floor—not taking my eyes off him—throwing them to the side. As soon as he was naked he knelt next to me, leaning over me to meet my lips with his own. I would never get enough of him.

We nestled, side-by-side, into the pillows we had set up earlier; the warmth of the fire on our skin just adding to the passion that was smoldering between us. I pushed him onto his back and hovered over him, kissing along his collarbone. I could feel his hands ghosting over my skin, along my ribs, up my sides; leaving fiery trails in their wake. My mouth moved to his chest, tasting his skin, salty from the sweat of his dancing, and then to his nipples, running my tongue over them gently, before sucking first one and then the other into my mouth.

"You're determined to ruin me tonight, aren't you, love?" He groaned.

I stopped my journey down his body and looked up at him. "Maybe?"

"Well, certainly don't stop on my account," he said, his breathing labored.

I smiled back at him and dipped my head again, now at his stomach, where I ran my tongue along the ridges of his abs. I could feel his muscles contracting as I went lower and lower, until I met my prize for the second time tonight. I kept eye contact as I used the flat of my tongue and lapped along his length. When I got to his weeping tip, I sucked him gently into my mouth, savoring the taste, before drawing his whole length down my throat until my lips were settled in his neatly trimmed hairs. His size inhibited me from keeping him there for long, so I suctioned my lips and moved them back up, before doing it all again, and again…

"No more," he growled, pushing me gently off him. "We may have all night, but I don't want to come this way, Jas."

"I can live with that, baby," I replied, crawling back up his body. Again we kissed, our tongues seeking each other, until he rolled us over so that now he was in charge. I must have looked wanton with my desire; I loved him like this. Our eyes held for just a few heartbeats before he treated my body to similar ministrations.

When he reached my hardness, he took me into his mouth, causing me to let out a throaty moan. "Fuck, Ed… Oh, babe, that is so fucking perfect." I felt my body begin to burn as one of his hands reached down to cup my balls, gently pulling at them and rolling them between his fingers. His other reached up my body, pinching at my hardened nipples on the way—each movement, eliciting yet another groan. My eyes fluttered open and closed. I wanted to watch him but the sensations were just too much. When I felt his fingers at my lips, I opened and sucked them into my mouth, mirroring his actions on my dick. He moaned around me, causing me to buck into his mouth, but he took every inch of me with practiced ease. Never had someone been able to bring me to the levels of ecstasy he could; he was fucking fantastic.

He pulled his now wet fingers from my mouth, and knowing what he planned to do, my legs automatically drew up and opened me to him. Without missing a beat, his mouth continued to consume my rod. I felt a thumb pushing on the sensitive skin of my perineum, massaging me, and then and a damp finger pushed against the flesh of my ass, slowly rotating around and around before easing its way inside me.

"Edward. Jesus Christ, that feels so good."

His mouth moved off my length and he said, "It feels good down here too, Jas. I love the way you feel around me. So tight."

I pushed against his finger, making him smile, before his head again bowed down and took me in. I felt him graze against my sweet spot, and I cried out at the movement. "Gah." But all too quickly it was gone. I started at the loss, but it was only a moment before I heard the click of the lube bottle and then I felt him push two fingers into me and I couldn't stop my body's reaction and moved against him.

"That's it, love. Fuck my hand. You love it, don't you?"

"Yes… Ah, yes, more, Ed." He added a third finger, massaging and readying me for him.

"Are you ready for me, love.'

"God, yes. Fuck me, Ed. I want your cock."

He moved away from me and I watched as he sheathed himself and then stroked his length, covering himself in extra lube.

I was nearly delirious in my need for him. It was always like this between us, whether it was me or him bottoming, we just couldn't get enough. I felt myself pull my bottom lip into my mouth as I watched him and I reached down, taking myself in hand and stroking a few times while I waited. He watched me with a feral gaze and then crawled over me, lining his body up with mine.

"So you're ready for me, love? I'm sure ready for you." I felt the tip of his cock put pressure against my hole, as he gently bucked against me, waiting for my okay.

"Now, Ed. Please… Make love to me." I saw something in his expression change at my words, but he quickly leaned down and kissed me as he pushed himself slowly into me. I took a deep breath at the sensation of him stretching me, but I loved it. I fucking loved knowing what was to come. And I loved him.



I pushed my prick into him. There truly was no better feeling in the world—except maybe him pushing into me.

I had to pause for a moment as I settled myself into him. It was just so bloody perfect. If I moved too quickly I was likely to come immediately, and that was definitely not the desired outcome—yet, anyway.

He lay below me; his golden curls damp against his forehead, and his cheeks flushed with colour, both from the fire and from our passion. His blue eyes had me entrapped in his gaze, but I didn't care. I wanted him to look at me that way, with that unbridled passion. I watched his breath hitch through his soft, pouty lips when my groin met his balls. They were hard and ready to explode. I loved that I did that to him.

When I knew I could move without embarrassing myself, I withdrew slowly, torturously, stopping when just the head of my cock was still in him, and then I plunged in hard, stopping again when I could go no further.

"Fuck!" he cried.

I leant down, figuratively giving myself a bit of a pat on the back at his reaction, and captured his lips in mine, yet again. We would play this dance on repeat for a while, me taking control and leading him to his nirvana. Again and again. Over and over; until we couldn't take it anymore. I lowered myself onto my elbows, linking my hands under his shoulders; our chests flush and his steel-hard rod caught between our bodies. I moved my face into the hollow of his neck and sucked gently on his skin. His hands had my hair, fisting it gently at first but with more force as his peak neared. I didn't care—I fucking loved it; I loved his passion, his lack of inhibition.

As my orgasm approached I started to thrust differently. I knew I was hitting his prostate because his body bucked a little every time I grazed it. We were on the home stretch now—so close. His legs came up and linked around my arse, pulling me in to his body. I couldn't thrust as hard now because of the restriction but it seemed to work even better. I wanted him to just consume me and it felt as if he may just do that.

"Jas… This is it, love. Come with me… Oh, god, come with me." My muffled words were spoken against his neck.

"I'm right there, babe… Holy, fuck!"

I felt his arse start to contract around me as his orgasm hit him and I held my breath in the hope of letting him get through it before I came myself. One, two, three strokes and I couldn't hold on any longer and I exploded inside him. "Fuuucckk!" I bellowed.

We lay there panting as our bodies settled down and our heartbeats began to regulate. I was still inside him and knew I'd have to pull out soon, but I didn't want to move. "Gotta move, but I don't want to," I said and I felt him smile against my cheek.

"Me neither, babe. Never want to move."

The warmth of the fire was nearly too good, it's gentle crackle lulling me into sleep, but I knew my full weight was on him, so regretfully I moved, pulling out of him as well. Kissing him once more, I pushed myself up and reached for the wet-wipes we'd left earlier. I gently cleaned him off, as he watched me. When I was done I lay down next to him. He rolled to the side towards me and I linked my leg over his, needing the connection.

For long moments we just watched each other. His beautiful blue eyes held me entranced and I sunk into their depths. I was surprised when he spoke.

"I love you, babe," he said, his eyes full of emotion.

"What did you say?" Had he really said he loved me?

"I love you, Ed. I love you so much." His eyes glistened with his sentiment and I crashed my lips to his. We kissed passionately, neither of us wanting to break the spell of the moment by pulling away. But when I was finally in need of air, I pulled back, looking at him adoringly. He loved me. He really loved me.

My hands cupped his face, my thumbs rubbing along his cheekbones, and I told him what my heart had known for months, "I love you too, Jas."


I woke feeling a bit stiff after spending the night on the hard floor, but Jasper was wrapped around me, and that alone made it worth it. I glanced at the clock over the mantle; it was half eight. I watched him sleep; his long dark-blond eyelashes rested on his skin, and his lips lay open, filtering his shallow breaths. So bloody beautiful. We had held each other last night after our declarations, sharing our newly found feelings and our passion, before making love again. He had worshiped my body that time, making love to me with a new reverence.

I smiled to myself at the memory and leant in and placed soft kisses along his jaw. He stirred but didn't wake, but that was okay. I was more than content to just watch and think.

We had already decided that he would stay those few days longer and leave on Sunday the ninth with me. We'd been lucky to secure this cottage for the few extra days, and surprisingly, our flights were both leaving in the evening, so it had worked out perfectly.

As I watched him, I started to plan out the next week in my head. Not that we intended going far, but now that the weather had broken slightly, I thought of a few day trips we might take. I wanted to cook him roast beef and Yorkshire pud for dinner tonight; my mind wandered to some alternative fun we might have in the kitchen, causing me to chuckle and Jas to stir again. I ran my thumb lightly along his shoulder and down his arm, needing the contact. I didn't want to wish the week away, but I already hated next weekend when we would have to part, and wished for when we would be able to come together again. Fuck! Why did it have to be so bloody hard?

We'd casually mentioned Mardi Gras on the first night we'd met all those months ago. It was fast approaching actually, and would be on in the first week of March. I wondered if Jasper would be able to organise a trip to Australia that would coincide with that. I felt a little bit daft even suggesting it. Would he want to join me in Sydney for Mardi Gras? Come all the way to Australia? It was a bloody long way—a shite trip if the truth be told. But he loved me; maybe that was enough incentive? I'd make sure to discuss it with him later and see what we could arrange. My mind started to swim with the possibilities that trip could entail—fucking brilliant!

"What are you looking so smug about?" I looked back at him with a start; his sleepy eyes were looking at me.

"Good morning. I was just thinking, love. Got a bit carried away." I leant in and kissed his lips. "How did you sleep?"

"I always sleep well when I'm with you, Ed. And even better after last night I think." I smiled at his words.

"I'll be back in a bit, love. Need to go to the loo. Can I bring back coffee?" I asked as I got to my feet and stretched my arms up over my head.

"As long as you don't put any clothes on and come back to me just like that." He raised his eyes and pointedly looked at my morning erection.

I laughed and shook my head. "You're insatiable, you know that don't you?"

"Sure am. But how could I not be?" he said, looking me up and down.

"Well, I aim to please, love. Please you, that is." I turned and headed for the kitchen and the downstairs toilet.

"You do it too, you know."

"What?" I asked, throwing the question back at him as I walked.

"You please me." I couldn't resist the coy smile I knew graced my face at his words. "And by the way…" I stopped and looked at him as I reached the doorway, then he said, "I love you."


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