I would now like to thank a few people individually for certain things that meant so much to me. Anybody who is not mentioned, I apologize, and it doesn't mean that I love you less. :) Enjoy happy readings for the rest of your days, and you can perhaps be recognized in Termination. ;)

BTW; you have 10 more reviews before Termination can be published. I noticed a LOT more people saw my story than reviewed. ;) *that was a quickhint*


To Cahill-not-Cahill, an anonymous reviewer, who was the first person to review:



To all the Anonymous Readers who have not reviewed, but have read Forgiveness through and through:

Thank you. I've never met you, and I probably never will, but if you enjoyed this story, thank YOU for reading it. It doesn't matter if I wrote it. To heck with me. Thank YOU!


To; Hope/Shelly, If I Had an Email, and all the other anonymous reviewers:

I cannot thank you enough. You proved to me that not only FF people read my story, and that normal people - like me - care about writing too. Thanks, and it was wonderful knowing you. :)


To the person who told me never to quit in her anonymous review:

I truly hope you're reading this. One; for the reason this proves I didn't quit, and Two; for the reason that you followed me to the end, and you are now a treasured friend. I'd like to say that you inspired me to NOT quit. Even when I went on hiatus for a while, in about a week I was already up out of my ditch and yearning to hit writing again.

And it's all thanks to you.

If you're reading this right now, (which I hope you are,) I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for writing that review. You don't know how much it meant and means to me. :') (I'm crying now from writing this. Weird... I usually don't cry unless I'm emotionally touched...)


To Lil' Sunshine:

You're one of my treasured friends. :) Thank you so much for reviewing just about ever chapter. I knew I could always count on you to leave a hypo-excited review with lots of caps about random things in the 39 Clues world. Thanks again for your support.

And by the way, who else can I freak out about the 39 Clues with? :D


To Shelly:

Does it count if you get two recognitions? One as an anonymous reviewer, and one with a site account? Well, you're still a person. Anyway. Thanks for making me laugh, Shelly. Your reviews always helped that one tiny bit, and I knew I could always count on you to review. Thanks. :) ;) :)


To Alexandra:

You are recognized for getting me out of that horrible ITALIC PIT! Thank all of her, people, because without her, those funny italics would be ZERO. And with her advice, I finally realized the difference between funny italics, and annoying lines of italicized print. :) Thanks, Alex.


To Incendiarist: (Did I spell your name right?)

You only left a few reviews, but you are now my writing idol, for some reason. You give off an aura of knowledge when you type. Thanks for filling in those plotline points about Madeleine's baby years. And it's also a relief that I'm not the only one who noticed the last name 'Cahill' would not exist in the fourteenth century without Gideon being a Egyptian god worshiper and living on a hill. XD We all know that he's not. :) Thanks, Cendi.


To PT88:

I've lost you on this story, which is disappointing, because besides Sunshine, I use to count on reviews from you. Unfortunately, I don't know WHAT happened to you. It's like you disappeared over the face of the earth. Anyway, thank you for being my friend, and for being one of the first people to start following Forgiveness. (If you're even reading this...) And I WILL win that war! ;D


To Clover:

You are recognized for liking my story full of twists and turns. I still can't get over a plotline compliment, as you can see. X ~D



After I've wrote this, I'm rather disgusted that I have, because although I haven't read Harry Potter, I flipped to the dedication page of the seventh book and read the dedication. (Ex.) To all the readers who have followed Harry's adventures to the end.) Or something like that. Haven't I been saying that all through this dedication chapter?




I hope that you do NOT put me in the same catoregory as J. K. Rowling, because I do NOT make 1.3 million every three days. I'm lucky to get a hundred dollars in a YEAR. So... :) No comments on the 'fact' that I'm copying J. K. Rowling. PLEASE.

Or you can, but... eh... you know what I mean. If you've suffered through 51 chapter of my horrible writing, then you know what I mean. :D

Hey, another BTW; Alexandra Birdwing, I had a question for you if you're still reading this. You commented earlier that I 'could never' put in a happy ending because of how it all eventually 'turned out'. But really, do you think I did? Hm?