A/N: First Ri fic so be gentle…I so don't have them down yet *shrugs* … this one basically spurred from Sasha's facial expressions and following her eye path in this scene….and well my innate need for lesbian subtext ; )


"I've never been so scared in my whole life," Rizzoli confessed, softly.

The quietness and steadiness of her voice scared Maura. Jane's voice had a habit of rising and falling in pitch with a cadence that danced throughout their conversation. This seriousness was not her usual banter.

Turning to face her friend, Maura realized how serious the situation was. It was serious and there was nothing she could do to help her. Watching Jane fidget with her hands, she placed a comforting hand on top. With Jane's movements stilled, she forgot all about their conversation. Her friend was breaking and she needed to do something.

Maura was never good at emotions. That led her to be horrible at comfort. Despite her obvious knowledge with society and psychology, she just wasn't good with people. She was too insecure to ever try to help, but this was different. This was Jane. Their eyes met and she had her answer. The only way that she could really take care of Jane was to give Jane something else to focus on.

Leaning over to her friend, she lifted Jane's arm and curled up on her chest. "I'm not a cyborg, but sometimes I feel like one. All through school, I felt emotionless. I mean I had emotions, but not like the other girls. I always thought something was wrong with me. Sometimes I still do. When other people cry, get angry, get happy…. It's not the same with me," she rambled on, trying to let her own words overtake the fearful thoughts in her friends head.

Knowing exactly what Maura was doing, Jane smiled and pulled her closer. "You're right, you're emotions aren't like everyone else's, but their yours and their real," Jane promised, kissing her friends head gratefully.

Maura smiled and snuggled closer, not planning to get up anytime soon.