After a concert on the SDF1, Miley Cyr…. I mean Hanana Montana was taking her space plane back to Earth.

"Ohhhh mannnn that concert wasss sooooo boring… all those people just wanted to see the bitch with the blue hair. She was succchhh a bitchhh and no way was she hotter than my 15 year old body."

While she was complaining some more about Minmay being a bitch some more the pilot sudden slumped over the wheel dead of SPAAACCEEEEEE AIIIDDSSSSSSS.

"LIKE OH. MY. GAWD. The pilot is totally dead! Who is going to fly this space plane!"

Only then did Miley Cyr…. I mean Hannah Montana notice she was the only other person on this plane.

"Like OH. MAH. GAWD. I'm going to have to land this space plane!"

And so Miley Ciru… I mean Hannnaa Montana took ahold of that space plane's wheel and somehow landed that space plane so safely she was given the key to Raccoon City cause that's where she totally landed. And cause they gave her the key to the city she held a concert there and then got eaten by zombies. But not space zombies cause she wasn't in space anymore.