Not Just Action Figures-Every Power Ranger and evil villain ever has been turned into ten inch tall action figures and transported to a strange new world. Who is responsible for this and how will the many teams pull together to solve it? Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

Chapter 1- Awake

Mwahahahahahaha! Give up Rangers, you will never defeat me and my ghost zombie army! Made of color dyed polymers and standing tall at a dramatic four inches, Lord Zedd, now being called Dr. Professor Z, the Emperor of Evil himself, had never looked so cute. His red skin and silver armor seemed to be handmade, every curve of his face mask was perfect, the slits that lined his muscles immaculate. The small plastic figure was leaned from side to side with the words so that the imagination of the boy playing with it could pretend that it was talking.

Never Dr. Professor Z! You surrender because you will never beat us Power Rangers! The Red Power Ranger, leader of the first ever team of Power Rangers, tiny Blade Blaster clutched in one hand and flanked by the rest of the original Power Ranger team, stood directly opposite of his enemy. The Ranger team, while tiny, actually benefited from being small and cute and while their figures seemed more mass produced then handmade, they looked heroic and strong even while miniature. The six of them together, striking frozen poses, made quite an impressive sight.

Dr. Professor Z was not intimidated. We shall see! Mwahahahaa!

"Boom! The entire planet shakes and then…um…a really big spaceship shows up!" A hand flew a large plastic model of the Megaship around through the air, while making whooshing sounds. It stopped, hovering over the various scattered figures below. A tiny figure is placed on top of it. "It's Evil Overlady……..Overlady Princess Rita!"

The detail on the tiny plastic Rita was amazing, from the swirls of color on her dress to the pointed tips of her headdress. Her staff sparkled, made from a shiny plastic but with the same attention to the smallest detail. It fit in her molded fist perfectly. The only flaw in the illusion was that there was a smile painted on her face instead of the scowl she usually wore. Mwahahahaha! Both of you fools are doomed! I am here to conquer Earth and I will destroy anyone who gets in my way! Including you Professor Dr. Z!"

The plastic Rita zoomed through the air, landing next to the small figure of Lord Zedd. "Overlady Princess Rita and Professor Dr. Z have been enemies for a long time. They hate each other. The start to argue but the Green Ranger butts in."

The Green Ranger is pushed ahead of the others, one of his arms is straightened to point at the two villains. Enough, it's time to fight!

A hand tossed the figures into the air, hi-yah and pew sounds resonating around them. The figures land, most lying haphazardly in a pile but two landed separately. The Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and Rita lay close together, Reds arm extends into Rita's face. "Red Ranger, leader of the Power Rangers, alone is undefeated. He still refuses to give up."

The hand pick the pair up and moves them as words are supplied.

I will defeat you Rita!

Mwahahaha, I doubt it Red Ranger! Not with my new secret weapon you won't!

"Arthur! Arthur! Are you ready for school yet," a feminine voice yelled up the stairs. "We're going to be late if you don't get down here now!"

Arthur yelped, dropping the two dueling action figures onto his desk. School! He looked down at his clothes, still in his pajamas. He ran a hand through his hair, greasy. Which meant that he hadn't taken a shower this morning. Homework lay unfinished on the desk, swept aside to make room of his epic battles. Whoops.

"Um…yeah," he yelled back, "Just give me a few more seconds!" He quickly tossed on some clothes picked up straight from the floor, dirty ones that he'd worn three days ago and still hadn't washed. He pulled the comb through his hair once or twice, hoping that nobody would notice the gleam of grease in his hair. He grimaced at himself in the mirror, maybe he could say it was hair gel.


"I'm coming, I'm coming!" He threw one last regretful glance at the pile of action figures. He had just been getting to the part where Rita, that is, Overlady Princess Rita, attacks the Red Ranger. But school! Always interrupting just when thing got good!

"Arthur, now!"

With a growl, he stormed out of the room. Mind already scrambling for an excuse about the undone homework, "I'm coming!"

As the sound of screeching tires faded, there was movement in the mountain of plastic. The small Red Ranger lifted his synthetic head and stared straight into the startled eyes of Rita Repulsa, "What?"

Of all the people in the universe, of all the monsters he'd ever fought, Jason Lee Scott found himself lying on top of the Empress of Evil herself. He reiterated his astonishment, "What?"


Cold hands pulled him away and helped him stand. And while trying to stand was when he realized the strangeness in his body. That his movements were off. Straightening his arm was a slow and strenuous process, walking stiff and sluggish. He couldn't turn his waist at all.

Working his arms up and he forced his inflexible hands around his helmet. With a grunt, he tugged. "It's stuck! Ok, what is going on?"

Taking his hands off his helmet he glanced down, now aware of the odd way his suit felt. It was his pride and joy, the Power Suit belonging to the Red Power Ranger. The diamond pattern on it seemed to be correct but he still had the feeling that it was not the one he normally wore. It reflected light much more than it usually did, like it had a sheen to it. His gloves were stuck where they were and his ever resilient boots were directly connected to the pants, making it uncomfortable to bend his knees. No, it was close to his suit but it just didn't feel right.

Standing next to him were his teammates, the Pink, Green, Black, Blue and Yellow Power Rangers, their suits seemingly made of the same kind of material as his. Their mortal enemies Rita and Lord Zedd were also nearby for some reason. The pair of villains looked the same as ever, evil and wicked if a bit shorter and slightly less intimidating.

Realizing the size difference, his eyes moved past his friends and enemies to a pencil holder that towered over them with pencils and pens seven stories high. Paper as thick as his finger, was piled up a few feet away. The surface they were standing on seemed to be wood of some kind and it stretched off for yards and yards in each direction. Moving beyond even that he found that they were in some kind of oversized bedroom. A very tall bed was crammed in one corner, strange posters of an assortment of fictional Ranger teams he'd never heard of covered the walls around it. Who were the Dino Thunder Power Rangers? Was there a TV show based on them that he'd never heard of? Trash covered most of the rest of the floor. Crumpled up papers and empty boxes were mixed with clothes and blankets. In another corner the remains of a cushion fort was sagging against the walls.

He turned and was about to ask if anyone had ever heard of another Ranger team when something out of place caught his eye. Above them, sitting atop a quartet of books of unimaginable thickness, was a spaceship. A real, live space ship! He pointed it out and was about to say something when Rita finally struggled to her feet, distracting them.

She looked from Lord Zedd to the Power Rangers, angry eyes settling on the Rangers. Lord Zedd marched over to stand next to her. "What have you done to us Rangers," she demanded. She pointed her staff at them, "Return us to normal or I will destroy you!"

"Oh calm down Rita," Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, said, "We didn't do this."

Rita glared, not believing him, "I don't believe you." She just knew that, somehow, this was all their fault. "This is all your fault! Somehow!"

"Don't act like you don't know," Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger, growled. "I have a date with Angela later! You'd better magic us back to normal, now! She'll kill me if I'm late again!"

Lord Zedd threw his staff from one hand to the other and straightened, drawing himself to his full menacing height, "You are not listening Rangers! We did not do this and you will stop accusing us! Do you really think that we are so out of marvelous plans to defeat you that we would stoop to merely making you smaller? And us along with you?"

The Rangers exchanged bemused glances through their helmets. "What about the Baseball Monster," Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger asked, amusement evident in her voice, "That was pretty lame."

"That pig thing that ate everything…what was its name…Pudgy Pig," Jason laughed, "I'm sorry but for something that could possibly cause the world to starve to death, it was a pathetic and ugly monster!"

"Or the Goo Fish," Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, said with a chuckle, "That was a particularly gross monster of a failure."

"Actually, I found that one to be quite intimidating," Billy, the Blue Ranger said. While he had helped to defeat the monster, he still wasn't completely over his fear of fish and that particular gooey freak still haunted his dreams.

"Remember the Frankenstein Monster? She made an actual Frankenstein Monster!"

Rita had had enough, "I've had enough! I will not allow you to insult my monsters!" She waved her arms, wand flailing wildly around so rapidly that it bent noticeably. She started chanting, her words growing in volume and tempo until she flung her wand hand towards the Rangers with a, "HA!"

The Rangers waited for something to happen, as it always did when Rita pointed her staff at things. But the longer they waited, the more they remained the same. Still unable to take off their helmets, still small, still not dead or burned to a crisp. They laughed.

Rita stuttered, "Bu..but! My powers! MY POOOOWERRRRS!"

Lord Zedd patted her consolingly on the shoulder, snarling in a way that told the world to run, "Don't worry my dear, we'll punish those who dared to treat us with so little respect! They will rue the day they crossed Lord Zedd!" He stabbed the air with his staff and laughed loudly. He gratuitously continued this for a couple of minutes until he realized that the Rangers were ignoring him and talking amongst themselves. "What?" He turned to complain to Rita but noticed that she was ten feet away, also ignoring him, staring at the strangeness around them. Incised, he stormed over to her, "Rita! I was cackling!"

Rita glanced at him, "I noticed." She returned to scanning the room, her posture tight and her voice soft, drastically different from her usual gruff tone, "Something's going on. I can't feel the magic Ed." She shook her arm, "My arm." She shook her staff, "My staff." She ran a hand over her pointy headdress, "My hair." Growling, she stomped the ground with her foot, the vulnerability fleeing like so many enemies had before her rage, "I will not allow this!" Turning and shoving past Zedd, she darted over to the Rangers, voice returning to its original force, "Rangers, I have a deal for you! You can work for me now and I'll let you all live!"

*Authors Note(s)*

And so here we go! This is a short and strange chapter, just kind of setting the tone. I'm not trying to introduce the whole setting right away although that's not too far down the road.

This one is going to be a fun one. I can already tell by how many ideas I have on the concept alone and how much I've already written. I'm really excited about this one, it's fun and enjoyable and I have a few twists planned that I think you'll like.

I'm writing this for fans of all familiarity but I can't explain everything. If you have a question about something, ask and it shall be answered. Also be sure to read the AN, which you probably already will if your reading this right now, because I'll explain a few meta things about the story.

Meta notes 1:

Italicized words when not used for emphasis are the words Arthur is speaking for the figures.

"Word in Quotes" are words that people speak for themselves.

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